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[Early in the morning on July 5th, after Jane Smith's uncharacteristic behavior was put to an end, were someone to go on a walk throughout the park, they might come across an unusual sight.

Jane Smith is sitting on a park bench hidden somewhere between the trees. Or at least, at a glance it appears to be her, but at second glance, she doesn't look exactly the same. Her features are younger, more a 24 year old girl than a 30 year old mother, and there's something less perfect and put together in her looks.

Maybe this time, it's Samantha Achewood, the girl Jane Smith used to be, sitting by herself. She appears perfectly contented and peaceful with her eyes closed, perhaps napping. But on closer inspection, she isn't breathing and she has no pulse, and her body is cold and lifeless to the touch.

There's no cause of death to find here. Samantha simply went to sleep and will never wake up.

But that isn't the only surprising thing one might notice about Mayfield today. No matter where you look or what you might do, Officer Grady is nowhere to be found.]


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[ Harry hadn't been able to sleep on July 5th, because he couldn't get his memories straight. He'd gone for a walk to try and clear his head, and found the girl sitting on the bench. He didn't want to wake her, but it was late at night, and surely a lady shouldn't be out this late? Mayfield was a dangerous place. Or it wasn't. Or it was. Whichever, it wasn't right for her to be there!

He shook her gently, but there was no response.

Ma'am, are you all right? Can you hear me? You really shouldn't be out here...

[ It takes him a bit to realise she isn't breathing. ]

Oh, I've really got to get someone, there has to be something I can do.

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[The Doctor tries to wake her. He came across when he was looking for Grady, who was mysteriously gone from the Police Office that day. He prods her, speaks to her, continually checking her for a pulse or any sign of life. After trying and finding none, he steps away, looking grim.]

I'm sorry, Samantha.

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[ Garviel kneels by the corpse. He's seen enough in his day to know them well. He looks down at the human, puzzled, since he'd never met the smiths ]

What.... happened here?

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[Stares at her for a minute before coming closer and gently checking her pulse. Then he nods and takes a step back.]

'm sorry, love.

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[Just... standing there. Feeling so very guilty. And clutching his Almighty Dolly as he tries to blink away the tears. They didn't try hard enough. They all got complacent, didn't manage to solve the town's riddle in time, and now it's claimed another victim. One of it's first, actually. He can only hope she found peace...]
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[Ranma approached the body cautiously, determining whether or not she was sleeping, and whether or not this was in fact, the same person. The woman kind of weirded him out last night, but it wasn't as if she was bad or anything. She wanted to get out, just like they all did.

It only took a few moments to determine one more thing for him; this woman wasn't breathing.]

...damn it.

[He came to the conclusion that Richard had to have been her husband, someone that she loved that had died, and in wanting to go see him again... well. She got her chance. At least she seems happy.]

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[After checking the woman's vitals, Nina's hands ball into fists. She'd said that she would help. That she'd protect the poor woman. She failed.

Now what?]
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[ Taiwan with her usual loud, meddlesome self plops herself right next to Samantha. ]

Mrs. Smith, [ She waves a finger at her. ] it's not all right to sleep on public property like that, you know! [ covers her mouth as she takes a closer look and gasps ] Did you get surgery? You look so young... But you already looked so pretty back then! Why did you do it? Why, why? Ah, there's a bug on your chest--[ She removes the ladybug regardless of how inappropriate that might have looked. ] Don't be mean to Mrs. Smith, Ms. Ladybug! Drones have feelings too, no matter how dumb they are... Huh?

[ Wait, something's fishy. Taiwan waves her hand in front of Samantha's face, but to no avail. She doesn't twitch or blink, and even when Taiwan pushes Samantha's temple to the side, she doesn't move an inch. A frightening realization strikes the nation at that moment. Was she, perhaps, like Blaine? A girl trapped in a body that wasn't her own? Even more shocking is her lack of movement and pulse. But, instead of running away, Taiwan sits there in a small state of panic, wondering what to do. ]

Um... [ Now, Taiwan often wears a pair of paper flowers in her hair. They aren't the same ones she wore back home, but Chizuko gave them a certain likeness to the flower she loved the most. So Taiwan takes one of the flowers from her hair and tucks in Samantha's ear. ] There, ehehe.

You know, plum blossoms mean perseverance, and, um, great fortune! And you've been here for a very long time, I bet! You held on for as long as you could, and you did your best. After hard work, you often get rewarded in the end. [ A pause. ] It's sad, I didn't know you very well... but I hope you get rewarded somehow, too. You should be very, very happy in the next life, okay? We'll keep fighting!

Now we need to get you somewhere far away...

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[Luke approaches the body, thinking that maybe this woman has fallen asleep. While the woman would've meant something to the old Mayfield!Luke, here he doesn't recognize her at all, doesn't know that she's Samantha or Jane or realize the role she's played in this town.

To him, she's simply another resident of Mayfield sleeping on a bench.]


