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Application Post Three: Son Of Application Post

• Please read over all the rules and information before applying in order to minimize any confusion before joining.

• If applying for a character that has already been dropped, it would be a good idea, though not required, to know something of their previous interactions. You are also free to pick up a dropped character with no memories of their previous time in Mayfield.

• If you wish for your character to be placed in a specific house, please mention this in the relevant section of the application and specify that permission was obtained by the PCs already residing in that house. We will be operating by the Honor System for this, and there is no need for others to comment their permission in this post!

• Other special requests would also best go in the beginning of the application. Remember, grammar and spelling are important -- if your app contains errors, you will be asked to revise.

• Please post all applications or canon updates in this post; posting them elsewhere and linking to them from here may cause them to get changed later. Posting them here keeps us from having to save them.

When Applying, Fill Out the Following:

When Applying for an Original Character, Fill Out the Following

• Before applying, please look over any applications that were recently accepted to get an idea of what we're looking for.

• If you apply for a character that has already been reserved, we will inform you and ignore the application until the reserve runs out. You may not apply for more than two characters from the same canon. For the sample entry, you may write your own entry, or use a post from a musebox, dressing room, or other game. We recommend [ profile] testrun_box if you prefer the latter!

• After you're accepted, please follow all of the instructions given. You will need to reply to the acceptance, post your journal to the friend add page and your canon post, join the communities, and use the friend add page to update your journal. Once you're accepted, please introduce yourself on the community when you're ready to play.

• If your app is "Pending", do not freak out! This means that we need you to make some revisions, and does not mean you're rejected. We generally give players a chance to revise before rejecting them, but we will reject apps that do not address the concerns stated when we asked for a revision. If you have been rejected, our reply will clearly state this to be the case. If we have not gotten back to you yet, under no circumstance does this mean you are rejected. If it has been over a week since our last reply, it would be a good idea to contact us with a reminder, otherwise, please be patient!

• If you have received a "Pending" notice, you will have one week to supply us with your revisions, or your reserve will be considered expired and that someone else is free to apply for the character.

They will open at 12:00 AM EST on January 1st.

Reserves expire at 11:59 PM EST January 4th.

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Applications will close on May 13th at 11:59 PM EST.

Lyon | Suikoden V | Reserved

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Personal LJ: [ profile] mousse
Contact Info: E-mail: Plurk: FullOfBees AIM: OhNoNotTheBees

Other Characters Played: [Bad username or site: thief-of-truth title= @] [Bad username or site: noneed-2worry title= @] [Bad username or site: pygmalion-perv title= @] [Bad username or site: moemoetentacles title= @] [Bad username or site: sub-umbra-sedi title= @] [Bad username or site: animalhusbandry title= @] [Bad username or site: gonnamarrydaddy title= @]

Preferred Housing: 747 Partridge Drive. I have previously obtained permission from the muns of Miakis, Ken, and Omi on Plurk and also currently have the slot reserved.

Character Name: Lyon, but for Mayfield purposes I'd like the town and drones to refer to her as Mismar, the name she went by as a child and a member of Nether Gate.
Character Series: Suikoden V
Character Age: 16

Background: Over here (, good sirs.

Personality: Lyon's first and foremost priority in life is the protection of the Prince of Falena. Just about everything she says and does revolves around this goal. As such, she's tried to style herself in the manner of what she believes a proper Queen's Knight should act like. While she can sometimes come off as overprotective of the Prince, it's clear that she takes her duty very seriously and puts it above all other concerns. She is quick to defend his honor by any means necessary, whether this means displaying bravery on the battlefield or an outspoken support in social situations. Lyon believes she has a debt to pay to Ferid, and so she places the life of the Prince ahead of her own in terms of importance.

Perhaps due to her extreme focus on her duties, Lyon can be rather naïve when it comes to dealing with social situations outside her realm of experience. She does not take well to being teased, degraded, or flirted with, quickly becoming offended with anyone who makes an attempt. Generally, however, she will make her feelings known rather than hold back out of politeness, and is typically swift to deliver a rejection to anyone attempting to pursue her affections. While insults to the Prince get her more riled up than personal affronts, she will rebuff these as well out of a sense of personal integrity, the honor inherent in her position, and the pride she takes in her job.

Lyon has a rather dark past concerning her childhood and Nether Gate, and it's not something she likes to share openly with others. When it's finally revealed to the Prince and his entourage in Rainwall, Lyon is nearly at the point of tears while she explains how she knows about the poison that was used to rig the Sacred Games in Godwin's favor. This is due to a deep insecurity about having been involved with assassins, and the belief that had Ferid not rescued her, she would also be killing people without remorse. She's thankful to the Falenan royal family, but at the same time seems to almost believe that she is not worthy to serve them directly, as she is afraid the Prince will reject her out of hand after learning of her past. Needless to say, it's something she's ashamed of and is one of the reasons she feels she has to work so hard for the Prince.

Despite her role as a bodyguard and a warrior, Lyon has a very kind and compassionate heart, and she always puts the safety of others first. During her travels with the Prince, she sees firsthand the suffering of the people of Lordlake and the unfair treatment the gladiators in Stormfist are forced to endure. She is outspoken in support of the plight of the downtrodden, and expresses a genuine desire to improve their lives if she can. Although she will certainly draw her blade when necessary and fight to defend the Prince or her allies, Lyon tends to prefer to find peaceful resolutions whenever possible, and is not above negotiating or even laying down arms in order to avoid a pointless fight.

Re: Lyon | Suikoden V | Reserved

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Abilities: Aside from her skill with a blade, Lyon technically has access to three Runes at any given time. I'll likely decide later which ones to give her back as regains, but they more or less give her the ability to cast various types of magic – healing, elemental effects, etc. It's also implied that she knows her way around various types of poison, but this skill is entirely in a mundane sense.

Sample Entry: Here ( and here (


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Touko Aozaki ☯ Kara no Kyoukai ☯ Reserved/I

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Name: Ruki
Personal LJ: [ profile] daruki
Contact Info: AIM: Rukiderp
Other Characters Played: [ profile] expiatrice, [ profile] crimson_flashed
Preferred Housing: Random please o7 I'd like to request a house with at least one child along with an active husband, if possible!

Character Name: Touko Aozaki
Character Series: Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners
Character Age: ~27?
Background: TM Wikia (, Wikipedia (

To elaborate, Touko's childhood is still vague, and is supposed to be revealed in the visual novel that TYPE-MOON is working on right now, "Mahou Tsukai no Yoru" (Witch of the Holy Night). The story centers on Aoko Aozaki, Touko's younger sister, and while it's still in production, it should be much more informative about Touko too once it comes out. Until then, there are still a few established facts to go on from; what's below are things I've pulled together from Chinese sites.

PAST: The Aozaki is a family of magi. Their bloodline, however, ha been in decline for several generations now, and by the time of Touko's parents, the magical potential of the Aozaki line was almost completely exhausted. Touko was born then, however, with an astounding number of 20 Magical Circuits in her body, and she was considered as a prodigy by the entire household. Aoko, her younger sister, was born two years later with only one circuit, so being the eldest and possessing more Magical Circuits, Touko was designated as heir. Understanding that the life of a magus is a strict and lonely one full of obstacles, she nevertheless took the responsibility seriously, so she was taken under her grandfather to be trained in the mountains, isolated from the rest of the world while Aoko grew up normally in the care of their parents. At that time, the sisters were on good terms, too. Despite the separation, Aoko and Touko saw each other and talked often; Aoko would tell Touko about her misadventures as a teenage girl, and Touko, as any kind and understanding old sister, would listen to her and encourage her. Even Aoko said herself to be lucky, that big sis was willing to take up the burden of training to become a magus, leaving her to live a free life of her choosing.

This all changed when Touko turned 18. Out of nowhere one day, the grandfather of the family declared Touko to be unfit of becoming the heir, something that she's trained for over a decade to be, and appointed Aoko as the next lead. The younger Aozaki was to then be taken to the temple in the mountains to train with the grandfather, or that was the original plan. Enraged by the sudden betrayal, Touko murdered her own grandfather, but shortly after, she was cursed by both Aoko and Alice Kuonji, Aoko's friend, so that for as long as it is in place, she is banished from her own hometown.

Having already decided to cut her ties with the Aozaki line, Touko then entered the Mages' Association in order to hone her abilities that her family has dismissed and pursue her studies. Rumors say that she really enrolled so that she can try and get back at her sister by attempting to prove herself as the superior magus, but it's not rock set certain. Prior to that, the sixth movie shows that Touko has also studied at Reien Academy (where Azaka currently studies at, a very prestigious private catholic school for girls). It was during that period that she met Araya Souren and Cornelius Alba. She also spent a lot of money during that time and was in heavy debt, but managed to milk cash from the Association by using her sister's name. Either way, in two years' time, she managed to clear everything that she owed. Her circuits' numbers may be average, but the ones that Touko possessed overwhelmed all else through precision. She was also born with a set of mystic eyes, five senses that could feel the intricacies of the world, and knowledge adapting to the natural laws without wasting her own unique aspects. It's with these talents and her own with that she managed to clearly make a name for herself at the association, despite the inheritance disputes.

Touko Aozaki ☯ Kara no Kyoukai ☯ Reserved/II

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Ultimately, her hard work did pay off: she received a color designation, which is the highest title of honor that a magus can receive at the Clock Tower. She was, however, titled with "Red" instead of "Blue", the color that she sought after (in her full name 蒼崎橙子, the 蒼 character stands for "Blue" - ironically, 橙 is "Orange", so pairing her name with the title, it's as if her own name degrades that honor). "Blue" went to her sister Aoko, who also pursued her studies in magecraft. It was of course a severe wound to her pride, earning her the nickname of "wounded crimson" - translated to "disgraceful scarlet" in the retail subs of the BlueRay movies boxset, and "dirty red" by the original subbing group that worked with the movie when it was first released. Regardless, that nickname was short-lived, for Touko despised it so much that she solemnly swore to kill anyone who dared call her that, and it was a vow that she strictly upheld. These rankings set aside, Touko's studies on the human body remained outstanding, and her ability to create body parts was so excellent that she received a sealing designation ( after having been able to reproduce an exact replica of her own body, down to even the Magical Circuits. Following that, she gave up on her research, quit the academy, and fled to Japan to avoid incarceration.

