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event end: the beginning of the end

[At the Church of Salvation, the doors have been blasted open as if by a grenade. The interior of the church is normal- normal, that is, save for the glitch pockets surrounding the pews, growing and widening with each passing second. As with every glitch pocket you've encountered thus far, there are whispers tugging at the edges of your mind... but here, strangely, they're rather quiet despite your close proximity to the holes. The whispers are muted, as if something is suppressing them- and it's not hard to figure out what that something is.

A man is kneeling in front of the central pulpit, head bowed, unmoving. You've never seen him in person before, but somehow, instinctively, you know who this man is- or was. As you approach, his body flickers, rippling with the same sort of chaotic nothingness as the glitch pockets. You know, without asking, that Jonathan Zemekis won't be here for long.

As you stand before him, he raises his head and looks at you. His eyes are weary, broken, and surprisingly human; his voice is hoarse and defeated.]


It's you.
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let me know if this okay or not

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[Henry had to know why this man did it. Sure, he heard scraps and pieces of the man's intentions but he didn't get the full story. This wasn't like Storybrooke.

He didn't get a book that told him everything about what happened before Mayfield or about the residents. He just knew that were some bad people doing bad things. For all he knew, this man was either well intentioned but went crazy or was evil and ruined lives. So as he slowly steps inside, Henry will look at him.]

Why did you do it?
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I would kill you.

.....But I don't think you'll be needing it, as absurdly unsatisfying as that is.

[Susan appears in the space between seconds, sword drawn and expression as unruffled as it always is. In her eyes, though... Within that calm demeanor lies a deep enmity, a hatred usually reserved only for the likes of the Auditors. Reality would flicker around this woman whether or not Zemekis was about to be consumed by his own creation.]

Are you happy?
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[Crowe stands there, rifle in his hands pointed at Zemekis. He's not sure if there's a point to doing this, but it's a safety precaution. His hands, however, are shaking, and Crowe's intense stare is as weary as Zemekis's.]


So now what.
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[Jenny crosses her arms. She's seen broken men before and, like a scared dog they lash out. She's ready for it.]

Why the hell did you bring us here? We're not puppets for you to play with.
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[After the chaos of the zombies, Bazett is looking worse for wear. Nevertheless, she drags herself to the Church door, standing just outside and waiting to hear what the others have to say first. Or, if the old man would notice her after everyone else was finished.]
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[ The hugenormous space marine walks down the aisle towards the pulpit, feeling vaguely off in a church as he always has, expression hidden behind his impassive visor. ]

Yes. It is me. [ He touches his blood-greased armor, where hundreds of finely carved names can be seen carved onto his armor. A name for every person this town has taken from him, from Sanguinius all the way to Arf.]

And I have come, for you.

[ Loken raises the bolter. ]

Feel free to speak any last words you like.
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[ A voice comes from the pews, as she does not step into his line of sight, not just yet. ]

When did control come to mean more to you than anything else?
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Yes, us.

[Dainn approaches Zemekis, much more calm than he had been all day. he was, frankly, tired of all this and wanted it to end.]

By your state, am I free to assume you are giving up?
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[She expected more of a monster out of this person, the one who trapped all of Mayfield. She heard the word of another who took over, apparently with their help. She rushed ahead of anyone who would have wanted to accompany her here, though she'll be easy to spot if one does follow, as she stops just inside, watching the other people talk.

She wanted to vent, to yell at him for what he did. But seeing him there, defeated like that, washed away the last of her anger. She almost wanted to help him, even after everything. It was finally over, after all, and with that new person in control, Zemekis couldn't be that bad anymore, could he?]
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Geez, what a mess...

[ Rin's managing well enough around the scattered parts of wood and whatever else made up the door along the floor. Honestly Mayfield's seen better days, but for this curious magus who found interest in glitch pockets and alternate dimensions, she's here not to pass judgment (no, that's for the hero types of this town), but instead to educate herself further.

And possibly get an answer to a thought that's plagued her for most of her stay here. ]

You there... I'll keep you alive long enough to get the answers I want, understand that much. [ If anything, Mayfield's turned her more into the magus she tried desperately not to become. ] I want to know how this was possible. How you were able to bring people from different points of time and parallel worlds into a single place.

