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Mayfield Mods ([personal profile] mayfield_mods) wrote2011-03-14 09:02 pm
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[At 5:00 AM, the Milkman leaves the Mayfield Dairy as he always does. It's a normal Monday morning, and when he returns a couple of hours later, there's not a sound coming from the Dairy, as usual.

It's only when the sun begins to rise in the sky, however, that a strange, faint, distant rumbling begins. As the day begins and the drones assume their daily errands and routines, they begin exchanging looks of puzzlement at the barely-audible sound, but shrug and go on with their days.

The sounds become intermittent, with long breaks punctuated by further strange sounds. If you're perceptive enough, you may be able to trace the source.

It seems to be coming from beneath the Mayfield Dairy.]

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