PRESENT: She met Mikiya during the two years when Shiki fell into a coma, following her car accident. He became awestruck at the beauty of one of her dolls on display in a random art exhibit, and with little to no information to go on, he still managed to track Touko down even when she has a barrier raised around her workshop. Acknowledging that his ability to find things is phenomenal, she decided to hire him as her secretary, and eventually met Shiki down the line. Knowing about the properties of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, she offered to teach Shiki how to use them. Shiki accepted, and it fell on her to go out in combat, whenever fighting becomes involved in one of the paranormal cases that Garan no Dou would be given to handle. Taking up odd jobs and hanging out with Azaka, Shiki, Mikiya, and getting information from her "cop friend", it was a reclusive but nice life that Touko enjoyed, but at the end of the 7th movie, she does also mention that after all these years, it's finally time for her to pack up shop and go somewhere else.

Personality: If you consider yourself a normal person and ever met Touko Aozaki, probably because she first mysteriously approached you and offered to make something for you (no don't refuse her it's not like she's imposing her ideas on you - it'll be a success, seriously!!), then your impression of her would be that of a good-natured, cheery, sharp, witty, and intelligent woman. She's also a heavy smoker, but her high competence and positive attitude would more than make up for any smaller 'failings': her image is that of a relaxed and easygoing person.


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Luca Truelywaath | Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica | reserved 1/4

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Märchen
Personal LJ: [ profile] theskiesabove
Contact Info: infinity holic
Other Characters Played: Pamela Ibis, Tilia, Mizuki, Rorolina Frixell, Anna Lemouri, Maya Schroedinger
Preferred Housing: 2237 Stevens. permission from all housemates given
Character Name: Luca Truelywaath
Character Series: Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
Character Age: 19
Background: AT wiki (
Edited 2011-05-06 04:26 (UTC)

Luca Truelywaath | Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica | reserved 2/4

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: For someone for whom the term 'dorodere' was invented for, Luca comes off as being cheerful and kind to those who don't know her too well, working as a Dive Therapist in Rakshek. The real Cloche Leythal Pastalia, and thus, the actual 33rd Maiden of Homura, Luca has gone through a lot in her life, which has caused her to become fairly messed up on the inside, something that Croix begins to discover as he Dives deeper into her Cosmosphere. For the most part, the kind and cheerful front is all that people see of Luca. She's well-liked around Rakshek, and popular among the residents of the town, due to her personality.

Luca's relationship with her mother, Reisha, is strained at best, due to the way Reisha began to act towards Luca in the years after Leyka, Luca's younger sister, was taken away by the Grand Bell. Although Reisha truly cares for Luca, and doesn't want Luca to be hurt should the Grand Bell ever come for her, Luca grows up believing Reisha hates her. As far as she's concerned, the day Leyka was taken away and Batz killed was the end of everything. This strained relationship causes Luca to barely acknowledge her mother on visits home, preferring to head straight to her room. This relationship is further strained by the knowledge that Luca is not Reisha's real daughter, but, rather, the daughter of the 32nd Maiden of Homura, Lady Arshe, who was killed in a coup when Luca was still young.

Despite the strain in the relationship, though, Luca doesn't necessarily truly hate Reisha, herself, as much as she finds herself conflicted over her feelings for her surrogate mother. This is reflected when Luca tells Croix that it's just too awkward to speak to Reisha at the moment. When Reisha dies saving Luca, though, she comes to terms with her feelings, and goes as far as to try saving Reisha from dying with her Song Magic, along with Chroche. When that fails, Luca breaks down, and admits to Reisha that she never hated her, and had always thought it was the other way around. She becomes despondent after Reisha's death, but resolves to continue onwards to creating Metafalica for her sake.

Inwardly, Luca has a lot of issues, ranging from her relationship with Croix, to her search for Leyka. Her relationship with Croix was initially just Luca using Croix to try to find Leyka, for one, and when she reveals this fact, they have a falling out which almost leads to them parting ways. Luca's initial impression of Lady Chroche is also far from positive, and Luca goes as far as to blame her for Leyka's death when she finds out her sister's possible fate from an IPD who had been moved into Leyka's room in the labs. Luca's Cosmosphere, as well as the Infelsphere in Luca's route, explores her inner feelings on these subjects, and what she really thinks of people, versus how she outwardly acts towards them. Her Cosmosphere is also dangerous; Croix is nearly killed on more than one occasion, as Luca doesn't wish for him to see her true feelings. Outwardly, however, Luca comes off as a people pleaser, who is kind and friendly to everyone, while bottling up her real feelings.

Luca is also a terrible cook, bordering on being a dangerous cook, though arguably, none of the Reyvateils in Ar Tonelico II can cook.


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Chie Satonaka / Reserved

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Rune
Personal LJ: [ profile] blinking_rune
Contact Info: E-mail: or PMing the journal [ profile] im_the_cute_one. Or any of my journals.
Other Characters Played: Cyuss Warren, Bianca, Miu Matsuoka, Lilly Pendragon
Preferred Housing: She has a reserved house at 338 Brady.

Character Name: Chie Satonaka
Character Series: Persona 4
Character Age: 17

Chie Satonaka / Reserved

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: At first glance, Chie Satonaka is just a simple girl next door. She’s helpful and eager to partake in a lot of activities, whether its hanging out, studying, or just doing nothing. She’s definitely a tomboy; she loves steak and talks about it often, and she practices her Kung-Fu from movies she sees on TV and DVDs that she buys from the store. She’s very protective of her friends, and she’s quick to anger when there’s an injustice occurring, whether it’s someone not sharing food after she ruined the campout meal or it’s a teacher badmouthing a student that just died. She’s never afraid to speak her mind, and she might do so too frequently--she often has these “random Chie” moments where she just says whatever she’s thinking. Most of the time, it’s just her repeating what someone said in different words. However, sometimes, she manages to hit on something that no one else had yet to think of.

She doesn’t take kindly to being ignored or discounted. It’s something that she’s had to live with since becoming best friends with Yukiko. Everyone assumes that Yukiko is amazing and can do no wrong; she’s pretty and she’s respected by a lot of people. Because of that, and due to her own tomboyish, carefree nature, she’s seen as a bit of a goof. No one thinks she can cook well, for example, and few people really expect her to get anything done in exams or when she enters the beauty pageant. Because of this, she likes dominating over Yukiko and others. Whereas everyone respects her friends, Chie actually has to help Yukiko out a lot. When people assume she isn’t good enough to do something, she snaps quickly, as its one of her pet peeves.

As mentioned earlier, she has a strong intolerance for injustice. Growing up, she dreamed of being some sort of justice fighter. Each stage of her life, whether it was elementary, middle school, or high school, she believed that she was some sort of Avenger or Champion of justice. After meeting Souji, she starts this up again, and she focuses on what good she can achieve with her kicks. She grows braver during this time, standing up to a group of bullies much larger than her just because they’re picking on kids bother her age and younger.

Though she has a love for justice and harbors a secret jealousy, she still is a caring person. When someone is alone or struggling, she wants to help them. After accepting her Shadow, she realizes that she can do this to help people, not to secretly lord over them. Part of her begins to do this because she’s so insecure over herself. Even though she’s decided to help people to help people, she admits to Souji that she doesn’t know what her strong points are. It’s not her looks or her personality, after all, and her justice seeking is dangerous and somewhat vigilante-style. She admits to Souji late in the game that she doesn’t know what her good points are, but that’s not going to stop her from trying her best at everything. This causes her to seek out information on how to become a police officer.

In the end, though, she’s still just a fun-loving girl. She may have a violent streak and have a darker, more jealous side, but she loves hanging out. She’s the constant source of gossip for the group, and she has a lot of friends. She even has a few fans in the school! Her life may have been simple and boring, but she’s working hard to overcome her insecurities, move past her issues, and charge forward in the pursuit of justice.


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Shannon l Umineko no Naku Koro ni l Reserved ( 1/2 )

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Katie
Personal LJ: [ profile] bladekinds
Contact Info: AIM: dreams roll high
Other Characters Played: n/a.
Preferred Housing: n/a.

Character Name: Shannon (no canon last name)
Character Series: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Character Age: 16. (in actuality, she is 19. However, Shannon seriously considers herself as a 16 year old, and her age is something that is not revealed to many characters in canon. I would like, if it’s alright, for her to be considered as a 16 year old).
Personality: Though, Shannon is extremely clumsy, and appears to be unknowledgable of many things as a servant (i.e; not knowing what type of tea she’s serving). She often trips over her own words, and seems to be somewhat socially awkward. Yet, despite that, she has a very kind-hearted personality. Though, she can also be seen as gullible--believing that the legend of Beatrice is indeed real, and that Beatrice can bring loved ones together without any problems.

Shannon’s motivations indeed do stem from the fact that she wants to be human. Whether it is through death, or finding love. Although Beatrice, the one who claimed that she was no longer furniture, attempted to reduce her to that former role--Shannon had stubbornly refused to accept that she was still furniture, despite knowing that she could easily die by Beatrice’s hands.

However, her strength also seems to come from her love of George. Despite the fact that she did once love Battler, she will no longer wait for him to fulfill his promise, and desires to leave Rokkenjima to start a new life, finally quitting her job as an Ushiromiya servant. Those very feelings was enough to help her stand up against the witch. And as said by Shannon herself, one of her happiest moments was when George proposed to her, despite knowing that she may die in a mere few hours.

Though, Shannon also watches over Kanon, viewing him as a little brother. She does push Kanon to pursue his love life with Jessica, despite the fact that they realize that they are one in the same (considering one another as those with incomplete souls). Of course, she treasures Kanon--Kanon being created to keep her company in place of Beatrice.

Despite being a servant, Shannon takes joy in the spare time she spends with the Ushiromiya cousins--sometimes playing games with them, or just merely talking. However, this may only make sense, considering that the only other person her age on the island is Jessica.

Although she is seemingly weak, Shannon will fight to protect the one’s that she loves, even if it means risking her life.

Shannon appears to be one of the characters that seem to go through the most development throughout the series. Although in Episode 2, she seems to have very little confidence, and although she wishes to be more than furniture, she does hold the belief that she will never be anything beyond that. By the time the Sixth Game starts, she is prepared to do anything she can to become human and leave Rokkenjima for good, starting a new life with George.

And so, despite her kind heartedness, she can indeed be selfish in order to get what she desires. However, even through the fight she had with Kanon and Beatrice in Episode 6, it clearly shows that she is still supportive of Kanon. Although later on, she does view Kanon as ‘being an obstacle’ of what she desires the most.

Shannon l Umineko no Naku Koro ni l Reserved ( 2/2 )

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Though, she still wants happiness for her ‘brother’, as shown in Episode 2. Their conversations convey that she does want Kanon to be human, even if it means finding that within the Golden Land in the end.

There is also Battler, who she views as an old crush. Though her feelings for him have seem to have faded, she still seems to have a fondness for him just as she has the other cousins.

