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Grey. It’s over. You know that, don’t you?

Where is Annie? Did you kill her?

Of course not. I erased the pain you and Olney caused her to endure. She will be happy now.

I suppose she will. Because you’ll make her be happy, right? Just like all the others. Just like Samantha.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. When I brought you here, I offered you a world without pain and fear. You all chose to accept. Why now do you resist?

We were wrong to accept in the first place. I was wrong. I was afraid... afraid of being left behind, alone. If I had stuck to my guns, showed people there was another way, maybe none of this would be happening now.

But you didn’t. You came into my world, and you chose to obey my rules. Until you started breaking them.

We started breaking them when you started treating us like things instead of human beings. When you started taking away our free will.

They were choosing to die, Richard. I had spent years, decades, longer than you can ever possibly know crafting a world in which they could live in peace and happiness, forever. But they were rejecting immortality! Choosing death, the unknown, over life and happiness! And worse, they were asking me to grant it to them! How could I condone that? How could I allow such a failure?

It wasn’t a failure, Jonathan. You made their last years happy, and that’s something to be proud of. But everyone has the right to die. Even in a place as wonderful as Mayfield, you couldn’t bury the memories of what happened in the real world. You couldn’t bury the wasteland.

YES I COULD! I could, and I did! The only thing keeping them from a peaceful life was their memories of that awful place, so what harm was there in removing those memories!? Would you leave a tumor just because it developed “naturally”, Grey? Would you leave a wound to rot and fester- or would you cut the infection out?

Of course not. If removing those memories made them happy, you were right to do it. ...With their consent. Which you didn’t get.

What was I supposed to do? Let them choose to suffer, when I had the power to ease their pain? The whole point of my existence here was to make theirs happy, Grey! That was my purpose!

Was that your purpose, Jonathan? Or... hers?

...I don’t know what you mean.

Who am I talking to right now?


Answer me. Who am I talking to?

I don’t know what you-


SHUT UP! You don’t know what you’re talking about! I am... my name is Jonathan Zemekis... I am not... I’m human...

Are you? You’ve spent so long in the machine, Jonathan. Olney was right. It’s changed you. You spent so long making the machine more like a man... but what if it was doing the same to you? Are you still the man, or are you the machine? Are you Zemekis, or “Lucille”? Who am I talking to?

...It doesn’t matter what I am. Man... machine... irrelevant. My purpose is clear. To make Mayfield a perfect world. To ensure the happiness of all those within it.

You’re doomed, Jonathan. This “purpose” of yours... it can never be realized. When the people in your town are only happy because you made them happy, can you really call it perfect?

Of course I can. They’re happy. Whether it’s because I made them so or not doesn’t matter.

It’s the only thing that matters, Jonathan. You know as well as I do that this “droning” of yours isn’t perfect. There are moments when they show their true self... you can bury it, but you can’t delete it. Just like you can’t delete the wasteland.

Shut up.

The happiness you force on them is a lie. Deep down, they hate it in Mayfield, and they always will. A part of them will always long for freedom outside the confines of your reality, no matter what luxuries it contains. You can’t make it into the perfect world, because there’s no such thing!

I said shut up! I can unmake you with a thought! You are NOTHING!

I’m the last free thing in this goddamned hellhole. Olney... Annie, the others... you’ve turned them all into slaves. Just like you.

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!

They’ll never accept this place, John. No one can. Not forever. Not like-

[A cracking sound, like a gunshot, followed by a splashing sound- like a man falling into water. Silence. Then:]

...You’re wrong. You hear me, Grey? You’re wrong. I’ll make Mayfield perfect... I won’t make the same mistake again. I’ll find others. They’ll accept this town as their salvation. And if they don’t...

...I’ll just have to start again.