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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Event: Wishes Submission!

It's that time of year! All the children (and those big children who still believe in their hearts) want to give their holiday wishes to St. Nick! Our little Mayfield has gotten its very own visit from the Big Jolly Man himself. 

To give your Christmas Wishes to Santa Claus you can either: 
  • Visit him down at the Christmas Village now in the middle of our lovely snow covered park!
  • Deposit your Christmas Letter addressed to the North Pole in own of our Miracle Express Mailboxes, found on every corner of Mayfield! 
Your character more the 'bah humbug' type? Don't worry! Whenever any character passes by one of our magic Christmas mailboxes, he or she will get the urge to send Santa one of their deepest wishes. It's not Christmas if you don't believe!
All replies will be screened to protect your little secrets, so don't worry: tell Santa everything you really want. Submissions will be closed at 11:59pm December 21st so we have plenty of time to send off your letters.

Submissions are now closed.

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