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event end: the beginning of the end

[At the Church of Salvation, the doors have been blasted open as if by a grenade. The interior of the church is normal- normal, that is, save for the glitch pockets surrounding the pews, growing and widening with each passing second. As with every glitch pocket you've encountered thus far, there are whispers tugging at the edges of your mind... but here, strangely, they're rather quiet despite your close proximity to the holes. The whispers are muted, as if something is suppressing them- and it's not hard to figure out what that something is.

A man is kneeling in front of the central pulpit, head bowed, unmoving. You've never seen him in person before, but somehow, instinctively, you know who this man is- or was. As you approach, his body flickers, rippling with the same sort of chaotic nothingness as the glitch pockets. You know, without asking, that Jonathan Zemekis won't be here for long.

As you stand before him, he raises his head and looks at you. His eyes are weary, broken, and surprisingly human; his voice is hoarse and defeated.]


It's you.
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Why did you make Mayfield? Why did you start erasing everyone's memories of their old lives? Why did you force people who weren't even from your world to come here?
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[He'll pause as he listens.]

But then why did you start getting rid of their old memories, about the people they loved and happiness they had before?
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But that's not right.

[And Henry will get on his metaphorical pedestal.]

They shouldn't have given up on living because they probably still had people they loved alive, but you weren't right either. You took away what made them who they were and replaced it with a lie. Everything seems bad before there's good news they just had to keep hope alive, and shouldn't have done what you did.

[But the boy approaches slowly.]

But...are you sorry for what you did? To them and to us?
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[In a way it's sad...but still it wasn't right. This man ruined lives. Countless lives. But he needs to ask one thing more.]

Is there a way out of Mayfield? One where everyone can get home safely?
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Wait, what do you mean not anymore? You mean...we're stuck here?
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So...there was no way home at all?

[The sound of Henry's world is shattering.]

B-But, I have to go back! The curse needs to be broken and Emma needs to believe!