She is indeed one of the most experienced servants of the Ushiromiya family, as described in the official TIPS. Though despite having served there for so long, there are times when she can indeed seem to be the most inexperienced. Though, as said in the history references, this may also be because of her ‘true’ self being quite mentally slow.
Abilities: The only magical ability Shannon seems to have is the power to use a magical shield of sorts to protect herself, and whoever is within this magical barrier. However, this barrier is not invincible, and can be rendered as useless.
Sample Entry: Here’s an entry used from another game! (
Edited 2011-05-06 04:32 (UTC)


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Yin | Darker than Black | Reserved (1/?)

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Kaye
Personal LJ: [ profile] aetherae
Contact Info: (AIM) gods eater
Other Characters Played: [ profile] emptyshrine
Preferred Housing: 848 Goldberg Street please! I've gotten permission from both players.

Character Name: Yin
Character Series: Darker than Black
Character Age: approximately 14-15
Background: Darker than Black wiki (

Yin | Darker than Black | Reserved (2/3)

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Yin originally grew up as a blind Finnish girl named Kirsi. Though she lost her father at a young age, she was a cheerful young girl who loved to play the piano. She loved her mother greatly and held a great respect for her piano teacher as well. Even though she was blind, she was more than happy—to her, she needed nothing more than her mother, her piano teacher, the piano, and the moon. She couldn't actually see when it was full or not, but she didn't need to; she could already tell that the light it gave was silver. This happy life continued until the unfortunate death of her mother. Upon stumbling into a private moment between her mother and her piano teacher, it frightened her greatly, and she ran outside into oncoming traffic. Unable to see it, she would have been killed right there if her mother hadn't pushed her out of the way, dying in her place. Since then, she's blamed herself for her mother's death.

At least, that was the kind of person Kirsi was. Yin, the girl who came to be after the arrival of the Gates and the creation of Contractors and Dolls, is a completely different person.

At first glance, Yin appears to be exactly what she is—a doll. Her face is a perpetually blank slate, completely devoid of emotion and feeling. Really, she can come off as rather creepy at times. She's rather softspoken and her words are said as shortly and concisely as possible. Due to her nature as a Doll, she can be reprogrammed and changed to suit her superior's wishes; as of now, her current programming is so minimal that she cannot even form her own decisions or show emotion. To smile, she actually has to use her fingers to lift the corners of her mouth. It is physically difficult to show any feelings she might have. Without being ordered to, she won't do much of anything.

On the surface, that's how she appears to be. In truth, calling her completely emotionless would be a lie. She has a difficult time expressing it, but there are definitely feelings within her that also motivate what she does. When given the choice to either return to her former life as a normal girl and staying with her team, she chooses to stay with her team. Making decision itself should be impossible, but Yin can no longer connect with the person she once was. She knows that she was once Kirsi, knows about the guilt she felt over her mother, but at this point she states that she "feels bad that I don't feel bad." She's aware that she should feel guilty and want to have a normal, human life, but Yin would rather face the constant dangers of working with Contractors and tracking other people down than such a life. As Yin, she cares far more for her team members than those of her previous life. Perhaps it's cruel in a way, but she's made her choice and she's sticking to it.

Most significantly, Yin shares a special bond with Hei. He is the one who first offers her a choice rather than a command, and her appreciation and care for him is evident. She seeks him out without orders to, guiding him and helping him when she can with her specters. While she's capable of showing physical affection to others—she even surprises Huang by actually hugging him—Hei is the only one she ever calls out for. When it seems as if he'll become lost in Hell's Gate forever, she calls out to him asking to not leave her alone. Not only does she not want to be alone, she wants to be with Hei.

When it comes to other, more regular people, it's not all that hard for her to get along with them. She can't exactly be called a friend with a lot of input as she's the type to get dragged around by other people, but at the very least she'll listen to whoever is talking and slide in a word or two of her own thoughts. More often than not though, she just nods along silently. However, she does have the tendency to parrot back what she's been told by her "friends" to other people, often in unintentionally hilarious and unrelated situations.


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Ephraim | Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones | Reserved

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Name: Rift
Personal LJ: [ profile] shadowrift
Contact Info: AIM: ShadowRift
Other Characters Played: [ profile] ahogevamp, [ profile] leveraction, [ profile] timetables, [ profile] harmonicity, [ profile] pokeballer
Preferred Housing: I'd like him to be housed with [ profile] lunarbrace also apping in this cycle (Eirika).

Character Name: Ephraim Renais
Character Series: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Character Age: 18
Background: Fire Emblem Wiki Entry ( and Wikipedia Article (
Edited 2011-05-06 04:31 (UTC)

Ephraim | Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones | Reserved

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Ephraim is the crown prince of Renais, a position he accepts dutifully albeit reluctantly. While hardly an insecure or weak-willed person, he nonetheless doubts his ability to be an effective ruler. As he says himself, he would be happy abdicating his throne to his sister and simply traveling the world as a mercenary with nothing but his lance at his side. However, his great sense of duty and loyalty to both his father and country keep him from acting irresponsibly. He respects his father a great deal, believing him to be an ideal ruler that he'll always have difficulty measuring up to. He compares himself to the other princes he's acquainted with as well, believing them to have traits that are more suitable for a king. Ironically, he's almost universally well regarded and envied by his peers, famed throughout his country for his skill with a lance, his bravery battle, and his tactical aptitude.

He comments in one of his support conversations that as a prince, he's always been required to distance himself from others, always keeping in mind the difference in rank that had to be maintained. Despite this, he treats those that fight alongside him as brothers rather than servants, willing to risk his own life and limb for their benefit. This puts him at odds with his retainers at times, who firmly believe his safety should be their greatest concern, often arguing that he should act less recklessly and not place himself in danger willingly. Despite these protests, he does this time and time again. But despite his brash recklessness, there always tends to be a method to his madness. When his country was taken by surprise and invaded by Grado, he took a small retinue of knights and plunged straight into the enemy country, hoping to serve as a distraction and buy his father and sister time to get to safety. While his efforts proved futile in that regard, he nonetheless served as a great hindrance to the invading army even with his small unit, engaging in guerrilla warfare style tactics and striking at supply lines to slow the invasion. Despite the Grado Army's attempts to capture him, he always proved one step ahead; at one point he even manages to see through their tactics, attacking a heavily guarded keep with only three other knights under his command. The enemy, caught by surprise and not expecting the assault, prove to be outmatched and quickly fall. His motto is "I don't pick fights I can't win", something he'll often say when placed in a seemingly hopeless situation... before managing to somehow overcome it.

While renowned for his strategic ability, he nonetheless hates books and studying, something he's never been good at much to the chagrin of his teachers. When he was young, he and his sister were sent to study abroad in the neighboring country of Grado (who at the time were at peace with Renais). He was often lectured and disciplined for slacking off on his studies, having no interest in history or reading. Instead, he always preferred combat instruction, earning great praise from General Duessel, one of Grado's greatest generals and his personal mentor. While he fights for his country, he nonetheless admits that he perhaps enjoys battle too much, allowing that battle lust to take control of himself at times. While he's able to focus this desire and use it for good, it nonetheless worries him at times that he may simply enjoy fighting too much.


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Doc Scratch | Homestuck (1/?)

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Name: Marion
Personal LJ: [ profile] albinoelephant
Contact Info: AIM - axemarionette
Other Characters Played: [ profile] enviousmath [ profile] fatesjanitor and [ profile] iinchoucat
Preferred Housing: 916 Bilko Boulevard.

Character Name: Doc Scratch. It's a nickname he goes by, real name undisclosed.
Character Series: Homestuck
Character Age: Unknown. Given that he's the First Guardian of Alternia, he can be well over millions of years old.
Background: Homestuck Wikia page (

Part 2

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Doc Scratch is a generally mysterious entity in the series, given that he is a First Guardian. First Guardians are basically the protector of the planet they are assigned to and facilitate it's ultimate purpose (sessions of Sburb/Sgurb), which ultimately create new universes at the end of each complete session. Scratch is one of the closest thing in the series to an immortal and omnipotent being, who knows what will happen, when it will happen and so forth. He also knows everything there is to know about those that occupy his planet (ie, the troll kids) and of the four children (ie, John, Dave, Rose and Jade). It is because of this he comes off incredibly snooty and sometimes like a pompous know-it-all, because he does know it all. He has no problem explaining how he knows everything, but never actually saying anything about the future. The reason he does this is because he doesn't want to spoil the game for the players (the troll kids and the human kids) and so remains on the sidelines. Plus explaining the future before it happens can have nasty consequences like time paradoxes. He has lived through many other sessions as an NPC, with each session having his primary goal be the resurrection of his leader, Lord English. Doc Scratch states that he has never failed in this mission and never will fail.

However, he is not completely omniscient. There are things he does not always know right away, like that Vriska had his cueball, which could see into the future and give accurate responses for any question given. He only figured it out because Terezi contacted him, which he also didn't know would happen, but quickly figured out within the next couple seconds. He calls these unknown things 'dark holes' that are eventually filled up as he goes along. However, not knowing what lies beyond those dark holes at times makes him anxious. When he does figure them out, he gets a very rewarding feeling of success from it. So while he does know of the pre-determined future in a session of Sburb and the lives and secrets of the players, he cannot completely predict events that never occurred before in other sessions. While he acts mainly as an observer, he sometimes does intervene to push the game in the direction he wants, such as when he told Vriska to get revenge against Aradia by killing her and convinced her to manipulate Tavros off a cliff, which caused his paralysis from the waist down. Just like how someone would hit the 'cue ball' at the beginning of a billiards/pool game, Scratch is one of the main manipulative forces that put many events in the series into motion.

That's another big thing about Scratch: he is an amazing manipulator. This is actually almost hard to believe, given that he only ever tells the truth. Whether he is capable of lying or not is yet to be seen, but he is never shown once actually lying to anyone and actually looks down on it when it comes to manipulation, as he tells Vriska. In his eyes, true manipulation doesn't require lies. He is a skilled manipulator because he simply knows everything and can lead people by the finger because he knows what to say to them to get them to a point that he wants them at. He has no problems admitting he is a manipulator either and yet can always trump Vriska when she challenges him to a match, even when he tells her his exact future moves.

Part 3

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Part 4 (done)

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Black Mage Evilwizardington | 8-Bit Theater | Reserve 1/?

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Name: Black Mage McEvilwizardington
Personal LJ:
Contact Info: Aim: spazthelegion; Plurk:
Other Characters Played: [ profile] heartstar_blues and [ profile] pants_yourmove.
Preferred Housing: Maybe start BM in a house full of drones? At least for his first intro it might be better that way. Shortly after though Ket will be apping someone named Prince. She'll mention BM's house, I give permission for that character to enter.

