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[Miku's passing by the park, like she always does. She notices the woman she sang to--except, she looks different. Younger, peaceful...happy.

She comes closer, poking her with a leek.]

Ah, it's time to wake up.

[It takes a moment for her to realize that she has no pulse, no breathing, nothing. She's a corpse--dead, and yet, peaceful, just like she's sleeping.]


[She sits down beside the girl, a small, sad smile on her face.]

Thank you for listening. I wish I knew you better. You seemed really nice and sweet and everything, outside of being droned. I wish I knew your real name.

[A tear runs down her cheek as she continues talking. She knows Jane--no, whatever the girl's name is--she knows she can't hear her now, but she wants her to. She wants her to hear her, like she heard her song the night before.]

If--If you can hear me, and if you want, I'll sing another song for you. And if we ever meet again, I'll sing again for you. You won't have to cry anymore.

[And she starts singing ( again, putting her heart and soul into it. Please hear her.]

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