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event end: the beginning of the end

[At the Church of Salvation, the doors have been blasted open as if by a grenade. The interior of the church is normal- normal, that is, save for the glitch pockets surrounding the pews, growing and widening with each passing second. As with every glitch pocket you've encountered thus far, there are whispers tugging at the edges of your mind... but here, strangely, they're rather quiet despite your close proximity to the holes. The whispers are muted, as if something is suppressing them- and it's not hard to figure out what that something is.

A man is kneeling in front of the central pulpit, head bowed, unmoving. You've never seen him in person before, but somehow, instinctively, you know who this man is- or was. As you approach, his body flickers, rippling with the same sort of chaotic nothingness as the glitch pockets. You know, without asking, that Jonathan Zemekis won't be here for long.

As you stand before him, he raises his head and looks at you. His eyes are weary, broken, and surprisingly human; his voice is hoarse and defeated.]


It's you.
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Not ever. Your little project's a fucking mess. What do you plan to do about it? You owe it to the people you brought here to do something.
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We like who we are. Who is she and what is she planning on doing?
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They found it, but they weren't happy, were they?

How do we get unplugged? Or are we here till we die?
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Answer me this, are we even truly here at all, or are we just data within the stream of wires?
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Most of these people had physical bodies.