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Mayfield Mods ([personal profile] mayfield_mods) wrote2011-12-12 09:37 pm

a conversation;

[If you pick up the phone at the right time, you may happen to catch a snippet of conversation between two men. It's muted, but if you strain the words are audible.]

-- Oh, come on. It can't be as bad as you say it is.

It's exactly as bad as I say it is. I told you this would happen, you idiot.

Really, MacCready? This is my fault now? You might need to explain that one to me.

[The mayor makes a small sigh of disgust.] Don't take that tone with me. I gave you the job, didn't I? There was one thing I asked for in return. One thing I expected you to accomplish, and what do I get?

I know, I know. Keep her happy, keep him dorm--

[There's a hiss of breath as the mayor rushes to interrupt.] --Are you even paying attention to what you're saying right now? I never told you to do that. I never said those words, and you know that. You know that. All I said was to make sure nothing was wrong, nothing was...not up to satisfaction. If you had done that, maybe we wouldn't have had that little Thanksgiving stunt.

There was nothing I could do. So what exactly is the problem? The system is obviously going haywire, that's only to be expected after what she did, but it's an easy fix.

It's the power, Will. The goddamn power is running out.

[There's a pause before the younger man speaks, suddenly terse and serious.] Oh. Shit. What are we doing?

I'm shutting down anything I spare for now. If we make enough cuts, it might just right itself before he has to know about it. Do you think you can handle that?

Of course. But what are you going to cut?

I-- [There's a quick, muttered curse, and the line goes dead.]