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Balloon Darts:

There is a board with a bunch of balloons on it. You are given 5 darts. Toss the darts from behind a line and see how many balloons you can pop!

Milk Bottles:

Ten milk bottles are set up, bowling pin style. You're given three baseballs to throw from behind a line. Knock as many down as you can!


Tiny plastic fish are floating in a shallow pool. You're given a net, and are allowed to try and grab three. If there's a star on the bottom of your fish, you win!

Ring Toss:

Milk bottles again? Ten milk bottles are set up in a row. You're given 5 plastic rings and have to toss them from behind a line, and try to get them around as many milk bottles as possible.

Shooting Gallery:

There are three airguns set up! Try to shoot either the still targets, or the slow moving targets for more points.