So how did you do it?
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Yeah. It's me.

[Once-ler's voice is hoarse, strained and, most of all, utterly furious. his hands are shaking, fingers trembling as he takes in the sight before him. ordinarily, seeing a man who looks so broken should inspire some feelings of pity in him, but he's never been the most altruistic person. most of his selflessness has to be inspired or, at the worst, dredged from him.

this is not one of those days.

he'd love to pick Zemekis up by the collar and fling him against something like the wall, but he's no idiot - he sees the way he's glitching up. he remembers how Luke lost his fingers when they were trapped in the carnival. thinking about it just fuels the fire in him.

there's a good sized plank of wood laying on the floor near the entrance, what was left of the church doors before they were blown apart. Once-ler has it in his hands as he approaches, but he barely feels himself holding it at all, save for when he actually bothers to take a big, hard swing at the other man's body when he gets close enough.]
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(The very annoyed unicorn has just about had enough of the meaningless charade. All of this wore down on her nerves, her patience and to a certain extent, her sanity. She couldn't have anymore of it...but despite this? She knew it would only make a difference if she pressed on. Mayfield tried to make her into what she isn't, it tried the same with many of her friends and everyone else in town, but they held fast to themselves. It was difficult, but this was it. An actual confrontation with Zemekis.

Despite the madness of everything outside the church, Twilight manages to force a calm demeanor.

Of course it is...but let's be honest: you're not interested in any of us in particular. You just wanted to "save" as many people as possible, to force them to bend to your will and your perception of happiness. I can give you an entire speech on everything your actions have led to, but I'll simplify it down to one simple question:

Are you satisfied?
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[Ciel kneels.

This is a Church, she's in her habit, and even if she's employed as an Inquisitor, basic services are... still not beyond what she can do.


She can't say she resented or hated the man. It was becoming increasingly clear since that glitch pocket during the portals. This man was just another among the countless, who held a pure ideal but eventually strayed because the weight was too heavy to bear.


Would you like to give your confession before your time, mister Zemekis?
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[He hesitates as the image shifts, and again as he sees how human-- and mortal-- he really is. It's not the first time he's stood in front of a dying, homicidal maniac, someone who he'd never even seen and yet who'd caused so much suffering, drawn out by his own curiosity. If the last time taught him anything, it was that he'd leave here with more questions, and maybe some truths he didn't want to consider, but that doesn't change the fact that he has to know.]


People are talking about how you say you were trying to save us. For things to go this badly, and yet for you to insist on this path...

What are you trying to save us from?
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[Rin had just taken refuge near the church for as long as she and Minato could fend off the zombies, but when they disappeared into thin air and the door blasted open, she was left dumbfounded for a couple of moments. Then curiosity got the better of her and she ran toward the door.

The sight of the church is off-putting to say the least. She really can't comprehend why she's walking past the glitch holes, toward a glitching man. But it hits her - somehow, she understands who this is.]

... That should be my line! You're Zemekis, right?! ♪

[how does she even react to this. Through all her investigations, Rin never thought she'd be standing face to face with him. She's got a basic sword, but she doesn't trust his glitching body to react properly to being hit with it. Not after what happened in the Carnival.

But a rush of emotion gives her the answer. If there's one thing she has to ask, it has to be about the drones. Or rather, particular drones.]

What did you do to my family?! The real Len... where IS he!? ♪
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So you're the man everyone was afraid of, weren't you?
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[The broken man's statement is at first met with nothing but silence as Slugger regards him with an icy stare. His shadowy features bear no expression but behind his heavy gaze is a conflict of two opposing emotions. He hates Zemekis. Hates him for having had so much power. Hates him for letting it drive him to insanity. Hates him for torturing the people he cares about.

But most of all, he hates Zemekis for giving him so much to lose. Without this man there would have been no Mayfield, no friends and no family. Those things, he had learned with time, had been the greatest gifts imaginable.

Slugger kneels on the floor across from Zemekis and makes himself comfortable, his crooked bat resting beside him. There is something he has wanted to ask this man since that day on April 1st and he knows Zemekis will vanish soon to somewhere unknown.]

