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Application Post Take Two

• Please read over all the rules and information before applying in order to minimize any confusion before joining.

• If applying for a character that has already been dropped, it would be a good idea, though not required, to know something of their previous interactions. You are also free to pick up a dropped character with no memories of their previous time in Mayfield.

• If you wish for your character to be placed in a specific house, please mention this in the relevant section of the application and specify that permission was obtained by the PCs already residing in that house. We will be operating by the Honor System for this, and there is no need for others to comment their permission in this post!

• Other special requests would also best go in the beginning of the application. Remember, grammar and spelling are important -- if your app contains errors, you will be asked to revise.

• Please post all applications or canon updates in this post; posting them elsewhere and linking to them from here may cause them to get changed later. Posting them here keeps us from having to save them.

When Applying, Fill Out the Following:

When Applying for an Original Character, Fill Out the Following

• Before applying, please look over any applications that were recently accepted to get an idea of what we're looking for.

• If you apply for a character that has already been reserved, we will inform you and ignore the application until the reserve runs out. You may not apply for more than two characters from the same canon. For the sample entry, you may write your own entry, or use a post from a musebox, dressing room, or other game. We recommend [ profile] testrun_box if you prefer the latter!

• After you're accepted, please follow all of the instructions given. You will need to reply to the acceptance, post your journal to the friend add page and your canon post, join the communities, and use the friend add page to update your journal. Once you're accepted, please introduce yourself on the community when you're ready to play.

• If your app is "Pending", do not freak out! This means that we need you to make some revisions, and does not mean you're rejected. We generally give players a chance to revise before rejecting them, but we will reject apps that do not address the concerns stated when we asked for a revision. If you have been rejected, our reply will clearly state this to be the case. If we have not gotten back to you yet, under no circumstance does this mean you are rejected. If it has been over a week since our last reply, it would be a good idea to contact us with a reminder, otherwise, please be patient!

• If you have received a "Pending" notice, you will have one week to supply us with your revisions, or your reserve will be considered expired and that someone else is free to apply for the character.



Roronoa Zoro || Reserved || 1/4

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 09:32 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Pi
Personal LJ: [ profile] pi90katana
Contact Info: Email:
AIM: Pi90katana
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: None in particular, as the young Sanji hasn’t been apped yet - though the mun and I were hoping they could get stuck in the same house. So I guess in a house that isn’t maxed out on children yet? But if this is a problem, I’d be happy with them just being neighbors or something.

Character Name: Zoro Roronoa.
Character Series: One Piece
Character Age: 10
Background: To the wikia! (“”)

Since I’m apping Zoro from his early years, I will try to go into a little more detail on the section that matters most: his childhood. Some of this is head canon – particularly the parts about his parents, who have never been mentioned. I’ll be happy to clarify which is which if there are any questions.

When Zoro is first seen in the series he’s barefoot, wearing nothing but a dirty and tattered shirt with shorts held up by a piece of rope. Despite stating that he came from another town, once decided to stay on with the dojo he rarely returned to it, doing so only to see how his mother was doing. This was more out of a sense of obligation than it was out of need. Zoro’s mother had him young, and he never knew his father. While she loved him, she wasn’t responsible enough to take care for him and had few means to do so. Raising him was made more difficult when he proved to be such an independent child.

Nevertheless, his mother provided a roof to sleep under when he didn’t want to be outside and food to eat when he couldn’t find any anywhere else. Meals typically consisted of rice, grown in a small paddy field behind her house. She also used her harvest to make her own sake, though she wasn’t very good at it. Nevertheless, Zoro grew fairly fond of both of these items – rice is one of his favorite foods and as an adult, he has a noteworthy tolerance for alcohol. It is through these material provisions that Zoro’s respect for his mother lied, but their relationship was more akin to people who live with one another, with no deep mother/son bond to speak of. As he grew older, he sought strength and recognition and, as she could not give him these things, he took to spending more and more time away from home earning it, usually through fighting. As he would wander off on his own for long periods of time, it really wasn’t a surprise when eventually he didn’t come back at all.

