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[Early in the morning on July 5th, after Jane Smith's uncharacteristic behavior was put to an end, were someone to go on a walk throughout the park, they might come across an unusual sight.

Jane Smith is sitting on a park bench hidden somewhere between the trees. Or at least, at a glance it appears to be her, but at second glance, she doesn't look exactly the same. Her features are younger, more a 24 year old girl than a 30 year old mother, and there's something less perfect and put together in her looks.

Maybe this time, it's Samantha Achewood, the girl Jane Smith used to be, sitting by herself. She appears perfectly contented and peaceful with her eyes closed, perhaps napping. But on closer inspection, she isn't breathing and she has no pulse, and her body is cold and lifeless to the touch.

There's no cause of death to find here. Samantha simply went to sleep and will never wake up.

But that isn't the only surprising thing one might notice about Mayfield today. No matter where you look or what you might do, Officer Grady is nowhere to be found.]

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[MORE GLARE.] There won't be. Mayfield won't allow something like that to happen for too long. And I'm not raising her up to eat your brain or some shit like that. I might be able to get her to talk. She might remember the last few minutes before she died. But if I got here too late, she'll just be a servant and nothing like her old self.

[Fuck, he's tired. Theo plops down on the bench and starts on yet another cigarette.] If something doesn't happen soon, though, then it didn't work.
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"I kinda get the feeling the town itself wouldn't let that happen. It'd be too much information, and keeping us in the dark with half truths is more fun for whatever sadist in charge."
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You could be right, but we all have to try what we know.

[ A few more moments of waiting before she asks Theo ]

She may not want to risk coming back, though.

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Maybe. But that doesn't mean I won't try.

Or maybe she wants us to know something, but never could get it out, since she was always droned.

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[Just has that dumb "This is all over my head, why can't you be talking about how monkeys are funny?" kind of look on his face]
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[ Ilsa shrugs sympathetically at Michael. Most of the legal system gives her the same kind of look. ]

[ Again, murmured to Theo: ] Would it be all right if I gave her a blessing, if it doesn't take?
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If it doesn't work, go for it. I don't particularly care.
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[ After a suitable interval, watching Theo as much as Samantha's body, Ilsa brings a small flask from her purse, sprinkles the body with it, then takes a sip, then offering the flask to Michael and Theo. ]