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[Wednesday morning is a particularly warm day in Mayfield. With the sun in the sky, it seems like the perfect time to go for a swim down at the rec center. Luckily for you, although the pool has been closed off the past two days, it seems as though this morning, someone has left the door unlocked.

But you may not want to go for a swim. The water in the pool is tinged pink, and there's a terrible smell. In the center of the pool, floating face down, in a man dressed in a police uniform. His limbs are broken and he is bleeding profusely from somewhere on his head into the water.

Without seeing his face, it's difficult to tell who this man is, but this man is too thin and too tall to be Officer Grady.]

Update: Evan Olney is now dead.

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[As soon as he sees the uniform, the Doctor jumps into the pool (in the shallow end because Time Lords are not made for swimming!) and goes over the body. It's not any fellow officer that he recognizes. Which makes him even more nervous about the entire thing.

He takes it gently by the hand and pulls it into the shallow end, preparing to examine it.]

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[ Though he's on his way to the gunnery range, the stench of blood pings the Space Marine's enhanced senses. Running to the pool, Garviel wades right in, trying to examine the body, his eyes checking for heat-spill, and reaching out to touch the man, feeling for a pulse trying to determine if there is still life in the body. ]

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[...Oh dear. Scratch shakes his head at the sight. He has no clue who it is, but judging by the looks it doesn't appear to be someone from the usual bunch of kidnapped.


Scratch motions his hand toward the body and attempts to teleport it out of the water, hoping to bring it in front of him on the poolside. For examination sake.]
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[ Getting away from 311 Miller Street was something she had to do. Seeing him like that just made her sick to her stomach. So a swim in the pool was sure to distract her. Mostly due to all the idiots who would piss her off.

Oh damn it, why was she experiencing Lancer's luck? She's glad this time she didn't invite her two house siblings along as she looks down at the pool, watching the others react and talk.

Her own opinion can be formed later. She's not in a rush to save their life - won't they just wake up the next morning anyway? ]

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[It is a body.

Yuki drifts over to the pool and stares for a moment or two before drifting over to the place where supplies were kept. She rummages around for a moment or two before retrieving a round, yellow floaty, which she proceeds to throw into the pool and sit upon.

...The wind picks up and blows her towards the man. She will grab him by the hand and pull him back towards the edge, paddling slightly.]

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[The hand in his grasp tenses slightly as he touches it.

This man is still alive.]

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[There is still a pulse, although he's cold to the touch as though he had died.]

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[He'll be successful at teleporting the body to the poolside. There, the body lies face down on the ground. The blood is matting in the man's hair; there seems to be a large hole in the back of his head, like the exit wound from a gunshot.]

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[The man's hand is as cold and lifeless as a corpse's.

Until it shifts in hers.]

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[The body will float in the pool.]

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[The Doctor gasps and grabs the man by the middle and pulls him over to the stairs used to exist and enter the pool.

The Doctor struggles to carry the man out of the pool gently, being a skinny weak idiot, and instead settles for leaving him propped up against the stairs.

He turns the man over, to keep his face out of the water.]

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[She does not seem especially surprised. With unnatural strength, Yuki first removes herself from the pool, then lifts the man bodily out of the water without breaking a sweat. She'll lay him down by the edge and begin to run through the data comprising his body, searching for injuries or distinguishing marks to match to her internal database. She'll speak simultaneously.]

You are conscious?

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[Scratch bends down to examine the corpse, noticing the wound rather easily, but not making any sort of shock to it. He begins to pat at the body with his hands, seeing if he can find anything on it of possible interest.

After that, whether or not he succeeds at finding something, he'll gently try to turn the body over and then examine the man's neck. He isn't quite well versed in the makeup of a human body, but he sometimes feels his own human heart beating into the side of his neck. So maybe he might find a similar 'pulse' in this man.]

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[The man coughs and sputters as he's pulled from the water. The Doctor might notice the deep blood stains all over his uniform, implying the head wound is not the only wound. The Doctor might notice that his badge does in fact say Officer Grady. The Doctor might also notice the head wound: it appears a bullet went through the man's eye at close range. A large part of his face is gone.

There is no reason this man should still be alive.]
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[ Maybe she should just take a better look. Walking over to the edge of the pool, she'll lean over it to try to get a better look. ]

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Ser... can you hear me? [ Garviel will try to tug him to the poolside, and see if he can't get a towel or something to apply pressure to the head wound. Best thing he can think of to do, since he's not an apothecary and he can't do more, for the moment, he'll yell ]

Is there a doctor here?

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[The Doctor cringes at the sight of such wounds, but swallows and gets closer to the man. Helping him keep his head up out of the water as he coughs.]

...Officer Grady?

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[Hermione doesn't often going swimming, but it just so happened the last few days she had wanted to. What she arrives to makes her heart flip and turn cold at the sight. She's seen dead bodies now, loads of them. More than she wished she had to and her heart clenched at it.]

[She took a breath, digging for her wand and trying to settle the shakiness. Because, despite it all, the war in her own world had lingering effects. Pointing it she whispered the familiar enchantment.]

Wingardium Leviosa.

[Watching the body as she levitated it to the edge of the pool, Hermione thought of several words. Bury your dead with dignity, whispered vice-like in her mind. This wasn't a normal Mayfield death by the stench of it. She shook her head before making her way to the place where she'd levitated the body.

Feeling her heart beat several times faster, she moved next to it to see what all was wrong.

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[In his back pocket, there's a wallet, but it is empty and there's nothing identifying about it.

The man does have a pulse. He also has the exit wound's entry wound to match, a terrible gunshot to the eye that appears to have happened at close range. The man's uniform is stained with blood, and identifies him as Officer Grady.]

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[He groans, obviously in terrible pain at being moved.]

Don't call me that.

What do you think you're doing?

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[The injuries are immediately obvious. Half of his face is gone, blown away by a bullet to his eye. There's also blood all over his police uniform, which seems to have been made for a much larger, fatter man. Although his mangled face is unrecognizable, he does carry a badge identifying him as Officer Grady.

There's no response to her question, just a harsh hacking sound as he chokes up water, which should be answer enough. How he's conscious is another question entirely, as with the extent of his wounds, this man should clearly not be alive.]

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[He'll be able to get him poolside and apply pressure, but he'll also see that the wound is a close range gunshot going through the eye. It should be fatal. The man chuckles, although his voice is weak and he sounds in pain.]

A doctor? Sure, run along and get a doctor.

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Your badge...

[Is he really going to try to argue with the should be corpsy-guy? Really? Best not to.]

Right, well, was thinking about investigating your body. But then it turned out, somehow, that you're actually not a corpse at all! ...Mostly.

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[He's face down in the water, so she won't be able to get much of a look of him.]

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[Scratch puts the wallet to the side, despite not finding anything in it.

However the uniform is very telling. Officer Grady. Who was heard speaking with the "Mayor" just not a day or so ago. However, finding a pulse is very good. He nods, and begins to gently pat around the front side to see if he might find anything. As he does, he'll speak.]

You look like a real mess. Guessing they tried to do you in, right?

[The fact that Grady was somehow alive, despite the gunshot being so obviously a near point-blank one, did not even come to Scratch as a question. He did not know a lot about humans, but he knew that some of them could likely be immortal as he was. To kill an immortal is contradictory, so he just assumes Grady is immortal. Either that or being kept alive by the town for a purpose.]

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