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[Early in the morning on July 5th, after Jane Smith's uncharacteristic behavior was put to an end, were someone to go on a walk throughout the park, they might come across an unusual sight.

Jane Smith is sitting on a park bench hidden somewhere between the trees. Or at least, at a glance it appears to be her, but at second glance, she doesn't look exactly the same. Her features are younger, more a 24 year old girl than a 30 year old mother, and there's something less perfect and put together in her looks.

Maybe this time, it's Samantha Achewood, the girl Jane Smith used to be, sitting by herself. She appears perfectly contented and peaceful with her eyes closed, perhaps napping. But on closer inspection, she isn't breathing and she has no pulse, and her body is cold and lifeless to the touch.

There's no cause of death to find here. Samantha simply went to sleep and will never wake up.

But that isn't the only surprising thing one might notice about Mayfield today. No matter where you look or what you might do, Officer Grady is nowhere to be found.]

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But what I'm doing is different.

[It has to be.]

Information about the town is the only chance we have of finding a way out. I'm only telling them things that will help. And people have a right to know.

And- And I never wanted anyone to get hurt.

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And what would you do if the information you had to give on getting out became less savory. If the only way out were to kill Lucy, or the Milkman...would you tell them that? That someone's death would be a necessity?

You keep assuming he wanted to hurt. What evidence do you have, and not that he simply saw it as a necessity he had to take for the greater good.

If it became the case that one man had to die for all others to escape....would you hide that fact? What would you do?

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N- no! I don't want anyone to die! Not even them!

[But if that was the only way, most of the town would do so happily. No matter what anyone said. So could he tell them? If he was the only one that knew? Or would he hide it? He honestly... doesn't know.]

Violence and death never solved anything...

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[The Major tsks a bit, shaking his head.]

Not so, not so.

Violence and death are frequently solutions used anywhere other then here. Do you honestly think the war your forerunner started could've been resolved with anything other then his own death and our countries defeat?

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But that's...

[Different. But is it really? The Major is right. There couldn't have been any other ending for Hitler's original. But still....]

But what if there's another way? Some way that no one has to die?

[He's avoiding the issue a little. Because the thing is, he's pretty sure he wouldn't tell anyone if the death of Lucy or the milkman or anyone else would get them all home.]

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What if there isn't another way? Or what if the other way puts more people in danger. They may not die, but it could still be a possibility.

Which way do you choose?

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[Well, this decision at least comes easy to him.]

If there's a chance that everyone can be saved, then we have to take it. It's better than sacrificing people.

Once you start sacrificing people, it's no longer for the greater good. It's just to make things easier on yourself.

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And so then you condone killing the one enemy to save the rest.