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Doc Scratch ([personal profile] cueball) wrote in [personal profile] mayfield_mods 2012-09-18 11:33 pm (UTC)

Player(s) Organizing: Ruki and I (Marion)
Characters Involved: Doc Scratch and Touko Aozaki ([personal profile] aozaki)
Mod/NPC Involvement: Post Office with our favorite Postbro (or man, but we prefer bro)
Proposed Date: We're hoping to do it this week, preferably around Thursday the 20th or Friday the 21st?
Summary: Touko and Scratch go to have a chat with the Post Man, feeling that he's a more neutral entity in Mayfield compared to the rest of the town runners and think he's interesting in that regard. The hope is to get him to give information, but whether that happens or not can be determined by how the conversation goes.
Permission for serious injury: Yes, for both Touko and Scratch (Ruki is cool with it)
Permission for godmodding/brainwashing: Yes again, for both of them
Permission for character death: And once more, yes.
Questions or Comments: Nah

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