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Application and Activity Check Dates


6 Applications Open
9 Reserves Expire
13 Applications Close
16 Activity Check Posted
23 Warned List Posted
30 Warned List Ejected


3 Applications Open
6 Reserves Expire
10 Applications Close


7 Activity Check Posted
14 Warned List Posted
21 Warned List Ejected


5 Applications Open
8 Reserves Expire
12 Applications Close
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[personal profile] adropofjupiter 2012-07-29 05:34 pm (UTC)(link)
I apologize if this is the incorrect place to put this, but this is the page related directly to my suggestion/question.

Is it possible to have added to this page an actual listing of each activity check period dates? Unfortunately, the posts in the OOC community aren't very clear as to what the actual period is given Mayfield's AC rotates on a monthly basis. I have seen on Plurk many questions as to when the new AC period begins leading me to believe my confusion is more common than I'd initially thought.

My concern mainly stems from the increase in AC requirements as we move toward Endgame. I know that once I've posted AC for the current AC period, I hold off on making new posts (though I still comment on other posts) until the next AC period so that I don't have to scramble once the check is posted. Unfortunately, without it being clear when the end date/beginning date of each AC period is, it's hard to know when to post new entries to get the most out of our AC.

I'm not suggesting a change in the rotating activity check that Mayfield uses, just as addition to this page to let us know, at a quick glance, what dates encompass which specific activity check periods.

Thank you for your consideration.
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