Is Mayfield really fueled by souls?
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[the priest is quiet.

there's something of an irony in this, isn't there? out of all the places that this man could meet his final hour, it would be here... and like this. a sinner seeking salvation? no... he hadn't chosen the place he would end his life, had he?

but the sight of something distinctly broken and unwell in very human eyes solicits nothing but... something apologetic, compassionate, in return.

Abel's take on Mayfield has been different than most. there's no damnation or accusation as he crouches down where Johnathan is knelt, the age-old rosary in his hands.

...I'm sorry. This isn't what you wanted at all... was it?

[no... he knows the answer to that question.]

It isn't the end I wanted, either. Not for you, or them.

[the other pieces in this twisted puzzle-- they were all humans, weren't they? humans, making mistakes... and though this man might be the worst transgressor of all of them, Abel believes he had honestly wished for something pure and true before madness unraveled everything.

shouldn't that count for something...?
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[Margot doesn't even bother to stub out her cigarette before entering the church. Normally she would have out of respect, but it only goes so far with her after everything now.

She's heard Mrs. Johnson's call, feels even more unsettled after everything that's happened. It's just trading one crazy person for the next, right? With both hands stuffed into the pockets of her coat, she makes her way to Zemekis, eye flickering briefly to the glitch holes before focusing back on him.

So this is the guy that did it, huh? More than anything she wants to blast him into the ground, but what good is that going to do at this point? They're all still trapped in Mayfield; there's still no way out.

This entire thing is so surreal and if Margot hadn't lived through some of it, she would think it's nothing more than a twisted fantasy. (And in a way, isn't it?)

From the depths of her coat, she retrieves the pack of cigarettes, offers it to him with an eerily steady hand.]

Smoke? Before we talk.
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[years he's been here, and he had thought to himself on more than one occasion that he would rend any "dear" captor he could find from limb to limb as soon as he could manage it. being belittled, sneered at and tormented - having everything he could want given to him and then taken back just as suddenly; it's only natural that he, an already vindictive person, would settle for nothing less than the sweetest payback.

but surprisingly (or maybe not at all) he only feels a sense of detachment, of apathy, and the mild sting of disappointment. the person standing here, dissolving into nothingness and looking so very human, is not at all the person he had envisioned exacting revenge against.

how bitterly familiar.]

This is a little unfair of you, don't you think?
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[Well. Mrs. Johnson said this is where Zemekis would be ... and sure enough, there he is. He's had his reservations about being here due to Ciel, but—hell, why not, the town is falling apart anyway. His own retort to Zemekis' noticing him is ... well, about as disdainful as any other Mayfielder's.]

Yeah. An' you're'a man behind'a curtain. Or was.

[What is this guy doing? Praying? After all he's done? Balin almost voices that thought, but ... no, he can see the glitch holes surrounding this place, the way they're rapidly growing in size. He remembers the Other Mayfield all too well—didn't Grey say stopping Zemekis would keep this from happening?]
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[Sherlock approaches with quiet confidence. He was used to hiding, so had weathered the recent activity rather well. He only has one thing to ask.]

She's going to be no better than you were. Is she?
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Oh? And here I thought we were all just a nameless mass for you, simply another person chosen to be victim to your amusement. [It was somewhat satisfying to see for herself that one of the masterminds of this place was, y'know, dying and all, but at the same time she couldn't bear much hatred for him either. In the end, she was simply so bored here.]
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So you're the bastard who did all this?

[It would be incredibly satisfying to stab him now, and Firo's knife is already in his hand. But he knows he can't. It's Mayfield; this is probably all a trick and the guy just did this to give them hope and then tear it away.

Or maybe the old man really is as defeated as he looks. And then in that case Firo knows he has to try for answers first. That crazy woman on the phone promised to be even worse and Firo doesn't want to stick around to see her make good on that.
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[Clover is hesitant to approach at first. For all she knows, this could be a trap; if that surgery chick suggested it, then it can't be good.

But as she comes closer, it becomes increasingly clear: Zemekis really can't hurt anyone anymore. Not

Like ya really care who I am.

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