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[Early in the morning on July 5th, after Jane Smith's uncharacteristic behavior was put to an end, were someone to go on a walk throughout the park, they might come across an unusual sight.

Jane Smith is sitting on a park bench hidden somewhere between the trees. Or at least, at a glance it appears to be her, but at second glance, she doesn't look exactly the same. Her features are younger, more a 24 year old girl than a 30 year old mother, and there's something less perfect and put together in her looks.

Maybe this time, it's Samantha Achewood, the girl Jane Smith used to be, sitting by herself. She appears perfectly contented and peaceful with her eyes closed, perhaps napping. But on closer inspection, she isn't breathing and she has no pulse, and her body is cold and lifeless to the touch.

There's no cause of death to find here. Samantha simply went to sleep and will never wake up.

But that isn't the only surprising thing one might notice about Mayfield today. No matter where you look or what you might do, Officer Grady is nowhere to be found.]

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[Edward swallows uncomfortably. Calling the police is out of the question, all things considered. He awkwardly puts a hand on Luke's shoulder to try and calm the boy down---their strange dronelike interactions from the previous day aside, he needs reassurance.]

I'm going to go take a look. All right? You can stay here if you want. I'll be back in a moment.

[And with cane in hand, he begins to move past Luke down the driveway. Do you follow?]

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[A dead body and Luke being naturally curious and nosy? Of course he's going to follow!]

M-maybe I should go too! I mean, just in case...

[Because he's still kind of spooked and Edward is the one adult figure he somewhat trusts right now.]