[He tries to shake her awake, but as soon as touches her skin he jerks back, gasping in shock. That's a body. That's a real dead body.

Shaken, he turns and dashes off to find help.]

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[Ema comes across the body and approaches it carefully. It's obviously Jane Smith--Samantha Achewood--although she seems younger. Prettier, if less perfect. Seeing the woman in a state of calm is almost a relief; given everything she knows about Samantha, Ema reasons that deserves a break more than anyone else in Mayfield.

Unfortunately, upon closer inspection Ema realizes that she's mistaken calm for lifelessness. The woman has no pulse and is cool to the touch; scientifically speaking, she's been dead for hours. The presence of a body suggests that there will be no resurrection in the morning. And even if there is a resurrection, it'll be back into this hell.

Something deep in Ema stirs. Bitterness. Anger. Frustration. Despair. This isn't fair. Samantha deserves better than this. They all deserve better than this. And, more than that, it's a chilling reminder of what's at stake. As far as Mayfield's leaders are concerned, the only way out is death.

Leaving the corpse to its restful slumber after a moment of silence and a grim nod, Ema goes to review her notes and add all of this new information to them. From there, she'll try to figure out what needs to be done.

It's time to get mobilized and find a loophole to Mayfield's conditions of departure.]

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[After the events of the Fourth? Someone is in a very.



It's rare that the Major can be made to feel angry. Rarer, still, when that anger is near rage. But the events of the Fourth, of stripping him into such a gaudy version of himself? Was not amusing. Valentine's Day had been amusing if only for the absurdity of the spectacle, and that all his other memories, of who he was, had been left in tact. But to have who he was stripped away?

That was akin to being made inhuman. To have his own humanity stripped, and some other coat put on. And he would not have that.

He'd begun to walk over towards Samantha with the intent of insulting her, or possibly trying to harm her. He doubted the punishment for such could be any worse then what he had already endured. Any punishment they could inflict now would be laughable.]

Good day, Fraulein. I-

[...There's something different about her. She looked...younger.

Deader, too. And that realization brought a larger smile to the Major's face. Digging in his pocket for a moment, he extracted a small pocketknife. And grabbing Samantha's jaw, he began to place the blade to her skull.

If left unbothered during his attempt, the word "hoffnungslos" will be carved into Samantha's skull. And the Major, whistling, will start to walk away.]

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[Miku's passing by the park, like she always does. She notices the woman she sang to--except, she looks different. Younger, peaceful...happy.

She comes closer, poking her with a leek.]

Ah, it's time to wake up.

[It takes a moment for her to realize that she has no pulse, no breathing, nothing. She's a corpse--dead, and yet, peaceful, just like she's sleeping.]


[She sits down beside the girl, a small, sad smile on her face.]

Thank you for listening. I wish I knew you better. You seemed really nice and sweet and everything, outside of being droned. I wish I knew your real name.

[A tear runs down her cheek as she continues talking. She knows Jane--no, whatever the girl's name is--she knows she can't hear her now, but she wants her to. She wants her to hear her, like she heard her song the night before.]

If--If you can hear me, and if you want, I'll sing another song for you. And if we ever meet again, I'll sing again for you. You won't have to cry anymore.

[And she starts singing ( again, putting her heart and soul into it. Please hear her.]
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[Romana finds the body in the morning, coming home from Church. Overhead the sky is a brilliant blue, it's another near perfect day. And yet, even as Romana takes the woman's pulse she doesn't expect much. Steady fingers press against Samantha's wrist, then throat, and not a single beat of pulse can be felt. Romana sighs softly, kneeling before the woman, taking Samantha's hands in her own.

And in the warm beginnings of day, Romana murmurs the last rites to the long gone woman, her own eyes closed. The words are soft, in Latin, and when she finishes she waits a few minutes before standing. Silently Romana brushes her skirt off before turning and continuing on. There's nothing more she can do for this woman.]

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[ Once he figures everything out— there's not much for Japan to say. He can only stare silently, and then he closes his eyes briefly to give a silent prayer for her peace- more for his own peace of mind than anything- and when he opens them again, he sighs and smiles sadly. ]

I wish that you will find hope again in your next life. You have given up on it on this town... but perhaps you had no choice. That is why we will keep fighting, you see. For your sake, and everyone else's.

[ Yes, had no choice indeed. How long has she been trapped here, he wonders? For it must have been either this, or to go insane, in her eyes. At a certain point, one begins to feel this way, he thinks. ]
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[It's not often Minato is out this early.

Though he tried to sleep that night, the events of yesterday kept him from his usual slumbering habits. A happy family, laughter, a life free from pain and his only concerns being girls and his future - in short, a normal teenage life. It felt like an offer too good to be true, and Mayfield provided it. Here, one never died, death reduced to being meaningless. Compared to what awaited him back home, one could call it idyllic.

That may be why he's out of the house right now, to keep himself from being swayed by the fake memories of that place. His words to Minako a few days back, Then I shouldn't [regret it] either, were brave ones. But they lacked the strong resolve hers had. Whatever it was that motivated her to swallow her fears and do what she did, he doesn't have it.