Character Name: Black Mage Evilwizardington (aka the best last name)
Character Series: 8-Bit Theater
Character Age: 28 years old

Black Mage Evilwizardington | 8-Bit Theater | Reserve 2/?

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Black Mage is a horrible little man. He is morally bankrupt and has little to no redeeming qualities. His life is full of murder and horrible plans. Luckily, considering all the terrible things he knows how to do, he is lazy. There are only a few occasions where his plans are long term and elaborate. Add to this fact that he is concerned with only himself and horribly compulsive and you have the monster that is BM.

Black Mage has committed a slew of atrocities in his time. From sacraficing children, to burning down towns. He sometimes claims these are to advance his power, though often he just enjoys finding new ways to cause death and suffering. Usually, he doesn't put much thought into these acts. He just does it on a whim. It's hard for him to find a solution for things that does not involve stabbing or blasting with magic.

He doesn't really get morality in general. He knows of it, but often can not even conceive things from someone else's perspective. He just assumes people are thinking what he is thinking. It makes conversations with him pretty frustrating. It also shows people how disconnected with things he really is. This makes trying to guilt him or show him the error of his ways near impossible. Of course there's always teaching through negative reinforcement.

Black Mage is a coward. He's frail and knows this oh so very well. He'll run away from most fights, even if he could probably win. Usually, he needs something to draw him to the fight. Of course anger at the target or disgust with the lack of murdering going on can count as a good reason. What's important is that there is blood shed, and it's not his.

Black mage does think he is funny. His jokes are usually crude or are just lame puns. His jokes often come off as awkward or horrible, and the fact he honestly thinks it should be funny just makes it worse. He does worship dark gods and dabbles in necromancy, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the morbid and terrible things in life draw his attention. His magics consist almost entirely of devastating and murder. The joy it brings him is unmatched.

His compulisive and lazy habits usually lead to large portions of the day that are free of his terrible wrath. Many of his worse spells can only be cast a limited amount of times, and he's very likely to blow them all first thing in the morning. One of his few long term plans involves gaining power, shedding his mortal shell and overthrowing all the dark gods. Of course, he isn't acting upon this goal all that hard. He's kind of just waiting to die and then work from there.

Even with all of this, he enjoys the company of others. He wants victims, or people to witness his crimes against humanity. Either way, he needs someone there until the very end. He'll seek out others just to have them there or to tell them his inner convoluted thoughts. Considering he wants to unmake reality, it's hard to tell if he finds any use for people other than to brag and share what darkness consumes him that day.


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Minako Arisato | Persona 3 Portable | Reserved 1/4?

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Name: Risa
Personal LJ: [ profile] desuoverload
Contact Info:
AIM: DesuOverload
Email: Miobeus [at] gmail [dot] com
Plurk: KahoshiRisa
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: 1764 Beaver Street, I have permission from both muns.

Character Name: Minako Arisato
Character Series: Persona 3 Portable
Character Age: 18

Minato-mun and I agreed that both of the protagonists will be played out as twins. Along with her parents, Minato was also killed in the car crash. After the incident though, Minako's path is the same as Minato's with some changes in interactions. The major changes are her social links with Saori, Rio, Theodore, Ken, Akihiko, Junpei, and Shinjiro.

Speaking of Shinjiro, the major difference Minako has to the plot is a chance to save him. If she gives him the pocket watch he lost, he will be in a coma for who knows how long. If she chooses the romantic route, he will wake up and go off to see her at the roof of their high school. Spoilers, she dies.

Minako Arisato | Persona 3 Portable | Reserved 2/4

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Personality: Since Minako is a silent protagonist, it is up to the player to make up whatever her personality is. However, canon does provide some subtle hints about her character traits.

If there was one word to describe Minako, it would be energetic. She is often smiling and is quite cheerful to the point where her teammates couldn't help but point it out. She is also very childish and is prone to using childish words like 'meanie' or having childish fears. She is also prone to some light teasing as well. Due to this, she attracts people and she is able to befriend others with ease. She is not shy either since she is an extrovert and loves to hear people talk. With that said, she is not afraid to tell whatever she is thinking or feeling at the moment. In the beginning of the game, a lot of her dialouge choices seem to be leaning towards the happier side but, after October 4th, she realizes that this isn't a game anymore. She isn't afraid to express some of the more somber and tragic topics to her friends. Another example would be when Junpei mentions if she is worried about eating to much. Her response is “Eh, I'll eat whatever I want.” Since she expresses her emotions with ease, this can be seen as a bad thing as she doesn't know how to control them from to time. It is difficult to anger her but it is easy to annoy her. She can try to hide her annoyance but it is very obvious once one talks to her. Once she loses her temper, she would not hesitate to talk someone down nor would she hestitate to use physical violence. In a sense, this is also why Minako is childish since her anger gets the better of her. Luckily, it's rare for her to be truly angry.

Ever since Minako lost her family, she had to learn how to take care of herself. She knows how to cook, sow, and certainly knows how to use a naginata. Due to these factors, it is no surprise that she is very flexible and she adapts very easily. As the leader of SEES, she knows what decisions to make so everyone could get out safely or what attack they should use. She knows how to be responsible and knows what to do in these situtations. Since she adapts so well, this could be applied to people as well. She can be seen as a cool big sister to Maiko and Ken or be seen as a daughter to Mutatsu. Either way, she knows how to act around people (unless something goes against her ideals but that's another story.) Since she attracts people, they often come to her for advice and support. While she doesn't mind and loves to listen to people's problems, some of the advice she gives aren't always the best. Some of the things she says are only because people want to hear them, not what's best for them. As such, she is capable of making things even worse for them. A lot of these friendships are often one-sided. She likes to listen to people talk but she rarely expresses what her personal life was like. She is an extrovert but she is extremely private. It almost seems like she is hiding something from the world.

Since Minako is taken at the end of the game, she found her answer to life. Minako has gained some philosophical answers to how the world works and why the things were the way they are. She no longer fears Death and takes it head on (literally!) When she found out what was going to happen, she ,along with everyone in SEES, were not going to accept Death easily. She is extremely stubborn and she will see to it that no one has to suffer alone anymore. She is very brave as she fights shadows in a blink of an eye, fights Strega, and even Nyx herself! She will never give you up and will never leave anyone behind. Since she is well aware of what she did, she knows what she is going to leave behind. As of right now, she regrets nothing and tries to live her life to the fullest until her death.


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Re: Pending

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Re: Pending

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Keima Katsuragi | The World God Only Knows | Reserve | 1/2

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Name: Rex
Personal LJ: [ profile] memento_mor1  
Contact Info: the exrayaok [aim] // bigkablooie [yim *preferred!] // scarletrapture ( [plurk *preferred!]
Other Characters Played: Souji Seta [ [ profile] inababanchou ]
Preferred Housing: Anywhere with Elsie de Lute Ima [ [ profile] omg_firetrucks ] please!

Character Name: Keima Katsuragi
Character Series:  The World God Only Knows
Character Age: 17

Background: Here is the Wiki ( to the canon and here is another Wiki ( to Keima's background.

Re: Keima Katsuragi | The World God Only Knows | Reserve | 2/2

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Upon first impressions, Keima is an arrogant, distant, self-absorbed video game-loving nerd with a devout obsession for dating simulation games. He ignores everything around him and focuses almost all of his attention into his video games and his virtual girlfriends. If there is one useful thing to say about this otherwise miserable human being is that he is known ironically on the internet as the "Capturing God" and has the most expansive knowledge on how to win the heart of virtually any girl... in games. Sure, his ability to "capture" any girl in a dating simulation game is marvelous but it doesn't thoroughly explain his utter disdain for his common man.

Keima's disinterest in "the real" (his slang for anything based in reality, like people) comes from his devotion to the girls of the video game world. Keima holds video game heroines literally as models of perfection without any critical flaw. He puts nil value on in real life girls because they are not "perfect" like his galge girls, holding critical flaws that makes them undesirable. According to the Capturing God, at least. Keima's idealism for real women are ironically projected onto him from the virtual world. He takes this idealism and turns this rigorous way of thinking into a way of life. He lives very pragmatically, not being interested in the real world for it at times can be unreasonable, unfair or absurd. Though this ideal is certainly extreme, he lives his life to his self-created philosophy rather diligently.

Once Keima sets his mind to something, he will pull out all the stops and practically use whatever means necessary to achieve the goal. He will try to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible also, and he finds it silly that other people don't think pragmatically like him. If several shortcuts can be taken to get something done as long as it gets done to a high satisfactory level, Keima will be pleased. He places logic and reasoning on a much higher scale than compassion or sympathy, though he himself is quite empathic. His perception is quite frankly uncanny. His knowledge of human behavior and his critical analytical skills makes him an incredible tactician.

Keima is incredibly intelligent and easily score top marks in all of his classes. He's so advanced with the material that he actually plays his PFP in class. At first his teachers were upset but his continual perfect or near perfect scores deterred them from scolding him, plus he wasn't being a particular distraction so the teachers just learned to leave him alone, letting him immerse himself further into his video game world. He parades that he's uninterested in the real, but truthfully he's very shy about admitting his own feelings and with physical affection.

Keima is still a 17 year old boy interested in love (despite his strong prejudices), and he gets nervous if a girl genuinely takes an interest in him. He is shy regarding physical contact, and through the events that leads him to use his Capture God knowledge on real girls around him, he starts to care for their well-being. He utilizes his abilities to "capture" the interest in the heart of a woman with a loose spirit residing within her by filling it with love. His Capture God-induced affections however are more satisfying in that they help the targets come to a constructive resolution with a problem or a dilemma plaguing them, making them a stronger person on the inside. Of course he insists the virtual world and the video game heroines are better, but through the haughty attitude he is a kind soul.

Abilities: N/A

Sample Entry: Sample entry here. (


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Re: Accepted!

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Jane Barton - OC - info and BG part 1

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Name: Lan
Personal LJ: [ profile] so_low
Contact Info: OcularDoomsday on AIM; hellglass on plurk
Preferred Housing: 457 Stone St. in the Tenma household! I have approval from all housemates, and I will get them to comment

Character Name: Jane Elizabeth Barton; just Barton usually.
Character Age: 15 (but is actually 50)

Background: For time's sake I'd like to link you to the first paragraph of Quinn's app. ( They come from the same world. But this app will expand upon this, since there's a lot of supernatural things in their world, and Barton ranks up as one of the most unique specimens.

