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2012-11-22 11:35 pm

event end: the beginning of the end

[At the Church of Salvation, the doors have been blasted open as if by a grenade. The interior of the church is normal- normal, that is, save for the glitch pockets surrounding the pews, growing and widening with each passing second. As with every glitch pocket you've encountered thus far, there are whispers tugging at the edges of your mind... but here, strangely, they're rather quiet despite your close proximity to the holes. The whispers are muted, as if something is suppressing them- and it's not hard to figure out what that something is.

A man is kneeling in front of the central pulpit, head bowed, unmoving. You've never seen him in person before, but somehow, instinctively, you know who this man is- or was. As you approach, his body flickers, rippling with the same sort of chaotic nothingness as the glitch pockets. You know, without asking, that Jonathan Zemekis won't be here for long.

As you stand before him, he raises his head and looks at you. His eyes are weary, broken, and surprisingly human; his voice is hoarse and defeated.]


It's you.
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2012-11-14 10:43 pm
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(no subject)

[The words are in your head, again. Part man, part woman, part machine, all of them furious.]




get out of my head get out of my head get oUT GET OUT GETOuTgEeTOoUTgETouOUout-

NO. nO. NO.


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2012-09-16 03:45 pm
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player plots

Welcome to Player Plot Page II: The Plottening! Because we're on a tight schedule with endgame, we will no longer be accepting player plots that do not relate to Mayfield's overall plot. In other words, please do not ask for permission to run a bodyswap aged-down zombie prom plot, as we will say no, no matter how cool it sounds.

What this page is for is requesting NPC interaction and mod involvement! If your character wants to break into a building, or your resistance group is planning on blowing up City Hall, this is the place to go. Please keep in mind that especially right before or during events, it may not be possible for us to respond quickly or do anything that requires heavy mod involvement because of time constraints. Additionally, not every location will be open to player plots, whether due to being impossible to infiltrate or simply not having anything there to interact with; you can find the list of places currently closed below. This list is subject to change as events progress, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

Finally, interacting with and antagonizing the more dangerous NPCs carries with it a strong likelihood of injury, droning, psychological trauma, brainwashing, or death. We will be asking permission for serious injury, godmodding/brainwashing, and killing your characters; however, we will also be assuming that minor injuries and droning are both fair game.

And that's it! If you're interested in running a town-related player plot, please fill out the form below. Comments will not be screened so you can see what your other players are planning and work together with them.

The Dairy (locked; no possible way to damage the building)
The Library (empty of any relevant NPCs or clues)

City Hall
Police Station
Smiths' House
Post Office
You're free to suggest other locations not on this list as well, although there may not be something to do in all of them.

Plot Approval Request:
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2012-07-10 06:03 am

(no subject)

Hey, everyone! No witty introductions this time, alas - you know what we're doing, so let's just get down to the nitty-gritty. We're looking for helper mods to, well, help us run Mayfield as we slowly starting getting down to the final wire. Like we mentioned before, we're doing things a little differently this time - we're not just looking for people who can handle organizational duties in timely manner, such as processing drops and helping with AC, but also people who are willing to NPC during events and be involved with the plot. We'll assign tasks based on individual time restraints and interests, and we'll try to avoid major endgame spoilers for those who don't want it, although event spoilers will likely be inevitable. Additionally, while we're perfectly happy with people who just want to admin without having to be involved in the plot, we are not looking for people who only want to NPC! If you sign up and are chosen, you will be asked to handle at least one of Mayfield's many busywork duties.

This will be a major time and RP commitment. We're going to be upfront with you - while the job will not last past January, we're planning some mod-intensive events that will require a lot of effort from everyone involved, including threading with multiple players as an NPC during events. We're looking for people who will be able to dedicate an hour or so a week to modding, as well as significantly more time and work during events. You won't be asked to do as much as the main mods, and as said before we will take time restraints into account when assigning duties, but we will expect you to perform whatever we assign you to do on time, as well as be around when we need you for events or to let us know ahead of time if you won't. If you feel like you won't be able to keep up with these time commitments or that you won't be able to last until the end of the year, please do not sign up.

So why should you apply at all? Well, we're going to skip the jokes about all of our recent plot discussions degenerating into the four of us typing all work and no play makes mods a dull boy for hours on end and be completely honest here: we need your help to make Mayfield's remaining days as fun and fantastic as possible. We have a lot of really exciting things planned for the next six months and we're eager to see what your characters will bring to the table, but without help, we don't know if we'll be able to accomplish everything we want to while still performing at the high level of quality that this game expects and deserves. All of us on the modteam are 100% committed to bringing you a spectacular endgame, but there's only so much we can do on our own. If this sounds like something you're interested in and able to commit to, we would love for you to help us give everyone the best damn endgame we can pull out of our horror-hungry souls and make this last hurrah an awesome and memorable one. It may not always be fun work, but the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when a player screams in horror over the hazmat you're NPCing slowly dissolving their character's eyeballs should more than make up for it! (Oh, and some sentimental stuff about being part of what will hopefully be an amazing endgame and seeing players get excited over your hard work too, we guess. But it's really mostly about the absolute terror on their faces.)

