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[Wednesday morning is a particularly warm day in Mayfield. With the sun in the sky, it seems like the perfect time to go for a swim down at the rec center. Luckily for you, although the pool has been closed off the past two days, it seems as though this morning, someone has left the door unlocked.

But you may not want to go for a swim. The water in the pool is tinged pink, and there's a terrible smell. In the center of the pool, floating face down, in a man dressed in a police uniform. His limbs are broken and he is bleeding profusely from somewhere on his head into the water.

Without seeing his face, it's difficult to tell who this man is, but this man is too thin and too tall to be Officer Grady.]

Update: Evan Olney is now dead.

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No, but you know me. And that's a start.

[A pause.]

Well, I've never been to church at all and I'm not looking for a deathbed confession for your soul. I want to know what happened and why. For the sake of everyone else here.

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For their sake, is that right?

Why am I supposed to care? As far as I'm concerned, your existence is a ridiculous joke.

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And why is that? Jokes tend to be funny, I haven't laughed in sometime since coming here.

Really bad joke if you ask me.

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I never laughed, either.

But none of you are worth a second of my breath. Get out of here.

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And why's that? Seems like a lot of time is wasted keeping us penned in and inline.

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Seems so.

[He closes his eyes, tuning out the Doctor's voice.]

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So that's it then.

You're just going to stay like that and rot and not tell us anything? That's how it's going to be?

[His voice is rising against his will.]

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That's it.

[There's a small smile on Evan's face. He's enjoying that the Doctor is starting to get angry.]

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So what? You want me to leave you here to die? Except for the fact that you've completely failed to even manage that on your own.

If you weren't going to tell us anything, there's no point in you being alive at all!

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Did you think they're keeping me alive for your sake?

I want you to leave me here so I can suffer like they want without also having to suffer your questions.

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So you're just going to lie there, being completely and utterly useless, until Lucy Smith gets bored and kills you off. Brilliant.

Can we have the old you back? I think he was better.

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There is no old me. There's just me.

I hate that bitch, but not any more than I hate all of you.

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And what have we done to earn your hate? Really, I'm quite curious.

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And you'll stay curious. Ain't that just a peach.

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...What's going to happen? Are you going to die and be replaced like Ja-... Samantha?

Or will you wake up as the old fat Officer Grady again?

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Not sure myself.

You'll find out.

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And what about if I ended it, right here, now? What would happen?

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You going to kill me?

Go ahead.

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Think I won't?

Or know I can't?

[As he asks he reaches for the gun in his uniform holster.]

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Why not?

I don't have anything to lose.

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A shot to the head didn't kill you.

So where should I aim?

The heart?

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Seems to make sense.

Or maybe another blow to the brain will end me.

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Thankfully, I have more than one bullet.

[He's pulled out his gun now, clearly watching Grady for a reaction.]

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