Jane Barton was born in 1872 in the Wyoming territory to a coal mining family. Her family was poor and hard-working, scraping by in a tiny, quiet mining town. She was the youngest of 5 children, though she was the only one in her immediate family gifted with magic. While it usually runs in families, it seemed to have skipped a few generations. Not even one other person in their town knew anything about it; usually if you're gifted with incredible magic powers, there's not a lot of reason for you to slave away as a miner or farmer. Barton was left to teach herself how to use her strange gift in her own. She had the ability to physically boost herself and others – temporarily, she could make a person stronger or faster for awhile just by touching them. Her soul, the source of a person's magical power, was also amazingly strong, and she was full of potential, though she wasn't aware of it. She practiced it as well as she could, but her family discouraged her from doing such weird things, so she had to hide it. A stubborn and independent girl, she wasn't about to let anyone stop her. Barton knew she was meant for bigger and better things than life on the Midwestern plains. She ran off alone a lot, disappearing for days at a time to camp out alone and train herself. Even though she didn't have a teacher, she managed to not only to fine tune her magic, but became a devastating brawler.

Jane Barton - OC - BG part 2

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:39 am (UTC)(link)

Her powerful soul, sadly, was a beacon to other mages who knew how to find them. One by the name of Aries, unquestionably the most powerful mage alive, caught wind of Barton when searching for strong souls. Aries had figured a way to remove souls from a person, leaving them alive, but removed of their power and turned into a hollow shell of their former selves. Rumors of him doing this flew around between mage families and communities, who prepared themselves against his attacks. Barton, of course, knew nothing about it. So when Aries came and attacked her, Barton didn't stand a chance – but that doesn't mean she didn't put up a fight. Aries managed to steal her soul, taking with it her magic power. Little did he know, or even Barton until that moment, that another power lurked within her. Psychic powers, controlled by the mind instead of the soul, were something that was emerging in people in about the last hundred years, and no one was sure what was causing them. They weren't a good thing to have though. While powerful, they were unpredictable and often caused the person to go mad. The trauma of having her soul stolen instantly awakened telekinetic abilities in Barton, and in her rage she lashed out at Aires with it. He managed to fight her off, but not without taking one hell of a beating from Barton first. He got away though, and she was left beaten, soulless, and hellbent on revenge. She left her family behind to seek Aries out, but after 35 years, all her leads have come up short, and thanks to her lack of soul and her unchecked psychic powers, Barton is left on the brink of madness.

Since she left her family, Barton has lived on her own, moving from town to town all over North America searching for clues on Aries. Most mages are reluctant to help her, afraid of getting Aries's attention, making Barton bitter and resentful to most mages now. Aries has several people working for him that occasionally show up and give Barton false information. One thing in this world that actually unsettles Aries is Barton, and other psychics, since they seem to be quite strong against mages.


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Jane Barton - OC

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Mortimer Hughes | Original Character | 1/?

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Name: Inkwell
Personal LJ: [ profile] mister_inkwell
Contact Info: AIM is misterporcelain
Other Characters Played: Klaus Wulfenbach, Daniel Chroma
Preferred Housing: In the same house as Agnes, an OC who is also (possibly) being apped this round, please!

Character Name: Mortimer Hughes
Character Age: Alive for 32 years; dead for 6.

Mortimer Hughes | Original Character | 2/?

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:44 am (UTC)(link)

It is the year 1888 in a place very like, but not exactly, England. The major difference, as it so often is the moment the 1800s and England are mentioned, is that this world is a world run on steam -- steam and souls.

Decades previously, scientists were made aware of certain people called Extractors. These people could remove souls from the bodies that housed them. This in turn led to the discovery that implanting these souls into other bodies significantly lengthened the lifespan and cured most, if not all, diseases of the time, sparking the Soul Craze, or rush of everyone and anyone who could afford it to get themselves implanted.

The scientists now found themselves with a lot of free time, given that they had far less diseases to cure and dying people to comfort. They turned this free time towards the advancement of technology, and as steam was the hot commodity at the time it is the technology that was expanded upon.

However, it should be noted that the steampunk aspects are still in their infant stage. It has only been about thirty years since the Soul Craze began, and thus, only the most important things have been truly affected: that is, transportation, lighting, and home amenities -- the things that all people will need and all people will buy if they are available. Things like gigantic brass robots or steampowered rocketshoes are still unheard of and the fashion is still fairly 'normal'.

Mortimer was born just before the beginning of the Soul Craze, and went his whole life neither knowing nor caring about it. He lived in a very small northern port town, not too far from the city but far enough and poor enough that no one in it could really afford the soul treatment. His whole life was, instead, his lighthouse.


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Re: Accepted!

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Wheatley | Portal 2 | Reserved - 1/?

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Nae
Personal LJ: [ profile] aiema
Contact Info: AIM: A State of Daze
Other Characters Played: Ples Tibenoch ([ profile] tiktoktibenoch)
Preferred Housing: 1450 Mitchell Road. Slot has been reserved, and I've permission from both GLaDOS and Sasaki, currently waiting on Tachikoma's reply.

Character Name: Wheatley
Character Series: Portal 2
Character Age: Easily some decades old, maybe even a century depending on how many years '9-9-9-9-' days really is, as he was originally created as an 'intelligence dampening sphere' for GLaDOS when there were still surviving members of the team in the facility. His human version will be about early thirties.

Re: Wheatley | Portal 2 | Reserved - 2/3

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Wheatley is a Personality Core, a ball of Artificial Intelligence that actually has, well, personality. While Wheatley is an excellent example of a Personality Core that isn't corrupt, the scientists and engineers behind his creation built him to be a moron. Unfortunate, but true, as he was a core designed to be attached on to GLaDOS and make her less intelligent, along with other points that would be considered complete opposites of her general personality. Wheatley, basically, is the Epimethius to GLaDOS' Prometheus; where she looked ahead to find her answers, Wheatley had the actual ability to not find a solution at all, as he was programmed to do. The best he could accomplish was second guessing himself and go through several situations before maybe deciding on one that could work. Whether or not it was successful was the issue, but he would still, as a core on his own, do them. He is still capable of realizing his mistakes, and will continue to count on his solutions in hopes of fixing them.

Unlike Glados, which is more of a plus this time, he's far more friendlier. He's talkative well to the point of rambling, and has moments of awkward when he can't think of anything else to say. He wants to belong, or to provide anything he can for those he has paired himself with. He is patient with the process though, for instance; stand near a closed door with a laser for a long time (which you need later) for a long enough time and he begins to encourage you for answers since he gives up on hacking. That the gentle hum of the laser 'transport us to a state of absolute relaxation' to help the both of you, mostly you, think better. And as you're thinking silently, he'll officially say silent contemplation has begun. Do not speak, in the silence. Absolute silence starting now. Although if you come up with a plan do speak up don't feel discouraged that you have to stay quiet! But otherwise, silence.

Even if he is running off a slew of horrible ideas, it just means you'll get closer to better ones! He doesn't force his ideas anyway, thinking more of his plans as acts of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine". But if you do go with them, he seems to get a boost of confidence and continues to give you more or acts like a 10 year-old wanting to show you his way of making cake. And while he is constantly coming up with said horrible ideas, there is a once or twice when a good one pops up. Being a moron does give the opposite party a shock when a moronic idea actually works. There is a moment when Chell is doing tests that he's created, all of them painfully easy compared to GLaDOS', but you become so focused on these stupid tests that being literally catapulted out of one and into and inescapable tunnel even makes GLaDOS surprised that he was even able to think of that.

Wheatley's simplemindedness can get the best of him, in the best or worst of ways. He is easily distracted, easily excited, and, in the latter part of the game, easily corrupted by power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, after all. For something used to being on management rails and told where to go, the moment he becomes the commander, he literally runs with it. Running off those horrible ideas, just on a grander scale, he becomes paranoid that even someone like Chell wants to heel-turn on him and that his actions all before were for naught, even if they are the exact opposite in reality. He's consumed by the actions needed from him, becoming desperate when the tests he's now supposed to create are running low or cannot be solved by his "BOXES WITH LEGS" that he created for the sole purpose of solving the tests. But when Chell solves them, there is a euphoria that he's never felt, and it feels good. And he needs it again. She'll test, he'll watch, and everything will be just fine.

At the very end of the game, when he finally loses his power, he's reverted back to his original self, immediately begging to apologize, to have another chance to fix what he's done, to feel part of Chell's team again, but the chance leaves them. He becomes regretful, and spends the end of the game thinking of his wrong-doings, or how bossy and monstrous he was, wanting to go back and right them.


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diva | blood + | reserved

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
PERSONAL LJ [ profile] sestine
CONTACT INFO I'm most accessible via LJ PM
PREFERRED HOUSING no housing preference [as much as I'd love to chuck her at Saya, it might be more fun to chuck her at unsuspecting people]

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER SERIES Blood+ [anime-verse]
CHARACTER AGE physically, 16; true age would be around 172 years old.
Diva, to describe her in one word, is a child. She laughs, she plays, she pouts, she demands, she throws tantrums like a child. But what makes her different from a real child [and more dangerous on almost every level you can think of] is that she has no care for human life. To her, whose whims are attended to by her chevaliers, the world is her playhouse and everyone her toy, just there to amuse and waste her time.

She treats everything like it's a game, including murder and carnage. Imagine a child with a passion for blood and does the killing by smiling and laughing through all of it. Just the mere thought of killing would delight Diva, laughing and giggling all the way through. She once commented that the last driver 'tasted bad' and that she wouldn't dare kill the replacement because of it. She once took shoes from a dead person because 'it had a lovely color'. That's Diva. Her casual cruelty is one that is difficult to miss, tearing up toys and tossing them aside. That's how she treats her personal relations as well. She killed Joel Goldschmidt because she hated him; she drank Riku's blood because he looked tasty; she wanted to kill Saya because there's no need for two queens.

Seemingly innocent reasons to account for gruesome events, and Diva would just smile adorably.

Diva however is not innocent. For one, she knows how to get pregnant and even, well, raped a boy for it. She's intelligent enough to know how life works and what's going on and definitely motivated enough [when she's not complaining about boredom or just lying around] to do what she wants.

And if adding more fuel to the fire that is Diva, she's also spoiled rotten by her chevaliers. What she wants, she gets. And she will get it, come hell or high waters. To the point that she won't hesitate to destroy her own chevalier, her own child, if he came in between her and her desire. She's a queen like her sister - as Amshel often tells her - and whatever Saya has, whatever that was denied of her those years past, she wants it.

But underneath that cruelty and insanity, Diva is indeed just like a child, one that is desperate for love and affection of a family. Like Nathan had said, Diva just wanted a family to call her own, just like Saya did centuries ago. Diva who was locked up in a tower for years and years on end, who never even had a name. Diva who was treated nothing more than a speciment, both to Joel and even to Amshel. And though Amshel took her on, followed her on her whims, he saw her as a test subject, his queen. His love for her was merely an obsession that bordered on insanity, a scientist who loved his own discovery. And what hit harder was Solomon's leaving, choosing Saya over her.