Where he eventually settled down at was a dojo in Shimotsuki Village, where he challenged its owner to a duel. Instead of fighting him himself, Koshiro (the dojo owner) sent his daughter Kuina. Zoro promptly lost.

As promised, the price of losing saw him joining Koshiro’s dojo. During the next year Zoro was given a formal education, a requirement his sensei, beginning to show a noticeable favor towards him, tacked on with the sword lessons. Yet most of his time was spent training relentlessly, noticeably harder than any of the other students with the possible exception of Kuina. He became strong enough not only to use two swords, but to sometimes defeat full grown adults. But over the course of this time, after 2000 matches he was still unable to defeat Kuina.

Roronoa Zoro || Reserved || 2/4

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 09:35 am (UTC)(link)
(Background cont.)

It was shortly after this match that Zoro challenged her again - but unlike their last fights, this one was with real swords. Despite this change and the seriousness of their fight, the outcome remained the same and he was defeated. Zoro nearly cried with frustration, only to be surprised when Kuina did the same, telling him that he was lucky to have been born as a man who would get stronger as he got older. The two of them shared the same dream, but her father had told her that as a woman, she would never be able to achieve it.

The thought that he would beat her someday because of his gender rather than all of his hard work infuriated Zoro, and he told her as much. From there he told her to promise him that one day, one of them would be the world’s greatest swordsman and that they would fight then when both of them were at the top. She did, and the next day later both children were training harder than ever.

Sadly, before that day was even up, Kuina went down to the cellar to retrieve her whetstone. On the stairs, she tripped and fell, breaking her neck. Feeling angry and guilty and abandoned, Zoro trained harder than ever before until one day his Sensei, Kuina’s father, approached him with Kuina’s sword – the very one she had used in their fight (as mentioned, she died retrieving her whetstone, so the sword would have still shown evidence of their fight) and the very instrument Zoro’s guilt was so deeply attached to.

Koshiro pulled him into the dojo for a discussion, keeping his back turned to him throughout the beginning of it. As the only other person who was more hurt by Kuina’s death, he admitted that looking at Zoro was difficult for him (which was probably as much of a relief as it was a blow). But he also told the child that he was thankful to him for spurring Kuina to greatness, as she too had trained hard every day so that she wouldn’t lose. It was after this that Zoro explained his and Kuina’s promise to his sensei, asking him to give over her sword so that he could carry their shared dream with him. Koshiro agreed, and from there on Zoro continued his training and began to develop his own sword style, Santoryuu, the way of three swords. He visited his mother only once after this before abandoning his old life altogether to focus on his training.

Personality: As stated above, judging by Zoro’s dress and behavior, he grew up as a very independent child. He could more or less take care of himself – how well he did this is of course up for debate. He seems to respect authority just as long as their desires match his goals.

Like many little boys, Zoro likes to fight. To him it’s both a means of proving himself and a way to be recognized. Inwardly, he does not take losing well – it only makes him train harder.

He is definitely more persistent than your average child as well. In one year he challenged Kuina to 2000 duels, meaning that he challenged her an average of five times a day. When it comes to his ambition, he is unnaturally focused – to the point that he may even show disregard for his own health and safety (it is not unusual for him to miss a meal or overexert himself, though he is usually fairly good at avoiding injury so long as it isn’t in a fight).


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Name: Brittany, Minu, I really don't care xD;
Personal LJ: [ profile] minu_luffs
Contact Info: E-mail: minuluffs(gmail) AIM: minuluffs (I'm not as active on AIM, but I'll try!)
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: I'd prefer a house with at least one other non-drone, if possible. ^^

Character Name: Taiga Aisaka
Character Series: Toradora!
Character Age: 16/17ish
Background: Click here~ ( I'll be taking her from mid-way in the series, where she's still denying her affection for Ryuuji, and after the incident with her father letting her down (again).
Personality: Taiga always seems to be in a bad mood. She's got a very quick temper and isn't afraid to assert herself, even if she's facing insane odds against her. She wouldn't be afraid to cuss out a gang of delinquents, for instance. To face her rage requires a very stupid person; she earned the nickname Palmtop Tiger in her high school because of this. Quite literally, the halls would clear when Taiga walked through them.  Even with people that she considers decent, she can be brash and at times violent.