You know the schpeel by now: if you'd like to apply, just sign up on this post giving us your name, the characters you currently play, your timezone, what you're interested in doing, and at least 200 words explaining why you'd make a good assistant mod/why you deserve this most hefty of honors. Failing that, feel free to explain why everyone else in the game would make a horrible assistant mod and we shouldn't pick them over you. This post is screened, so be as nasty and needlessly slandering to your fellow players as you feel you must!
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2012-04-18 08:05 pm
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Housing Changes

Golly gee, we just can't imagine why any of you would want to switch out of your perfect little families! If you're set on changing housing though, please fill out the following form. Housing changes will be accepted at any time. While there is currently no limit to the number of requests you can make, we will be keeping track of how often a character changes houses and will impose one if we feel it's necessary. (You do not need to fill out this form if you plan on changing housing via canon-update; please head on over to the canon update page for that.)

Once a housing change has been approved, the character will wake up the next morning in the slot-appropriate bed of their new address. Drones will act as if the character has always lived in their new house and ignore any suggestion to the otherwise.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process housing change requests twice per month, but this may not always be possible during busy periods.

Housing Change Form )
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2012-01-04 07:53 pm

Mod Contact

The easiest and fastest way to get in contact with us is to try to reach one of us on AIM or to send a message to the [personal profile] mayfield_mods journal or one of our personal journals. If there is a question regarding a specific post- such as, a friend add list mistake, a housing list mistake, or a question about a rule, we suggest commenting to that specific post so that a mod will be able to correct the problem or give an answer ASAP. As a note, we ask that even if you have our plurk names, please do not contact us with mod questions on plurk! Thanks!

Please only reply to this post if there is a comment you feel you must post anonymously, or if the above methods aren't working for some reason. Comments will be screened unless requested otherwise and anonymous commenting is enabled. Please note that our replies to your comments will be unscreened, because that's how LJ works. We will screen them upon request.


Name: BF
DW: [Unknown site tag]
AIM: Blazing Folly

Name: AO
DW: [personal profile] bomber
AIM: dynaomism

Name: Siz
DW: [personal profile] siz
AIM: rinnetg or sizlaria

Name: Cappy
DW: [personal profile] madcap
AIM: madcap jest

Name: Ena
DW: [personal profile] ena
AIM: luthienabler
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2012-01-01 12:00 pm


We'll be making some very important decisions on the future of the game following this post. Please read it and give your selections a lot of consideration!

Some background on the issue:

So, about a week ago, Livejournal instituted a massive change of the comment pages. The old style of comment pages (which most players used by selecting 'turn off custom comment pages' in their journal) is no longer available. Instead, there is a new style which you may see in this post. The new style includes expand feature for every comment, edit buttons for everyone, and a browse icons feature for everyone. However, it also lacks a preview function, subject lines, and the ability to use a dropdown box to select userpics instead of the browse function. With the way thread expansion works, many players have reported that threads on the new pages are very slow for them and difficult to load. The browse userpics function can be difficult to load (and does not work on mobile platforms), and the lack of subject lines makes posts more difficult to organize. Some like the new pages, but others find them very difficult or impossible to use.

Current solutions to the problem on Livejournal are to turn on custom comment pages. These can often be buggy, fail to load all the way, and are more distracting than regular comment pages, but they do contain subjects, icon dropdown menus, and do not have the same loading issues as the new pages. It is also possible to use some layouts that have specifically been customized to mirror the old pages, but that requires using a minimalist layout in your personal journal. here is an example of the layout and comment pages, used with permission. Livejournal has also stated they may make the old style available as an option along with custom comment pages, but we do not know specifically how this will work or when it will be available.

An alternate solution would be moving the game to another website, specifically Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth is a website that runs on code adopted to Livejournal, so in functionality it is very similar to the old Livejournal style. We can work around the current comment issue, although the solutions aren't ideal, but it is clear Livejournal will continue to make changes in the future that might bring about additional problems. Some players have stated that they would prefer using a different website due to general frustration with Livejournal for which the new pages are only a part. Moving to a different website would be a lot of work for the mods and may be a hassle for the players (though we feel we can minimize the latter), but we feel it would be worth it it's what we as a game want to do.

What we'd like to do is take a poll to get a sense of how everyone feels. The big issue is whether we're staying or going, but we'd also like to see how you'd like the game to look whether we stay or go.

For those of you who aren't sure about this issue, here is a very comprehensive post about the features Dreamwidth offers in comparison to Livejournal. Here is a guide to Dreamwidth for LJ users, and here is an FAQ if you have anything specific you're curious about.

Reasons to go:

For many people, the new formats LJ is transitioning to make RPing much more difficult.

The new comment pages do not work on mobile platforms or on older platforms, which many players use to RP.

