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I KNOW THIS PROBABLY WON'T WORK but it's IC for him to try.

[Theo looks at Samantha for awhile, finishing a cigarette. He stamps it out, and walks over to her, taking her pulse.

Nothing. She was cold.

Carefully, he lifts her off the bench, and lays her on the ground. He folds her arms over her chest. From his suit coat pockets he brings out a thin spell book and a small tin box of ashes. He always keeps components on his person.

The ashes are that of a human, and have been imbued by spells. He lays them out in a thin line around her body, giving an incantation in Latin as he goes, quietly and almost mumbling. He puts the ashes away and takes out his pocket knife, slicing the palm of his right hand. Letting the blood run to his finger tips, he draws an arcane symbol on her forehead. This final move is what transfers the energy from himself to the corpse, in the hopes of reanimation. He gives it as much energy he can without causing himself to pass out. He's not looking for a mindless, shambling minion here. He wants a zombie who will be able to take commands, to answer questions. The body is perfectly intact, and while possibly not recently dead, this should be possible, if only for a few minutes before she deteriorates too far. He just wants some answers. To find out how this happened.

The spell complete, Theo stands back, lighting another cigarette, and he watches the body's fingers. It always starts there, if they wake. But he's not getting his hopes up.]

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