However, her harshness is a facade she keeps up in order to avoid getting hurt; she's one of those tsundere types.  Underneath, Taiga is a very sensitive person, and has a very emotionally rich life.  She's insecure about her small stature (both height and chest-wise), and tends to jump to conclusions that someone hates her, even without much concrete evidence.  In fact, hearing that Kitamura hated her (which was far from the truth) was enough to send her into an emotional breakdown.  She's not one to tell others how she feels though, preferring to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of her friends.  Taiga acts fairly cheerful around her friends, only hinting about the truth underneath.

She's also got some issues with family, especially parents.  Her parents were divorced, and she felt like she was only annoying her mom and her step-dad, and she hated her real father because he was such a deadbeat who was more focused on his career than his family.  She was upset enough that she demanded to live on her own, and got her wish.  Because of all this though, she doesn't really know how to function in a "normal" family, and only acts out further.  Not only that, but she has no idea how to do typical house duties.  If left alone, she'll let the dishes rot in the sink, toss her clothes everywhere, and pay no notice to any mold that may be growing.

In a lighter mood, Taiga is a klutz.  She tried baking cookies once, and not only almost dropped the entire batch on the floor before they were done, but tried to deliver them to her crush, fell down the stairs, and the cookies flew out the window, crashing to the ground.  It turns out that she had added a ridiculous amount of salt to them as well.  Her attempts at confessing to her crush (Kitamura) backfired, as she was doing a better job at telling him that she liked Ryuuji, and so he denied her.  The poor girl is also easily embarrassed, and turns into a blabbering mess very quickly.  This frustrates her to no end.

Overall, Taiga's an adorable little tsundere.  Just don't let her catch you calling her adorable!
Abilities: She's good at getting into fights, but that's about it, haha!
Sample Entry: Clicky clicky! (


[identity profile] 2010-06-11 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
Welcome to 5725 Cunningham Lane, Taiga Haoskason! Please reply here with your character journal. Once you've done that, complete the following:

• Join [ profile] mayfield_rpg, [ profile] mayfield_logs, and optionally [ profile] junefield
• Add your info to your canon post
• Update your friends list here, and comment to that post with your journal name.

And you're ready to go! Make sure to introduce yourself in the main comm and tell people where your character will be living!

Re: Accepted!

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Kuja [1/2]

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Jae
Personal LJ: [ profile] erinilliana
Contact Info: angel.feathers[@] (email), erinilliana (aim), erinilliana[@] (msn)
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Kuja, surname King for the purpose of Mayfield
Character Series: Final Fantasy IX
Character Age: 24 years old
Background: "Mwahaha . . . So the curtain rises!" (
Personality: Kuja loves himself. A lot. And not in a healthy way, either. His extreme egotism can merely be described as aggressive narcissism, what with his genuine belief that he is the greatest, and thus superior to all. The good part for him is that he can actually back up his arrogance with his black magic and intelligence; the bad part is that he inevitably overestimates himself, and often overlooks the smaller details when skimming the big picture, which often disturb his plans. This leaves him very unhappy, leading to the fact that he has a sensitive temperament and a nasty temper when angered. That's when the sadism and subsequent cruelty kick in.

For how hateful he is, he does care about how others view him -- for political reasons, and so in the end their opinions don't really matter to him. He behaves well-mannered and politely for the most part, even if what he says may not be what he means. Kuja has the brains of a politician through and through; lying is like second nature to him, and he does it frequently enough for his own gains (this is especially evident when he lied to Zidane about keeping to his side of the bargain when he sent the latter out on an errand). Manipulation is not beyond him, too. He doesn't, can't, empathize with people, and will use their feelings against them accordingly because of it.

The root of his behavior lies in that he's completely and utterly bitter. Kuja for over a decade lived in a state of envy and hate. The former because of Zidane, who nearly stole his purpose, his individuality, from him; the latter because of Garland, who doesn't care much for and almost seems dismissive of Kuja. One thing is for certain: Just as he can't empathize, it's exceedingly difficult to sympathize with him due to how he rejects many facets of life; his own heritage included. He can't even wrap his smart head around the notion of friendship.

