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[At 5:00 AM, the Milkman leaves the Mayfield Dairy as he always does. It's a normal Monday morning, and when he returns a couple of hours later, there's not a sound coming from the Dairy, as usual.

It's only when the sun begins to rise in the sky, however, that a strange, faint, distant rumbling begins. As the day begins and the drones assume their daily errands and routines, they begin exchanging looks of puzzlement at the barely-audible sound, but shrug and go on with their days.

The sounds become intermittent, with long breaks punctuated by further strange sounds. If you're perceptive enough, you may be able to trace the source.

It seems to be coming from beneath the Mayfield Dairy.]

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[Garviel steps out into the street, puzzled by the unusual mechanical sound, something he'd be more inclined to find on the Vengeful Spirit. He will listen, and try to pinpoint it, his Astartes senses giving him something of an advantage in this regard. He changes into his standard clothes from his, ah, bathrobe, considering how early in the morning it was, and slips a few pieces of insurance into his pocket, then will follow the sound, trying his best to triangulate it.]

"That's odd..." [he'll muse to himself.]

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[Wow, Garviel. Guess who is doing the exact same thing you are? He may not be an Astartes, but his construct 'improvements' coupled with his Skiff warrior training give him quite enough edge to be getting on with. He and Garviel eventually intersect in their triangulations and Klaus, figuring out fairly quickly that they are on the same mission, falls into step with the other man.]

Very odd indeed. What do you think it is?

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[[Theta is out and about for her morning walk when she hears sounds, and she frowns deeply, moving to follow the sounds to their source. Of course, she's not having the greatest luck with this, and may simply start following someone who looks to be having better luck.]]

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[Zidane is busy delivering papers in the morning....what is that sound?]
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[Scott is in a robe, waiting for the paper to come when he sees the newsboy looking rather.. Good God what the hell is that noise?!]

HEY! Hey Paper boy! .. I can't believe I just called him "paper boy".

[Scott begins to nerdishly laugh to himself, before coming out of it and once more trying to get the stranger's attention.]

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[ Jessica was fast asleep in her bed, the noise being loud enough to wake her up. she quickly gets dressed and sneaks out of her house, trying to trace the source of the noise. ]

What the hell is that noise...?
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[ And here comes Taiwan on her Hello Kitty scooter, haha. ]

Hey, you heard that, too?

[ She looks pretty serious about this, though. ]

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2/2 OOPS

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[Jeff hadn't really been sleeping anyway, but as soon as he hears the rumbling going down, he slips outside, in an attempt to figure out exactly what's going on.

It doesn't sound like anything he's heard before, that's for sure.]

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[Out on the streets, Ness is looking about frantically. He was sure that Pokey's house was around here some wh-Hold on! Was that Jeff?]


[Ness throws both arms into the air, waving them back and forth as he calls out from a good distance down the road from him. Hopefully he'll be able to hear Ness' cries over the awful din.]

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[The moment the noise begins, Yuki pauses. Glances up at the sky for a few moments. Diverts on her path to school and slowly, unerringly, begins to follow the sound back towards its source.]

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You can hear it too, eh?

[walking up next to her with a cup pressed to his ear...]

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[Tenma's at the hospital, getting his desk organized when he hears the noise. He furrows his brow, buttoning up his white doctor's coat and stepping outside the hospital.]

What the hell...?

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[Johan had been in the school yard, but so many children had run off to see where that noise was coming from, he decided to take a look at it himself..

Walking by the hospital.]

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[Ed was slightly more delayed in his paper round but he does hear it, wondering what the noise was as he went further along his route. After throwing the last newspaper on someone's lawn, he decides to try and follow it, to find out what the noise was. It sounded like some sort of machine?]

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[ Oh, hello Edward, this is your mother and she's totally not stalking you or anything.

She's been walking the same route you're walking to get herself familiar with the landscape! Honest!

This is all a total coincidence. Seriously!

i.e,: she's right behind you and close enough for you to notice. She doesn't have a disguise because she just woke up here, but still ]

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[ Higgs has grown to expect oddities from this town (amongst other places). In fact, he expects nothing less, and considering he's fairly unflappable he'll shrug any minor ones off. So when he's walking to work this morning, he'll pay the odd noises barely any mind.

Though he may give the Dairy a glance as he passes by. ]
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[Ah foreboding noises. You think the odd sounds would be enough to wake Rin from her sleep. Right?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Nope. Instead, she just flops over onto her side murmuring something about kishua's agate happily.


