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[Wednesday morning is a particularly warm day in Mayfield. With the sun in the sky, it seems like the perfect time to go for a swim down at the rec center. Luckily for you, although the pool has been closed off the past two days, it seems as though this morning, someone has left the door unlocked.

But you may not want to go for a swim. The water in the pool is tinged pink, and there's a terrible smell. In the center of the pool, floating face down, in a man dressed in a police uniform. His limbs are broken and he is bleeding profusely from somewhere on his head into the water.

Without seeing his face, it's difficult to tell who this man is, but this man is too thin and too tall to be Officer Grady.]

Update: Evan Olney is now dead.

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[There is still a pulse, although he's cold to the touch as though he had died.]

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Ser... can you hear me? [ Garviel will try to tug him to the poolside, and see if he can't get a towel or something to apply pressure to the head wound. Best thing he can think of to do, since he's not an apothecary and he can't do more, for the moment, he'll yell ]

Is there a doctor here?

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[He'll be able to get him poolside and apply pressure, but he'll also see that the wound is a close range gunshot going through the eye. It should be fatal. The man chuckles, although his voice is weak and he sounds in pain.]

A doctor? Sure, run along and get a doctor.

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Will it help? If you are dying, I would hear your words and make your account instead. That is the best I can do for you.

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Sure, you can take down my dying words.

Leave me the fuck alone.

[He shudders in pain and coughs.]

Did you get that?

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I did indeed.

[ Garviel steps back from the policeman, looking down at him. ]

Those are ignoble words to leave life with... I know you are bitter. [ He kneels, his eyes level with Grady's ]

This town destroyed you. Tell us enough that we might have a chance of some small victory against it. If nothing else, let vengeance guide you.

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[Evan just laughs and closes his eyes.]

Fine, I'll tell you a secret.

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There isn't a way out. You're all wasting your time.

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I suspected as much. Can you tell me why there is no way out?

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Cannot, or will not? [ He just watches the police man, expression flat. Unsure if he is an enemy, a friend, or merely a last chunk of humanity here dying. A fist clenches, purposefully. ]

Do you wish mercy? You have told me something, and while it is a thing that may cause despair, it would be dishonorable not to at least give you the chance for a swift death.

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Can, and won't.

Your mercy won't do me any good. I'd be dead already if it was just about whether my wounds are bad enough.

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Someone wants me alive, I guess.