But! Beyond all that rage (yikes), he's definitely smug and incredibly willful. He has the classic villain's laugh -- "mwahaha" -- and is ultimately ludicrously prideful, and definitely conceited. His self-confidence extends so far that he casually blabs about his future plans to Lady Hilda, his then captive. For a man who can't stand being bested by another, he certainly has no qualms with risking it, and perhaps even intended it for an opportune advantage.

Furthermore, one of his other most outstanding qualities is his eloquence. There's an elegance to Kuja, from his epicene beauty to his style of fighting. His movements are very fluid, and it carries over to his speech, which adopts a poetic tone, and he often compares the world to plays. In the case of Final Fantasy IX, he juxtaposes the plot, mostly centering around Garnet, to a titular play by Lord Avon named "I Want To Be Your Canary" (based on Shakespeare's "King Lear"). As refined as his speech may be, he has the tendency to fall back on informal words such as "gonna" when he starts losing his cool. It's really how he normally talks, but he tends to use more formal words around nobles and the like.

Despite all this, he's honestly just vaguely paranoid. Of everything. Of his plans failing, of losing to Zidane, and of being stripped of his identity that he bestowed onto himself. He does a spectacular job of covering it up since he has a steady grasp over his emotions, and he's currently in a mood where he feels absolutely confident in himself, but it remains that those are his long term fears. One big mistake, and it could potentially end in his own. And what is a way of dealing with paranoia? Why, eliminating the source of it, of course.

And did I mention that he likes to talk. A lot.

Kuja [2/2]

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Abilities: A most accomplished mage, Kuja relies entirely on magic. Though he's fully capable of walking and fighting on foot, he appears to favor gliding around in the air, as far as Dissidia's system goes. He wields exceptionally powerful black magic that works efficiently in any range, most notably Thundaga (lightning-based), Demi (non-elemental that damages accordingly to endurance), and Flare Star (non-elemental that ignores magic resistance boosts). He's also capable of White Magic, particularly Holy and Curaga.

Supposedly he's strong physically given his high ATK status when he's scanned, not to mention he can equip daggers, but he probably finds such a style to be barbaric and keeps to magic.

His wit and intelligence largely make up the rest of his "abilities," being able to devise numerous plans for a grand conclusion in which he aims to prosper. After all, he's gone as far as to create artificial beings, the Black Mages, as early as at the age of 13.

Lastly, as he hails from Terra, it's likely that the Terran language is his native one, meaning he can speak and read at least two different languages -- of Terra, and of Gaia.

Sample Entry: Wonderland Wars harbored a lot of crazy folks. (


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Shizuo Heiwajima (Reserved) 1/?

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 07:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Murkki
Personal LJ:[ profile] murkkee
Contact Info: Murkken (AIM), Murkki[at]hotmail[com] (MSN)
Other Characters Played: [ profile] gaydrill and [ profile] onearmedkitsune
Preferred Housing: Neighbour of Izaya Orihara if possible, plz.

Character Name: Shizuo Heiwajima
Character Series: Durarara!! ( Shizuo is taken from anime canon, but I've also done research on the novels to learn more about him, so this application might contain some spoilers. )
Character Age: 24
Background: Scroll down to see some awesome information. (
No scrolling needed here. (

Shizuo was raised happily in a warm family, where both of his parents were really caring and even his little brother ( Kasuka ), with whom he quarreled a lot, cared for him. One day, however, he happened to get so angry at his brother that he tried to throw a refrigerator at him. But being a third grader, his body obviously couldn't handle the weight and Shizuo ended up in the hospital suffering from multiple dislocations and extensive muscle damage. The reason for his anger? Kasuka had eaten his pudding.

That was the start of the incidents, where in his anger Shizuo would try to lift and throw a heavy object, ending up in the hospital everytime. He did try witholding his anger, since it kept injuring his body, but he couldn't do it and so quickly gave up. At the process he grew stronger.