A family, a friend or someone who wouldn't treat her like a monster. All of them, her sister had. Which is why, to Diva, Saya is a conundrum. On the one hand, she loved her sister; after all, they're family and the only blood-relation she had. On the other hand, she hated her; she hated that only Saya was treated as a human and that Saya has everything she had wanted.

In the end, everyone realized that the war between the two sisters had started because of one thing: favoritism over one and abuse of the other. Diva was a highly misunderstood individual. Sure, she's capable of murder and mayhem and her casualness when it comes to death easily shocks people. But at the same time, she's just as 'human' as her sister in terms of her own desires to be loved.


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Hugo | Suikoden III | Reserved

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Name: Reine
Personal LJ: [ profile] fuckyeahfish
Contact Info: bluemangotart @ AIM
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: I'd like to have him placed in 769 Bunker, but I'm waiting on one permission.

Character Name: Hugo (of Karaya)
Character Series: Suikoden III
Character Age: 15
Personality: Hugo is a very caring person, enough that he was willing to save Luc despite everything the man had done to Grasslands. He’s got a big heart, and though he is still young, he knows the value of life very well. This is the reason why Sana wanted him to inherit the True Fire Rune, believing that it’s due to his kindness that he can lead the people. On a regular basis, he’s cheerful and bright, and enjoys hunting out in the Grasslands and harassing the Earth spirits in order to help him become the best rider in the Village. He is very curious by nature, though a lot of things still don’t make sense to him. If anything, he sometimes needs someone there to give him a step-by-step guide of how things work, though he does learn quickly once it’s been explained to him. He’d rather stay in a grassy plain than a house though, as he had lived in the Grasslands his whole life. As a hunter, it is easy for him to track down small prey and kill them, but not so much as actually killing people. The only times he had been able to do that was in war, though that was reluctant on his part and causes him a lot of guilt as he only does it to protect everyone (this also helps him understand Chris’s position more, and thus lowering his animosity towards her by a bit).

During the story though, there are many moments where Hugo is shown doubting his own abilities, due mostly to inexperience and age. There are times he envies the other soldiers because they seem more like leaders as compared to him, and this probably contributes to his lack of self-confidence in that area. He also harbored guilt over Lulu’s death, believing that if he had stopped him on time, the younger man would not have died. Coupled with that was hatred towards Chris for killing him, which makes it hard for him to accept her as an ally, much less a fellow True Rune bearer. He has a hard time telling his feelings to others, and it’s normally only when he couldn’t take the pressure anymore that people realize it due to some extremely reckless event that occurs. One example would be when he accidentally blew up the balcony of the castle trying to repress the power of the True Fire Rune, later breaking down and crying when he believed that he couldn’t save the future because he wasn’t strong enough. It was due to Geddoe’s punch and Caesar’s outburst that he snapped out of it, though from time to time he does continue to question himself.

Like all Grasslanders, he had an initial distrust of the Zexen Knights, though later learns to accept them as his comrades despite his kinsmen being killed by them in the past. He’s got a good heart, and he’s willing to accept people no matter who they are, whether they are friend or foe, though it may take him longer for some more than others. This was shown when he still tried to save Luc in the end, despite the man being the cause of his homeland to get into war.

In battle, Hugo can be extremely reckless. This was shown when he confronted the Le Buque soldiers in the middle of the battle, suddenly jumped in front of a swarm of Knights on horses to try to stop them from attacking the village, tried to attack Chris despite the strength inequality, and many other events. Most of the time, this recklessness is a direct result from wanting to protect people, even if the attempt is futile. People tend to have to rush in and protect him from his own strange decisions, though in a way that showed that he was definitely a leader they can rely on, as most Grassland warriors have that strange mentality.

Hugo | Suikoden III | Reserved

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When not angry, he’s a rather polite and obedient boy, though he might not approve of rude behavior towards him and talk back. He doesn’t necessarily start fights, with the exception of the one with Chris, and tends to need a good telling or two to get him to stop putting himself down so much. In a way, he’s rather humble too about his abilities, and he’s not the type to boast about himself to others. However, given that he has the True Fire Rune now, there will be times that Hugo will be very aggressive and devoid of pity, as the rune’s nature is very destructive, and thus it will do it’s best to destroy the balance set out for it. This has been shown a few times, one of which is when Hugo mercilessly slaughtered his enemies while defending the villagers while they were at the Duck Village, as opposed to when he actually cried before while killing people because he felt that he was no better to them than Chris is, and it made him despair due to having to take lives.

Abilities: Hugo possesses the True Fire Rune, one of the 27 True Runes. Though he isn’t completely compatible with it, as he has a low affinity with magic, the rune is powerful and has shown itself to be very destructive when used. He is able to use other runes as well, but his affinity with most of them are low. Also, as a Karayan warrior, he is also very skilled in hunting or close-ranged battles using a hunting knife. He is also quick-footed, so while he isn't the strongest fighter, he can attack you several times in a row and get back on his feet quickly enough.

Sample Entry:

Joshua | Fire Emblem (1/2)

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Name: Din
Personal LJ: [ profile] cyber_chaos
Contact Info: Email:; AIM: Din11152
Other Characters Played: Kallen Kouzuki ([ profile] radiant_will)
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Joshua Jehanna
Character Series: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Character Age: Unspecified, probably in his early twenties

Joshua | Fire Emblem (2/2)

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 06:34 am (UTC)(link)

Joshua is characterized mostly by his loose, carefree attitude, which can be seen to clash with the role he must fulfill as king. However, because of the impact of his mother’s death, he strives to be an able ruler for her sake, putting everything else aside. Also, whether it be through apathy or otherwise, Joshua is not rattled easily. He can keep his cool in any situation, and becomes angry only very rarely. His poise is showcased during his battle with Caellach—here he has a chance to avenge his mother, yet he does not let his emotions get in the way of completing the task at hand. Joshua also appears secure as a person, and his confidence can be seen as borderline arrogance on some occasions.

Important to Joshua are the three things he loves most: swordfighting, women, and gambling. Joshua takes his swordsmanship very seriously, and is always looking to improve his ability, whether it be training to battle mages by sparring with the monk Artur or practicing against other sword fighters such as Marisa. And, although he supports with only two female characters, it is obvious through Joshua’s first conversation with Natasha that he is a bit of a flirt and a lady’s man (or at least attempts to be, though in Natasha’s case, he’s eventually successful in the supports). Both swords and women, however, fall short of his one true passion: gambling. Joshua is always, always gambling, claiming its what makes his life exciting. Even on the battlefield, Joshua will often challenge his allies to a quick game of chance.

Even more than just a passion, gambling makes up a fundamental part of Joshua’s psyche. He believes very much in importance of luck, saying that no matter how skilled a man is, he can always have a bad day. He values the importance of luck so much that Gerik has to remind him that he shouldn’t blame errors during battle on luck, and offers a counter theory to Joshua’s luck philosophy; Joshua appreciates his stance, but says he’ll stick with his own belief in luck. In the same mold, Joshua is also often found comparing life to a gamble, saying that “you never know what will happen.” Finally, even if he finds himself on the losing end of a gamble over and over, Joshua still never quits.

Joshua’s maturation as a person is exposed primarily in the scene during which he speaks with his dying mother. As a child, Joshua flees Jehanna Hall and his life as a prince to live and survive on his own. There are at least two reasons he does this, one conscious and another subconscious. Consciously, Joshua believed, particularly at the time of his departure, that living as commoner amongst his people would provide him with valuable, hands-on experience—experience interacting with his future subjects, as well as experience living the life of a normal citizen. Subconsciously, though, Joshua realizes that it was also an act of running away. Part of him wanted to shirk his duties and live the life of a freewheeling mercenary. Yet, after his mother’s death, Joshua becomes committed to ruling his kingdom well.

He eventually succeeds. Joshua’s ending blurb tells the player that “Jehanna flourished as never before” under his rule. Thus, despite an exterior that might suggest the contrary, Joshua possess the necessary skills to be a good leader, specifically earnest compassion and an understanding of people.


Joshua fights with a sword, and is one of the best swordfighters in the game. This is true for both gameplay stats and in-character recognition of his skills. That said, he is just a normal human being with no magically enhanced strength, speed or power. Joshua is also a proficient gambler, specifically the cheating aspect of it. He’s shown to have mastered various ways to rig coin flips, and it’s implied that he knows a plethora of other tricks.

Sample Entry:


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Estonia | Axis Powers Hetalia | Reserved (1/3)

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Name: Dakotah
Personal LJ: [ profile] lodestarred
Contact Info: aim: callieach007 | email:
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Estonia (Eesti Vabariik, technically); human name: Eduard von Bock
Character Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character Age: approximately 17, physically; in actuality, he's in the group of the elder Nations still around (at least 2000 years old), because he's... y'know. Estonia.

Estonia ( on the Hetalia Wiki
Estonia ( + the history of ( on Wikipedia
And here ( is an abridged history compiled by me, mostly for my own reference.

Estonia | Axis Powers Hetalia | Reserved (2/3)

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 06:41 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Almost any first impression of Estonia is that he is equally well-mannered and well-spoken. This first impression would be a fairly accurate one, as far as first impressions go. Although some moments can have him shaking and stuttering, those moments tend to only strike at particularly hard points in his life. Otherwise, he's renowned in Eastern Europe for his ability to keep a cool head. The last eight-hundred years haven't been particularly good to him, but he's came out of them independent and stable, friendly when he needs to be but fully capable of putting up a fight for his people or a friendly stab at his pride.

Estonia has always been a bit of a glutton for knowledge, but especially with the advent of the internet and the establishment of his country as a rather IT-savvy place, his quest to know a little bit about everything is ongoing. As such, he tends to seem a little like a know-it-all, particularly around those he's closest to. If he doesn't have a quick answer for something, he knows just what search terms to use on what search engine, or where to check in the nearest library. His excitement and desire to know everything necessary – and maybe a bit that isn't strictly necessary – can be a little obnoxious, he knows, so he keeps it in check on the world stage. Then he can easily use his wit to be useful rather than insulting, trying to offer helpful suggestions for the betterment of the world, particularly those he considers friends. Although on friendly terms with most of the world, there are few that get more than a pleasant facade from him, generally those who have found themselves in the same situation as him throughout the years. Being essentially tortured by Russia for years can bring anyone together, it must be said.

