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Mayfield Mods ([personal profile] mayfield_mods) wrote2011-08-14 08:29 pm
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[This evening, the radios across Mayfield switch on.

A familiar voice is speaking to you-- Mayor Doe is making an announcement. Something in his voice sounds tired and resentful when he begins to speak, but the announcement is short and curt.]

Evening, Mayfield.

We got a lot of mighty fine applications for Chief of Police. It warms my heart to see that so many citizens care about keeping our little town safe. But there's one application that stood out above the rest, what with his inspiring new ideas for our citizens.

I think all of you will feel the same way I do right now when I tell you that I'm proud to announce our new Chief of Police,

[There's a long pause, and Mayor Doe sighs.]

Officer Milkman!

[The radio cuts out.]