During this time, Shizuo and Kasuka met a shopkeeper lady, who had noticed that Shizuo was always injured, but didn't probably know the real reason behind those injuries. She gave them both milk, saying that it would make them stronger. Because of her kindness, Shizuo even seemed to develope a slight crush on her, as being a child with anger management issues, he wasn't perhaps used to being treated so kindly. So when he saw her shop being attacked by a bunch a thugs, something inside of him snapped again and Shizuo decided to save her. Unfortunately, she also got hurt during the rescue attempt and after this he avoided seeing her.

Shizuo Heiwajima (Reserved) 2/?

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
When Shizuo entered high school, he was already strong enough not to wreck his body everytime he got angry and it was during that time that he met his arch nemesis, Izaya Orihara. The reason why the both of them hated each other from the beginning is unclear, but it is later concluded that Izaya hates Shizuo because he is too simple to be controlled by him, and Shizuo hates Izaya since he hates people who play with others' emotions.

But thanks to that encounter, Shizuo's peaceful days were over, or at least they got even more busier with Izaya sending gangs to beat him up and even framing him for crimes. The only one who was able to calm him down momentarily was his brother, who offered milk to him whenever he was raging at home.

After graduating, Shizuo had problems trying to find work, since he kept being fired from every last one of them because of his anger management problems. He finally managed to land a job as a bartender and when his brother, who now was a famous actor, brought him two boxes full of bartender's outfits, he promised he would try to keep this job.

... Until Izaya decided to frame him for yet another crime and Shizuo came to lose that job as well.

So being jobless once again, Shizuo then met his old high school sempai, Tom Tanaka, who was working as a dept collector for dating sites and offered Shizuo a job as his bodyguard. Perhaps being desperate to find a new job, Shizuo took the offer. At first he didn't like his job, wondering if his brother was still mad at him for breaking their promise.

One day, he and Tom happen to see a shooting location, where Shizuo's brother is working. The brothers manage to change glances and Kasuka nods at Shizuo, evidently noting that he now has a job and is even still wearing those bartender outfits.

It makes Shizuo feel better.


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Re: Accepted!

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[Izaya Orihara - reserved]

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Haikara
Personal LJ: [ profile] hai_karaa
Contact Info: haikaraa (AIM)
Other Characters Played: Metis | [ profile] butterflypsych | Persona 3
Preferred Housing: ....Heiwajima Shizuo's neighbour please. I'm going to hell for this. If it's not possible, that's alright.

Character Name: Izaya Orihara, uses nickname Kanra among others on the internet
Character Series: Durarara!! (anime canon + extra info taken from novels)
Character Age: I'd assume he's 23 years old. He's always telling he's 21, but he admits that he has been telling that for years.


Izaya grew up in a perfectly ordinary environment, with perfectly normal parents. ..Well, except for their taste of names. Izaya's little twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi have also been blessed with weird names. According to Izaya, he grew up as he is now on his own, but her little sisters grew out of control because of his influence. He can't stand them, and would rather not talk about them at all.

Izaya has manipulated people around him since his early school years, and all have bent to his will in a way or another. Until he met Shizuo Heiwajima. The moment they met, they hated each other. Or at least Shizuo hated. When Izaya realized Heiwajima was far too simple minded to be manipulated, he really started to hate him. Every time he mentions his love for humankind, he always remembers to exclude Shizuo. His death would be also very positive event, as Izaya then would be able to love humankind in it's entirety. The years in school they spent together were far from uneventful. In novels the old teachers mention as an example, how in those years they had drums filled with gasoline rolling down the halls on daily basis. It seems like Izaya and Shizuo were more passionate about killing each other than school.

With Shizuo things went quiet after graduation, but Izaya kept himself busy elsewhere. He started his business as information broker, and sold information to yakuza and kids alike. He was already surrounded by girls who worshipped him for his skills as a 'fortune teller', when in truth, he only used the information he had collected for his advantage. He shamelessly used the girls to approach Kida Masaomi, an elementary school student, who had started his own colour gang, 'the yellow scarves'. The information broker saw the possibility to use this gang, and their rivalry gang 'Blue Squares' to gain more money by selling information to the both sides. And just for the love of humankind, and to reach his goals, he ordered one of his worshippers, who was dating Kida Masaomi, to get herself kidnapped. Kida blamed himself for all of this, and gained eternal trauma which Izaya used to his advantage later in the series.