He recognizes the corpse when he finds her. She looks beautiful, almost fooling him into believing she were asleep. But when he catches that she's not breathing...well...death was meaningless here, right? She would come back, just like he did. Just like Taiwan, Minako, Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji too.]
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[Well. This is worrying.]

[For the last month, Kiritsugu has taken advantage of his mathematical point of view and seen Mayfield as a place where loss is impossible. Since everyone is revived the morning after, he not only cast away his rush at getting out of here, but also his hopes at doing anything remotely heroic.]

[This is early in the morning. The probabilities of this happening after the time of revival are supremely low, especially in such a public location. This changes everything. Now he believes himself, and more importantly, the people he cares for, to be in real danger.]

[Kiritsugu safely does away with his smoke and starts examining the nearby scene, trying to see what he can find.]
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Well, I gotta hand it to whoever brought me here. They sure picked an interesting time to do it.

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[No pulse, no breath, cold body... how interesting. More interesting still, Nusakan doesn't quite register the significance - this is, after all, Jane Smith/Samantha Achewood, a young woman he hasn't had the... pleasure to meet.

There are inconsistencies, though. To a trained eye - particularly one trained over centuries - determining something about a cause of death (even the natural) normally comes easily. In this case... there's nothing obvious. Doctor's instinct drives him to check everything shy of liver temperature - no clouding of the irises, no bleeding from any organ, no signs of seizure or scrapes or anything.

How... intriguing. He's seen death in sleep before, many times, even. This is not that, not precisely. It's almost as though someone's taken the woman and replaced her with a lifelike doll.

He hasn't been here but four months now, but it speaks to him one thing and one thing alone: Mayfield is very likely to have yet another bout of insanity. Grady's sudden disappearance, too, seems to lend credence to this fact.]

So, what experiment shall we be subjected to next? [He murmurs the words almost simultaneously to sliding a small notepad from his lab coat, writing something in small, neat script.]

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[April tries to wake her up, but when it's clear that Jane-no, Samantha won't be waking up, she backs away and thinks for a moment, before leaving.

But she soon enough comes back, though now she's carrying a bunch of flowers from her garden, which she places on the bench beside the body. April isn't sure if she believes in life after death, but she does hope that the woman is happy wherever she is.]

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[Death walks over and sits next to her.]


[Even if he hadn't been there for her when she passed on. He hopes she has found peace.]

I KNOW THIS PROBABLY WON'T WORK but it's IC for him to try.

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[Theo looks at Samantha for awhile, finishing a cigarette. He stamps it out, and walks over to her, taking her pulse.

Nothing. She was cold.

Carefully, he lifts her off the bench, and lays her on the ground. He folds her arms over her chest. From his suit coat pockets he brings out a thin spell book and a small tin box of ashes. He always keeps components on his person.

The ashes are that of a human, and have been imbued by spells. He lays them out in a thin line around her body, giving an incantation in Latin as he goes, quietly and almost mumbling. He puts the ashes away and takes out his pocket knife, slicing the palm of his right hand. Letting the blood run to his finger tips, he draws an arcane symbol on her forehead. This final move is what transfers the energy from himself to the corpse, in the hopes of reanimation. He gives it as much energy he can without causing himself to pass out. He's not looking for a mindless, shambling minion here. He wants a zombie who will be able to take commands, to answer questions. The body is perfectly intact, and while possibly not recently dead, this should be possible, if only for a few minutes before she deteriorates too far. He just wants some answers. To find out how this happened.

The spell complete, Theo stands back, lighting another cigarette, and he watches the body's fingers. It always starts there, if they wake. But he's not getting his hopes up.]
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[Mart approaches the body of the woman he saw so hysterical just the day before. He rushes over. The hero always saves the girl. A practical fact of life back home. But as he haphazardly attempts to feel a pulse... he realizes that people can and will arrive too late. Tears from in his eyes.]

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[Tarvek has been pacing the streets of Mayfield after talking with Jane/Samantha and overhearing her and Grady after following her, using all his skills to go unnoticed in the shadows. On encountering Harry Potter rushing from the park, Tarvek knew he had to go back.]

[He's a doctor -- among other skills -- and he takes his time examining this strange, not-Jane un-drone. She is clearly not alive...and, just as clearly, is altered from her former physical state. He scowls. There must be some logic to this... Why was her former body the clearly synthetic one? Why is the body here now so clearly not one of the bland, impersonal drones? And while Samantha/Jane is dead here -- where is here, and what does "dead" mean?]

[He scowls more deeply, and, with smooth agility leaps, grabs a limb of a nearby tree, and quietly disappears up into the branches, to watch and listen as other denizens of Mayfield come to pay their respects. He will wait as long as there is anything left to see -- or as long as Mayfield allows him to wait. He's quiet, and patient, and persistent, and he's determined to understand -- no matter how long it takes.]