mayfield_mods: (Barbie)
Mayfield Mods ([personal profile] mayfield_mods) wrote2011-03-26 07:01 pm
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event: exit

Oh for gosh's sake, old man, just let me- hello? Is this thing on~? There we go, sheesh! Told ya you should've just let me try it, Pop.

Oh, but- hi, everybody! I met lots of you when you all popped by our diner, and ya seem like nice folks, so when we heard about the ruckus going on in your little town we thought the least we could do is give you guys a tip! We're closin' down the diner until this blows over, so I'm afraid you can't stay here, but it's okay!

Looks like they just opened up a new town here on our own little highway. Just head westbound- watch out for the bears! -and you'll find it sooner or later. What was the name of it again? Dead something. Deadfolks' Mulch, or something? I forget. But if any of ya are looking to get away from... whatever it is you folks are dealing with, I bet it's as safe a place as any.

You take care now, 'kay? Don't go gettin' yourselves killed~!

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