With his warm sense of humour and a talk-about-anything conversational approach, a few aspects of Estonia's personality are sometimes restricted to just hovering below the surface. Most of them are deep-rooted in the centuries before Sweden's "adoption" of him, back in his days of successful Viking-like raids and successful skirmishes against Russia. Despite the utter crap luck he had after that, periods of successful rebellion and warding off of German troops kept enough of his old confidence around that it makes an appearance from time to time. He's been shown to tell Russia to pick on someone his own size, a rather bold statement for someone of little land area and still occupying the body of a human teenager. He can't quite resist the odd comment like that, though, something with a smirk and a haughty tone to remind old "friends" that while he may be small and quiet, he's still there. These aren't always the wisest comments – reminding Prussia you're now a country while he's not seems like asking to be punched in the face, for instance – but they're essential facets to his personality nevertheless. Another less-than perfect trait of Estonia's is a habit he can't quite shake of judging those that come off as obviously stupid, i.e. Poland. He's willing to give anyone a chance, but when an apparent lack of intelligence comes without any obviously redeeming qualities, Estonia thinks less of the person in question. This, historically, has led to some resentment towards Lithuania, a Baltic by general definition but always so interested in the affairs of Poland, an idiot by Estonia's definition.

Despite the odd bout of over-confidence or his less than polite opinions at times, Estonia is generally friendly and a deeply loyal friend, at that. Once someone has worked their way into their heart, he's apt to keep them there a good long while, worrying over their well-being and puzzling over how to improve matters for them. Then, of course, there's his friendship with Finland, which is that of two very old friends who have been through everything together, defaulting nowadays on getting into the sort of trouble one might expect from school boys, bizarre festivals and even odder competitions being their prime area of interest.


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Rosa Ushiromiya | Umineko No Naku Koro Ni | Reserved

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Name: Dana
Personal LJ:[ profile] lovexamination 
Contact Info: plurk; rihitenstein (, AIM: liveyasta
Other Characters Played: Japan | Axis Powers Hetalia ([ profile] politerudeness); I am also apping Lilly Satou ([ profile] seespast ) this app cycle.
Preferred Housing: 504 Ricardo Street! I have the wife slot reserved, and all the needed permissions.

Character Name: Rosa Ushiromiya
Character Series: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Character Age: Unspecified; probably in her late twenties at the very least, but definitely younger than forty. I'll go with about 37 for now.
Background: Series ( @ Wikipedia | Rosa @ MAL (

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: The Ushiromiya family is anything but a stable bunch, and Rosa is no exception- though you might think she is at first glance. Described by Battler as a calming influence, the first impression one has of Rosa is that of a calm and collected, level-headed, practical, often smiling, sensible woman with a good head on her shoulders. To the youngest Ushiromiya generation, who are very fond of her, she's the nice and kindly aunt who's always on the side of the children, with a down-to-earth, soothing and gentle nature very unlike the other siblings. Among them, she seems to be the one with the most common sense, and although she has the same blood as them, she doesn't share what Battler describes as a "weird streak that makes them mock and tease people" with Rudolf and Eva- and when she does tease someone it's always very gently and fondly, and she's usually joining in with someone else in it. Although he points out that she has a bit of a strict way of raising kids and is not very generous with her allowances, she's clearly very well-liked by him. She's very responsible and is said to be sort of person who won't forget or break a promise, even if it was made a year ago; helpful, friendly, conscientious, polite, to the outside world Rosa seems like a perfectly respectable, well-bred young woman. And indeed, this behavior it not an act; these are all things that Rosa truly is. But Rosa is more than a little complex; and do not think for a second that it’s all there is to her.

Because, as one quickly finds out around her daughter- Rosa can switch to becoming another person at frightening ease. One could almost describe her as bipolar- at least, in personality. One moment, when she's feeling happy and good an in control and pleasant and perhaps even confident, Rosa is her calm and smiling self and there's no way you'd be able to tell that there's anything wrong with her at all- and the next, she's a completley different person. When you push her buttons, Rosa can become someone truly terrifying- it's her anger that's the worst thing to witness. It's when she does a complete 180 degree change in mood that you wonder how this is the same Rosa you were talking to a moment a go- the same calm, kind and patient listener Rosa that sends a deadly glare your way and begins to yell and scream and rage at and accuse you in a loud and exaggerated way, simply because of a little well-intentioned gentle comment. And how, and why, is it that this same Rosa, that loves and spoils her daughter, can the next moment do the same to her- the same Rosa who reprimands her daughter for the most minor things, and at worst, hits and slaps her around- all because of a little sound she makes that gets her made fun of?

Deep inside, Rosa, simply put, is a truly complicated, messed up young woman with a lot of issues. And with the way she was raised it should come as no surprise. Born into a wealthy, proud and powerful family, Rosa as a child had all the expectations of one forced upon her; always instructed and told what to do and how to act to be proper, to be mindful of her appearance and carry with her the appropriate dignity of a member of such a family, yet as the fourth child, the last child in the family- she grew up with a huge youngest child syndrome. Being the son of someone as harsh and strict and unloving as Kinzo is difficult enough even if you're a first or second child, so imagine how hard it must be when you're the youngest, and female in a such a chauvinistic family? Rosa was always seen as the slowest, dumbest one with bad grades in a family full of overachievers- constantly scolded for it by her mother and told that she was dumb by everyone who surrounded her, and being such a young child she believed it.  In fact, it's implied quite heavily that she pretended to be dumber than she actually is, to avoid "earning herself unnecessary malice", and to prevent herself from being further targeted by Eva and Krauss, both of whom were competing intensely for the position of the head of the family and wouldn't take the idea of any further competition well.


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Zeetha | Girl Genius | Reserved

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Name: Sam
Personal LJ: [ profile] maidsofmight
Contact Info: AIM: supergirled
Other Characters Played: Kikuri, Charlie/Misfit, Tabby, HinaIchigo
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Zeetha, Daughter of Chump
Character Series: Girl Genius
Character Age: Early 20s
Background: here (,_Daughter_of_Chump)
Personality: Zeetha's a badass- and she knows it.

When you first meet her, she may seem calm and collected. She's not exactly polite, but she's not a raving madwoman either, and she's friendly enough. But within a matter of seconds this can all change. Zeetha doesn't know how to differentiate between her indoor-outdoor voices, and she's prone to causing scenes. She's constantly taking things too far, pushing people well past their extremes, saying that it's for the good of them. When she starts training Agatha, Agatha claims that Zeetha is trying to kill her. Zeetha's really not of course- she just holds people to the same high expectations she holds herself to.

Loyalty is a big deal for Zeetha. She will fight to the death for her Kolee-dok-Zumil Agatha, with whom she shares a bond she describes as 'more sacred than that of lovers'. Though she doesn't show it often, this same loyalty is held for a handful of other people, or for her people. She's a very proud young woman- you could never call Zeetha shy. She's sure of herself, to a point where even strangers immediately know not to mess with her. She's extremely passionate about everything that she does, regardless of if it's fighting to the very death for something, or passionate in a romantic or sexual sense. Zeetha never does anything half-way. She doesn't allow herself to make mistakes. It's either 'do it right, or don't do it at all' with her.

She reeks of confidence, which can be both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, she is an extremely talented young lady, well deserving of all that confidence she has built up inside of her. On the other, it often gets her into trouble, gets the people around her into trouble, and on ocassion, will actually get her physically harmed. And while she's tough, Zeetha's not anywhere near invincible- a fact that she beats herself up for. She strives to be the best in everything that she does. Failure is not an option. That's for losers, and Zeetha would never call herself a loser.

She can be fun though! Her energetic and friendly personality rubs off onto others easily, and she has an extremely playful side to her. She teases people mercilessly, regardless of who they are, or what reaction they're giving off. She actually gives good advice when you ask her for it, and her 'never-say-die' personality helps her jump right into things. She's a bit of a mischief maker, but if you can handle that, Zeetha makes an excellent friend- especially to others that are less-sociable.

Do not make yourself an enemy of Zeetha, and especially do not hurt her friends. She's a sadist though she hides it well, and can be downright cruel when pushed to it. She might claim to forgive, but she rarely does, and she never, ever forgets. She holds a mean grudge, and she has a mean punch. You might not want to mess with Zeetha. She doesn't take crap from anyone, regardless of who they are.
Abilities: Zeetha's a warrior princess. This means you can expect her to be extremely skilled in combat, and in using almost any kind of weaponry. She knows martial arts better than most people, and performed in a circus using these skills. She possesses all different kinds of survival skills, is stealthier than most others, and is extremely handy in a bar fight.
Sample Entry: At the Test Run Meme! (


[identity profile] 2011-05-07 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Welcome to 1252 Williams Road, Zeetha Chump! Please reply here with your character journal. Once you've done that, complete the following:

• Join [ profile] mayfield_rpg, [ profile] mayfield_logs, and optionally [ profile] junefield
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And you're ready to go! Make sure to introduce yourself in the main comm and tell people where your character will be living!

Lilly Satou | Katawa Shoujo | Reserved

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Name: Dana
Personal LJ: [ profile] lovexamination
Contact Info: You already have that!
Other Characters Played: Japan |[ profile] politerudeness ; I'm also apping Rosa Ushiromiya/[ profile] fourthinline this cycle.
Preferred Housing: 1338 Benny Road. I have all the needed permissions!

Character Name: Lilly Satou
Character Series: Katawa Shoujo
Character Age: 17
Background: Series Official Site (
Wikipedia Entry (
Character (

[identity profile] 2011-05-06 07:00 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: For a young girl of merely seventeen, Lilly seems to act twice her age, as though she's an adult in the body of a teenager. She's a a true lady- a refined, well-mannered, graceful young woman, with a polite and formal speech described by the protagonist as "exceedingly well-bred", worthy of a true respectable young lady. Perpetually relaxed, calm and collected, Lilly carries herself with a mature sort of composure; she's the sort of person who always takes her time to react, not too slow but not to fast, who's never in a rush and proceeds at an even, steady pace. Although she's described as "almost aloof", she doesn't allow her formality make her come across as cold or unapproachable- quite the opposite, in fact. Her usual expression is a gentle smile, as perfectly calm and relaxed as she is, but kind and genuine- and she always makes sure to be kind and helpful- there's a reason she's the class representative, after all. This strongly shows from the very beginning- in her first scene where she appears, when the protagonist is lost and accidentally stumbles upon her while looking for the library, she isn't the slightest bit disturbed at the intrusion and her reaction is to tell him to take a seat, make him tea, and help him out in finding his way around; all while they enjoy a nice and pleasant little conversation and easily make small talk.

