mayfield_mods: (Lucy Smith)
Mayfield Mods ([personal profile] mayfield_mods) wrote2011-11-29 12:14 am
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Golly gee, it sure was empty around here for a while! Did you guys all go somewhere or something? Tee hee!

It sounds like it was really bad. I can't even imagine wanting to live anywhere but Mayfield! So maybe now when people tell you to be grateful for all the great and wonderful things here in Mayfield, well, you will! Tee hee.

Anyway, I'm really excited for Christmas! Do you think Santa will come again this year? We'd all better make sure not to be naughty, just in case. And get each other lots of presents, and pick out the biggest... best...

[The girl's voice trails off, wavering slightly near the end. It almost sounds like she might cry- but when she speaks again, it's in a bitter, angry tone.]

So you'd better all make sure to have a good Christmas. Because that's what I want. A nice Christmas. Everything has to be perfect this year. Because... because...
Because I have to prove him wrong.
[She sighs, then, a curiously adult sound from such a young voice.] Never mind. Happy holidays, everybody! Tee hee!


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