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[Wednesday morning is a particularly warm day in Mayfield. With the sun in the sky, it seems like the perfect time to go for a swim down at the rec center. Luckily for you, although the pool has been closed off the past two days, it seems as though this morning, someone has left the door unlocked.

But you may not want to go for a swim. The water in the pool is tinged pink, and there's a terrible smell. In the center of the pool, floating face down, in a man dressed in a police uniform. His limbs are broken and he is bleeding profusely from somewhere on his head into the water.

Without seeing his face, it's difficult to tell who this man is, but this man is too thin and too tall to be Officer Grady.]

Update: Evan Olney is now dead.

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[As soon as he sees the uniform, the Doctor jumps into the pool (in the shallow end because Time Lords are not made for swimming!) and goes over the body. It's not any fellow officer that he recognizes. Which makes him even more nervous about the entire thing.

He takes it gently by the hand and pulls it into the shallow end, preparing to examine it.]

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[ Though he's on his way to the gunnery range, the stench of blood pings the Space Marine's enhanced senses. Running to the pool, Garviel wades right in, trying to examine the body, his eyes checking for heat-spill, and reaching out to touch the man, feeling for a pulse trying to determine if there is still life in the body. ]

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[...Oh dear. Scratch shakes his head at the sight. He has no clue who it is, but judging by the looks it doesn't appear to be someone from the usual bunch of kidnapped.


Scratch motions his hand toward the body and attempts to teleport it out of the water, hoping to bring it in front of him on the poolside. For examination sake.]
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[ Getting away from 311 Miller Street was something she had to do. Seeing him like that just made her sick to her stomach. So a swim in the pool was sure to distract her. Mostly due to all the idiots who would piss her off.

Oh damn it, why was she experiencing Lancer's luck? She's glad this time she didn't invite her two house siblings along as she looks down at the pool, watching the others react and talk.

Her own opinion can be formed later. She's not in a rush to save their life - won't they just wake up the next morning anyway? ]

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[It is a body.

Yuki drifts over to the pool and stares for a moment or two before drifting over to the place where supplies were kept. She rummages around for a moment or two before retrieving a round, yellow floaty, which she proceeds to throw into the pool and sit upon.

...The wind picks up and blows her towards the man. She will grab him by the hand and pull him back towards the edge, paddling slightly.]

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[Hermione doesn't often going swimming, but it just so happened the last few days she had wanted to. What she arrives to makes her heart flip and turn cold at the sight. She's seen dead bodies now, loads of them. More than she wished she had to and her heart clenched at it.]

[She took a breath, digging for her wand and trying to settle the shakiness. Because, despite it all, the war in her own world had lingering effects. Pointing it she whispered the familiar enchantment.]

Wingardium Leviosa.

[Watching the body as she levitated it to the edge of the pool, Hermione thought of several words. Bury your dead with dignity, whispered vice-like in her mind. This wasn't a normal Mayfield death by the stench of it. She shook her head before making her way to the place where she'd levitated the body.

Feeling her heart beat several times faster, she moved next to it to see what all was wrong.

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Oh my God....

[It is with a great deal of panicked effort that Hitler manages to drag the body into the shallow end.]

Why would they do something like this?

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[Maybe swimming might relax her? Nina's been tense lately, and sad. It's hard not to be, in Mayfield, especially right now. A lot of things are weighing on her mind.

As she approaches the pool, though, she sees a body and makes a noise of surprise. It's gruesome and frightening, and she remembers finding Samantha's body too. Is this Grady, then? No. Evan. It must be. He's dead now too.

Nina has never liked Grady but the least she can do is give him a proper burial after what he did for Samantha. She wades into the pool and reaches out to grab the body so she can haul it ashore.]

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[The Major's journey to find mistletoe or wolfsbane has taken him throughout the entire town. And when he finds the gate to the pool open, he decides he might as well check and see what might lay beyond it.

And he just stops as he sees the body. He'll get into the pool and begin to pull the body to the shallow end and towards dry ground.

