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a conversation; hackable

[ The sounds of the voices on the phone are quiet and muffled, almost far away. But the two men they belong to are familiar to anyone in Mayfield. ]

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...I see.

Well, I hope it was worth it, Evan. We filled her slot- we had to make do with what we had. It's not quite the same, but it'll do.

As for you, though...

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The Doctor, then? Why am I not surprised.

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I'll... suggest he make it quick. Out of respect for your past few years of service.

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Don't. I'm not Grey. I don't deserve what he got. This has been a long time coming, Bill. I'm... done. With all of this. Make it fast, make it slow, I don't give a damn anymore. I only want one thing now.

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And what would that be, Evan?

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When it's over... when I'm gone, and you've got a replacement for me, and everything's settled down again... I want you to find a mirror and look at yourself. Not the way you are now, the real you. I want you to stare your real self in the eye, and I want you to ask yourself if you're happy doing this.

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[There is a long, long silence.]


...Goodbye, Evan.

[And everything goes quiet as the phones click off.]