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Player(s) Organizing: Just me
Characters Involved: The Major
Mod/NPC Involvement: The Police Station and Jack Smith
Proposed Date: Any time soon is good for me, this Wednesday would be best.
Summary: The Major attempting to be a weasel.

In essence the Major has lost everything he's had in the town ally-wise, and he's still unwilling to let the idea of staying in the town (for the benefit of causing shit in the town and his own views of it being his personal paradise) so he's willing to do the last thing he can: completely offer his services to the town. His hope isn't even so much power or anything like that in the town so much as just to actually be allied with something, though he'd take anything he might get to begin to appear more trustworthy to the town and more willing to actively work with their captors and Zemekis (which he is).

In order to do this he intends to start by forming some kind of connection with Jack, seeing as how Jack is the police chief and the Major one of the officers. The Major intends to start slow in attempting to prove his sincerity in helping the town and in helping Jack in the hopes of eventually manipulating Jack to give him more authority in the police force, as the Major is acting under the conception that Jack might be one of the more gullible/manipulable members of the town. Essentially I just want to make it clear that whereas most others will start working against the town the Major is honestly trying to get in with the town in order to continue to work against the other players.
Permission for serious injury: Granted
Permission for godmodding/brainwashing: Granted
Permission for character death: Granted
Questions or Comments: Nope

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