Lilly has a calming atmosphere about her, a relaxing influence that makes one feel at ease and comfortable in her presence; she's patient and never does she lose her cool or her self-restraint- it's simply not something that happens unless with very specific people (more on that later). She tries her best to be very understanding and sympathetic, and she's not stiff or sensitive about her blindness, either; she doesn't treat it as the elephant in the room and has no problem with people mentioning it and bringing it up. To the people she's close to she acts as some sort of mother or big sister; she takes care of them and worries for them- ironically, she acts like this even towards her own older sister. Their relationship seems to have a "mature concerned, worrywart big sister caring for her irresponsible, polar-opposite little sister" kind of dynamic- Lilly even used to cook for her. She treats her closest and best friend, the painfully shy Hanako, almost as her own child-  it's no wonder the girl is so clingy towards her. Though it's clear that Lilly is genuinely fond of her and they're very close- it's implied the reason for her moving dorms is Hanako, her Act 1 route ends with Hisao spending the festival together with both of them, and they are seen together very frequently and rarely seen interacting with anyone else. Though it should be noted that she's definitely the ideal class representative, as she treats nearly everyone around her as a younger sibling, doing her best to be as helpful as she can- the people closer to her are simply the special ones.


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Anders | Dragon Age 2 | reserved

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Name: Red
Personal LJ: [ profile] redfirelight
Contact Info: AIM: thisismyomnitool
Other Characters Played: Sideswipe
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Anders -- no last name, mods are welcome to appoint one.
Character Series: Dragon Age 2
Character Age: Unknown -- Likely somewhere in his early-mid thirties.
Anders is a mage. Which means he was born with the ability to throw magic around, and play in the crazy demon-infested dream-world known as the Fade. Because of that, and the potential for his brain to get infested by demons from said Fade, he was taken to the Circle of Mages when he was a teen. It was, in his eyes, basically a prison for mages, in which they were constantly watched by their church-appointed (or Chantry-appointed) guardians, the templars, and vials of blood kept on hand in case they ever escaped the Circle Tower.

Anders escaped seven times.

He was hauled back every time, however, and nearly branded as possessed (the Chantry had their own word for it, but the basics are the same). He never was though. Nor was he delving into blood magic, as they also feared. He just really hated the Circle and its restrictions. On his last escape attempt, he actually managed to get away for good, it seemed. He joined up with the Grey Wardens, which gave him immunity, more or less, to the Circle restrictions, so long as he stayed with the Wardens. It seemed like a pretty good setup. He didn't have to follow the strict rules of the Circle, he had a cat, no one was going to execute him for being an apostate, he could travel the world and help people with his magic...

And run into a spirit from the Fade, a spirit called Justice. Spirits were the opposite of Fade demons, embodying virtues, rather than sins. Justice was trapped outside of the Fade, and, in his journeys with the Wardens, Anders and Justice started getting along, until Justice ran into the problem of fading out of existence, thanks to being stuck in the mortal realm, rather than the Fade. The mage decided to help the spirit out. He thought that, maybe, just maybe, if he gave the spirit a willing body to hang out in, Justice would be all right, and be able to continue existing. In addition, he thought that by using the spirit, they could both bring real justice to all mages -- whom Anders still felt were nothing more than prisoners and slaves.

That... didn't work out so well. Because of Anders' understandable, but rather unchecked, anger towards the Circle, and the Templars, Justice became altered once the two linked up. Instead of a calm, rational spirit, Justice became Vengeance -- popping in ot say hello whenever Anders got sufficiently worked up. And, considering he was now backed by a powerful spirit from the Fade, it made his anger all the more devastating, magically speaking. It became apparent when the mage lashed out and killed a Templar-turned-Grey Warden, along with several others, for commenting on Anders' new status as an abomination.

Anders ditched the Wardens after that, and ended up in Kirkwall, a city in the Free Marches of Thedas. He built up a clinic in the city's slums, known as Darktown, healing the poor, the sick, the tired masses free of charge -- while trying to maintain control of himself. In addition, he began working to do all he could in order to help the mages of Kirkwall, as the conditions there were growing more oppressive than they had been elsewhere. Which was how he found Hawke.

He needed help freeing a friend who was in danger of being made tranquil by the Chantry -- a condition that cut mages off from the Fade, the source of their magic, and, it seemed personality. Hawke needed maps of the Deep Roads, which, being an ex-Grey Warden, Anders had in his possession. In the end, they were too late to save his friend -- and, apparently, his ex -- and Hawke gained the services of a healer, out of gratitude for the attempt to help.

Anders | Dragon Age 2 | reserved

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Background cont'd:
Anders hung around with Hawke for six years. Many adventures were had, from stopping an invasion of Qunari, to more mundane things like picking up books for elves, and gathering more companions. Through it all, Anders constantly sought Hawke's assistance on behalf of the oppressed mages, until he eventually took matters directly into his own hands. Telling Hawke that he'd found a way to separate himself and Justice, Anders used his friend's assistance to build Thedas' largest magical bomb. Once again using Hawke, he snuck it into Kirkwall's giant Chantry, and, as tensions between mages and Templars began to boil over in the city, Anders blew the bomb. It took out the entire Chantry, including everyone inside.

People were understandably upset. Most of them, if not all, were calling for his head. And... that's when he woke up somewhere else entirely.

Where he was once witty and sarcastic, lighthearted and easy-going, Anders is a good deal more serious, straightforward, and melancholy. At times, his previous nature pokes through, and he'll crack a joke, or a humorous remark. But, for the most part, his involvement with Justice/Vengeance, and the deaths of the other Wardens have changed him.

One thing that never changed, however, was his feelings toward cats. Anders loves cats. Not even Justice can beat that out of him.

Aside from that, he is a devoted, passionate man with a lot of anger issues. He isn't violent by himself, preferring to use his magic to heal and help rather than destroy, but following his joining with Justice, when he gets angry, he tends to lose all control of both himself, and Justice. He'll become much more likely to lash out, to cause both death and injury, until he calms himself down. Whether this is due to the spirit shacked up in his skull, or due to his own emotions, he can't tell. He claims to be bound up with Justice so tightly that he's no longer able to tell where one stops and the other starts. And this, understandably, concerns him. He is generally overcome with feelings of self-loathing and existential angst following his episodes with Justice.

He has devoted the last few years of his life to freeing his fellow mages, and refuses to stray from his path. And... he can rant about it for hours. What he feels, he feels strongly, and without reservation. If he loves someone, he loves them completely. If he hates someone, there's no room for argument. He refuses to be swayed in his beliefs, especially where the mages and templars are concerned. Even when presented with evidence contrary to what he believes, Anders is much more likely to make an exception on a case-by-case basis, rather than accept that his ideas may not be true. For instance, when confronted by a templar who was genuinely concerned for his mage charges, Anders would only grudgingly admit the man was "good ... for a templar", leaving his overall view of the warriors unchanged.

However, his devotion borders on obsession. He either sees nothing wrong with this, or doesn't fully realize the depth of his obsession. The cause is all-important to him, driving him to forsake even friendship in pursuit of his ultimate goal for his fellow mages. It's a noble sort of selfishness, but is selfish nonetheless. Again, whether or not he would be this way without Justice's interference, he can't tell. Which... just takes him back to the existential angst all over again.

Anders' strength lies in healing. He's what's known as a spirit healer (, thanks to Justice's help. While he can make use of offensive spells, such as fire, ice and spiritual energy type blasts, he sticks mostly to his healing spells, and other status-buffing ones. His offensive spells are relatively minor -- as minor as it can be when one is hit by a fireball the size of a basketball. In terms of healing, there doesn't seem to be much of a limit to what his healing magic is able to do. He's shown to be able to heal both injury and disease in his patients, as well as party members. He's even capable of reviving fallen party members with his magic as well, but only if Justice comes into play.


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Jin Kisaragi || BlazBlue || Reserved

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Name: Dee
Personal LJ: [ profile] project_dkg
Contact Info: AIM: Scyllation
Other Characters Played: None
Preferred Housing: Random, but I would be happy if he's put somewhere around the Housing part 2 (, since all his canonmates are around there, mainly near Ragna, though.

Character Name: Jin Kisaragi
Character Series: BlazBlue
Character Age: It's never mentioned, but looks around 19-21
Background: Wiki link (

Jin Kisaragi || BlazBlue || Reserved

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Personality: Apathetic, cold, distrustful, obsessive, wronged, straightforward, against justice and all that it stands for. Jin Kisaragi is a bundle of moral contradictions in shoes. A military man with family issues down to the core of his being. To be blunt, he isn't the most likable person ever; he shouts, makes unnecessarily rude remarks (much to his unbeknownst), seeks information with no care for insults and has quite a haughty attitude, especially to those below his 'ranking' (NOL 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron Commander, Major) and at this point, I wish I could say "but it's all an insincere act that he puts on to shelter his insecurities", but that would be far from correct. No, he's just a huge, apathetic asshole with a major chip on his shoulders, dealing with a lack of attention and a bad case of hate for the world. But that's all right, like the rest of the cast of Blazblue, he has a "few" issues and reasoning that totally warrant that kind of behaviour.

There's no exaggerating in that. His nature is nothing but "to the point", whether it's his actions or patterns of speech, he has no interest in dillydallying with ridiculousness. In any given situation, Jin is interested in fact, no opinion, nothing excess; if his target doesn't cooperate, they're nothing but a waste of breath and time. It's that coldness that gets him by so well in the NOL, he's never obstructed by outside distractions (unlike his lieutenant, Noel Vermillion) and a command must be followed at all cost. Most people are just existences that he feels no urge to connect to, in his mind, everything is serious business, no result from doing so, unless they're obnoxious or just as standoffish as him, then ... Well, they're "put in their place". Not in an extremely literal sense, now , there are certain things that earn Jin's negative attention, however, they don't always leave a mark in his mind. Like Bang Shishigami for one, who barely made an impact on Jin's life, even after being fought with during the Second War of Ars Magus and being left with a cross-like scar, then fought with again in the 13th Hierarchal City of Kagutsuchi he'd escaped his mind just as fast as he entered it.

The first time you hear the name "Jin", it's from Blazblue's main character, Ragna, who was simply sitting in a field, talking to himself about his life, like many normal human beings do. At one point, he mentioned his sick (and the worsening health of his) younger sister, Saya, as well as his younger brother, Jin, whom had been silent (God forbid) for a day, which in his case, was unusual, because Jin usually complained about a lack of attention (and bullying) from Ragna. This sets up Jin's dependency on attention from him at an early age, but doesn't ripen it completely, not yet. Wait, it gets worse. Something was in the air ... literally. There was smoke, and Ragna happened to catch a waft of it; his unsure feelings got the best of him, and he ended up running back to the catholic church / orphanage, which he had been raised in as a child, in flames. Everything he knows and loves burnt in front of him, except for young Jin Kisaragi, his brother, who stood in front of the church with a disgustingly amused smile on his face. It was apparent that he set the church / orphanage on fire himself, and his reasoning? Simply because Ragna hadn't paid enough attention to him, and he deserved a fate worse than that.


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