While there are workarounds for the new pages, it would force people to change their layouts or use styles they don't like or that don't function smoothly.

DW's support team has been consistently responsive to player concerns and generally are willing to make changes that support RP communities and users.

DW's icon packages for 100 or 250 icons are cheaper than LJ's.

Many large games are moving to Dreamwidth, indicating that the roleplay community as a whole is shifting there. Using the same platform as many games and rpers are using would make it easier to attract new players and grow as a game. (On the other hand, this could be a reason to stay if fewer players wind up moving as it currently seems might).

Reasons to stay:

Many people have bought paid accounts on Livejournal, which means they'll have to pay for an additional paid account or go without if we switch.

It is possible to work around the new changes, and Livejournal has stated it may offer better workarounds in the future.

Dreamwidth has invite codes, which means it will not be as easy to make accounts (though based on how other rps have worked on DW, we don't think this will be such an issue).

If you typically buy the 30 icons or 170 icons packages on Livejournal, these packages are not currently available on DW and you will have to pay more or use fewer icons. DW may change this in the future.

We're not sure just how much modwork and playerwork the move will involve, but it will certainly be a lot more work than staying.

(If anyone has any additional pros/cons we'll be happy to add them)

Poll Notes

For 'strongly that we should/shouldn't' answers, we mean that staying/going would impact you to the point that it would seriously impact your ability or willingness to still play here. Not necessarily that you'd drop, but it would be a very big deal to you. If you just have a preference but will not be seriously impacted to the point of dropping/considering dropping, pick the prefer choices.

Whatever the answer to the journal style question is, we won't be making it mandatory that anyone use any particular layout. What we would probably do is add a page about layouts explaining which one to use and that it's the preferred layout, and may add a note suggesting using a particular layout in acceptances. Feel free to pick more than one if more than one applies.

If we do move, the mods would prefer to do a comm based game because it will reduce our workload in the transition and in the future. Because it would be a lot easier for us, if we move, we'll probably do a comm based game even if it isn't the majority preference as long as there isn't a lot of resistance to the idea.

If you're not sure, a comm based game is where you post entries to a community rather than to your journal. This means you (and we) do not need to keep up with friend adds, all entries will be in an easy to check community and there will be tags to track specific characters. Many games on Livejournal use this style.

[Poll #1807665]

In the comments, feel free to discuss your personal feelings about any of these options or point out things we haven't thought of and explain your choices. However, this is not the place to debate LJ versus Dreamwidth. We want to know how you personally feel and for this to be a place where people can express their opinions. Because of that, while it's okay to discuss things in the comments, please do not debate or argue anyone's position. Just share your feelings in your own comment. If we feel any thread is getting too heated, we will freeze it.

This poll will be open until January 8. Please vote with a character journal, but only one journal.

If it's helpful in making your choices, if we did move, we would announce a decision immediately after the poll closes. However, we will keep the LJ game open while we get ready for a transition. You would have until a date in late January/early February to make your DW journals and join the game on DW, after which we would reopen the game there. There would be no Activity Check for the month of January because the move would serve to remove idle characters, and we would be ready in time for February apps.

Thanks for your patience reading this!
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2012-01-01 01:44 am

a memory

[At 1:42 AM, a fair bit of time after the New Years' video, anyone still listening to the radio in the dead of night will hear a strange broadcast.]
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2011-11-25 10:15 pm
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2011-08-14 08:29 pm
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[This evening, the radios across Mayfield switch on.

A familiar voice is speaking to you-- Mayor Doe is making an announcement. Something in his voice sounds tired and resentful when he begins to speak, but the announcement is short and curt.]

Evening, Mayfield.

We got a lot of mighty fine applications for Chief of Police. It warms my heart to see that so many citizens care about keeping our little town safe. But there's one application that stood out above the rest, what with his inspiring new ideas for our citizens.

I think all of you will feel the same way I do right now when I tell you that I'm proud to announce our new Chief of Police,

[There's a long pause, and Mayor Doe sighs.]

Officer Milkman!

[The radio cuts out.]
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2011-07-19 08:43 pm
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[Wednesday morning is a particularly warm day in Mayfield. With the sun in the sky, it seems like the perfect time to go for a swim down at the rec center. Luckily for you, although the pool has been closed off the past two days, it seems as though this morning, someone has left the door unlocked.

But you may not want to go for a swim. The water in the pool is tinged pink, and there's a terrible smell. In the center of the pool, floating face down, in a man dressed in a police uniform. His limbs are broken and he is bleeding profusely from somewhere on his head into the water.

Without seeing his face, it's difficult to tell who this man is, but this man is too thin and too tall to be Officer Grady.]

Update: Evan Olney is now dead.
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2011-07-18 01:01 am

a conversation; hackable

[ The sounds of the voices on the phone are quiet and muffled, almost far away. But the two men they belong to are familiar to anyone in Mayfield. ]

[Mod Only - Do not tag this post!]