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Mod Contact

The easiest and fastest way to get in contact with us is to try to reach one of us on AIM or to send a message to the [personal profile] mayfield_mods journal or one of our personal journals. If there is a question regarding a specific post- such as, a friend add list mistake, a housing list mistake, or a question about a rule, we suggest commenting to that specific post so that a mod will be able to correct the problem or give an answer ASAP. As a note, we ask that even if you have our plurk names, please do not contact us with mod questions on plurk! Thanks!

Please only reply to this post if there is a comment you feel you must post anonymously, or if the above methods aren't working for some reason. Comments will be screened unless requested otherwise and anonymous commenting is enabled. Please note that our replies to your comments will be unscreened, because that's how LJ works. We will screen them upon request.


Name: BF
DW: [Unknown site tag]
AIM: Blazing Folly

Name: AO
DW: [personal profile] bomber
AIM: dynaomism

Name: Siz
DW: [personal profile] siz
AIM: rinnetg or sizlaria

Name: Cappy
DW: [personal profile] madcap
AIM: madcap jest

Name: Ena
DW: [personal profile] ena
AIM: luthienabler

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