And once that is finished, proceed to unceremoniously prod the body with his foot.]
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[Bern will move the body out of the pool, but once that's done she watches it curiously.]
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[ It's the smell that attracts his attention, and he had to do a little sneaking since he's fairly sure pets aren't allowed at the pool.

But he will move the body out of the water, for decency's sake if nothing else. ]

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[Yamame has gone to the pool to practice her swimming technique! However, upon discovering the body Yamame freezes for a brief moment.]

Oh no! A human is floating and bleeding in the pool!

[The girl has no idea if this body is alive or dead, but in order to display her swimming "prowess," she will jump right in and struggle toward the body, finally gripping onto it's hand when she reaches it, stopping to struggle for air for a moment.]

Mister, hey mister are you dead yet? [Yamame assumes he probably is, but would still like to pull the man out of the pool as she is both a super-hero and an awesome swimmer in her own mind.]

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[ It's a mark of how restless Sanae's gotten that he heads for the rec center. It's not one of his usual haunts, as he's not much of a swimmer, but it's a nice cool place with crowds to watch or chat with. He expects to find good company there somewhere.

He did not expect a body.

Startled and wary but not quite frightened, the Angel splashes in and tries to turn the man over. ]
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[It was the terrible smell that led him to investigate, since what else do kids have to do in this town besides prod at dead things with sticks? Unfortunately, Caesar is lacking a stick today...

Which means he can either stand by and stare at the dead body or he can go in and verify that it is, in fact, who he's guessing it is. Great... and that water looks awful, too... let him set his coat aside first.

Then he'll climb in and swim over to check out the corpse for a badge.

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[Adachi had purposely missed that big pool party a few weeks back, mainly because he hadn't wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of noisy teenagers. He figured all the kids would've had their fun by now and the pool would be pretty empty enough for him to practice his backstrokes. Of course once he actually got to poolside... no, perhaps he had actually smelled the blood before then. He had seen plenty of dead bodies before, being a ex-detective and murderer and all. But that didn't stop him from feeling just a bit nauseated.]

Damn, I knew this town was fucked up, but do we really need some lame ass serial killer in Mayfield?
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[When he sees the body, and the blood, Australia jumps straight into the water without even trying to think of who it might be. He swims over to grab the man, trying to look for some sign of life.]

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[Kiritsugu doesn't come until word starts getting around. Whether it's still in the pool or removed, he won't physically interact with the body beyond observing and recognizing the uniform.]

[On any other day, he'd be taking action. Saving him is a tempting possibility, but one he can't bring himself to carry out right after having his real son droned by the town. His usual method of extracting information would only speed things up in a bad way, too.]

I don't suppose you're planning on being helpful.

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[The sight of a drowned body isn't exactly what someone who lost his parents in a boating accident needs to see.

Tybalt just stares for a long moment, before seizing a deck chair and hurling it at the corpse, half-expecting it to vanish or sink or something-]

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[He dives into the pool without a second thought, surfacing with a sputter. It takes only a couple of strokes for him to reach the man, taking him by the shoulders and turning him face up so Hal can tow him poolside.]

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[There is an Earth-shattering scream heard right now. much for swimming.]

Oh my god! Sir! Sir!

Ahhaaahhhh... [She scolds herself for trying to call out to him. He's clearly dead. Clearly.]
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[........well. That kind of...shattered her plans for today. She wasn't actually planning on going in the pool, more of just getting away from everyone....]

Well, damn. You still dead in there? Or do I suddenly have to shove aside my apathy to dive in and save you?

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[Basini kneels at the pool edge and just stares. This is his first time seeing a dead body in situ outside of an Event, so he doesn't want to forget it.]

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[Mart sees a dead body ruining his chance to get a nice swim. He must rectify this problem.]

Mart dives into the pool and lugs out the corpse onto the poolside.]

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W-what? Oh my god...h-hang in there!

[It's pretty obvious he's dead, but Chie decides to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he wasn't, she'd never forgive herself. So, add one teenage girl to the party of pulling him to the side of the pool, turning him over in the shallow end.

Of course, he's dead. Seeing that, though, makes her feel sick to her stomach. She might throw up in just a second, she's never seen a dead body before.]

Oh god, oh god...