A few hours later and Archer's done the usual ritual of getting her successfully out of bed, fed, and out of the house with the assumption she'll go to school. Grumbling, she takes the longer path to try to wake up, passing by the usual streets she always kept an eye out. Taylor Road, Beaver Street, Stevens Road, and the fresh route of Benny Road. The expression on her face is near zombie-like - the girl easily could be mistaken for sleep walking.]

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[Was walking down the sidewalk and he'll do a double take at the girl.]

Holy shit... Is she sleep walking? Or is she actually dead....?

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[...Well, this is certainly a nice addition to the otherwise silent walk to the grocery.]

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[Shana is confused by the odd noises, and frowns, as they sound to her a bit like one of Dantalion's contraptions. She'll begin looking around, hunting for the source, eventually edging towards the dairy by process of elimination.]

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[Was going to head outside to follow someone in the direction of the loud noise just to see what the big deal was. He'll come up from behind Shana.]

Isn't it past your bedtime, little girl?
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[ Harry was half asleep on the couch when he heard the noise. Of course, no one could hope to sleep through that racket, could they?

Without thinking about it, he walked out into the street, a mixture of confusion and annoyance plastered on his face, and looked around for the source of the sound.

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[It's a good thing Hermione routinely wakes up early, but even she's not going to lie and say the sound wasn't getting more annoying and, well, creepy as the morning went on.]

[Hearing the sound of the door she left the room to go outside herself, the thoughtful frown mering her lips as she looked down the street before casting a look at Harry.]

What do you think it is, Harry? [Her mind's already whirring, maybe they should check this out like the normal nettling they do]
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[Minato leaves the records store, ignoring the drones' disapproving looks at his slouched appearance, instead focusing on his pocket radio. Soon though, a new sound slowly creeps in, overpowering the music.]


[He looks around, trying to trace where the sound originates, but isn't having much luck.]

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[He's not the only one trying to locate it, Mitsuru is nearby and comes straight over when she sees him.] You hear it too.

I think it's coming from this direction. [She points vaguely in the direction of where the dairy is, although she's not sure yet.]

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[What is this odd noise that sensitive Pokémon ears have picked up while Ash continues to sleep?]

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-More so than the noise itself... Patchouli looks out her window to see that the drones themselves notice it as well. Something was amiss...-
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[ Meiling knocks on the door, standing bleary-eyed in the hallway, still in her jammies.

Maaaan, her alarm doesn't go off for another half hour. ]
Wazzallatracket? [ There might have been words in there. ]

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[Yamame had noticed the strange noise on her way to school...and followed it all the way to the dairy.]

[She sits outside the dairy, with her ear to the ground, a perplexed look on her face.]

It sounds like a monster!

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[Shana looks over to Yamame, arriving about the same time she did, and points at her.]

"It just might be! Or a Rinne! We should have a look."

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[Guess who's having flashbacks to Communist Mayfield?]

Aaaaaaah, they're taking over, they're taking over again!

[Clearly this means she will need to prepare a countermeasure. Either way, it seems Mayfield is doomed.]

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The hell is that sound!? [He looks down at his meteorite, brows furrowing.] It ain't the fucking rock.

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[This girl is immediately trying to find patterns in the rumbling noise she hears while taking her walk. The walk itself is abandoned as she tries to trace it.]

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[Someone was outside... still continuing his search for a missing companion, but he only got as far as the front porch before the sound started.]

... All Spark, what now?

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[And have a Sophie!]

An excellent question.


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[Something has been tugging at the edges of L's consciousness for a while. He sits at the desk in the law office, frowning, then listening more intently. As he tries to focus, the frown deepens and his posture improves.

He knocks a pen to the floor--so careless!--and ducks behind the desk on his knees. He hasn't been in Mayfield long, but he understands that he can't stay on the floor too long, only long enough to "look for" the pen. Instead, he turns his head and places an ear to the ground, just for two or three moments together. The frown becomes a troubled look. This is--? It seems that it might be.

When he stands, a reasonable amount of time later, he looks satisfied, pen in hand. It wouldn't do to lose such a nice writing instrument.]

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What in name of Merlin is making that noise?

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[Miki walks through town on her way to work at Mayfield high. The noise is annoying her to a great extant. She keeps glancing angerly around to see if she can trace the source.]

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[You may find a very lithe blond woman standing across the street, simply watching the building from which the noises are originating. Her arms are crossed over her chest, and she is simply watching with intensity as if she's waiting for something to happen any moment.]

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[ Cas had been trying to "work" but had decided to trace the source as well. Not that he could do anything major as a human, but still. He stands a few feet away from the woman, also staring intensely at the building.

And looking slightly perplexed, as usual. ]

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