After this Izaya decided to frame Shizuo, and caused him to lose his job he so wanted to keep. It was like a goodbye gift for his arc enemy, as after this Izaya moved from Ikeburo to Shinjuku. Apparently one of the reasons for this was that too many persons in Ikeburo knew Izaya Orihara's true nature. Continuing his job in a place like that would have been troublesome. Izaya never left Ikeburo behind completely, as he visits it now and then. Mostly because of his business, not to mention his simple goal to start Ragnarok by awakening a head of a woman. ..Yeah.

As a frequent user of the internet, Izaya found the Dollars site, a homepage for a 'colourless' group founded by (anonymously) Mikado Ryuugamine. Again, he saw enormous possibilities with this group, and he decided to expand it by sending invitations. It could be said, that he's the reason why Dollars became such a big and rumoured group in Ikeburo. Izaya also spends time on the internet chat rooms pretending to be a girl called 'Kanra', and spread rumours that are to his favour.
It wasn't clear to Izaya who was the founder of the Dollars, but he always had a good hunch. Once his theory was confirmed, he appeared to be quite joyful.

[identity profile] 2010-06-06 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
The Yagiri pharmacy who was keeping the head of Dullahan called Celty was merged with another company called Nebula, and one of the high-status workers fled the company, as she was responsible of unethical experiments inside the company. This woman, named Namie Yagiri, had gotten help from Izaya before, so she returned to him, and started working for him. Izaya also received the head from her, and so, was one step closer of completing his plan.


Basically Izaya is a manipulative bastard with playful personality. Even more simple way of describing Izaya, would be to call him a troll. Be it the web or life outside it, Izaya is bluffing, cheating and also tormenting the people around him. He holds great interest towards another humans and information surrounding them and often claims to love the humankind (except Shizuo). He expresses his love by fooling humans, even causing one to attempt suicide without any remorse.

People are like chess pieces to this information broker. He obseerves and manipulates everyone, it's just like a hobby to him. He even has a game set for following the moves of the pawns he uses. The game itself is a mix of chess, shogi and other game pieces. No one else except Izaya knows how it works, if there's any logic to it. In any case, Izaya is a skilful manipulator. Only person he has never been able to use is Shizuo, who is far too simple-minded to be manipulated, and that is why Izaya hates him.

For a person who makes people to attempt suicide without feeling guilt, he's ironically afraid of death more than anything. Or more of what's after it, or if there's nothing at all. Turning into nothing is something that Izaya can't allow. It is the reason why his goal is to awaken the head of a woman, that he assumes to be a Valkyrie. He then could be taken away, and he would exist forever, be it in a place like heaven or hell.

But these worries are something Izaya never talks openly about, nor does his worries show. For an adult, this information broker is very playful.. in a wicked way. For example, he claims he never hits girls, so he has taken a hobby of stomping on their cellphones. After a moment of maniac like laughter and stomping, without a warning he stops and tells he is bored. It can be said that Izaya is rather unpredictable human. He also talks in riddles and uses sarcasm when he likes, but not all of the time. After all, he usually speaks what he has thought up with logical thinking. He has a way of dragging people to despair by lecturing them about their ideals, and showing how their morals are no better than anyone else's. You could say that the truth is the best way to hurt.

It takes time before Izaya can give someone his trust. In the series, only Namie was able to make him talk about himself, which is a very rare event. Izaya prefers that no one knows him too well. He even left Ikeburo when his true nature was revealed to too many. As he isn't too friendly and trusting, he has no friends. It's even a joke in the series how he'll end up eating hotpot alone. He does have his worshippers, but those people are only pawns to him.

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Sanji, One Piece (RESERVED)

[identity profile] 2010-06-07 09:43 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Clio
Personal LJ: [ profile] clioheika
Contact Info: AIM: clioheika
Other Characters Played: Miles Edgeworth
Preferred Housing: Random housing is fine! However, would it be alright to request that Sanji be put in the same house as the recently apped Zoro? The mun and I have already discussed it and we’re both a-ok with them killing each other being in the same house.

Character Name: Sanji (no last name given in canon, but it can be Redleg, if a surname is necessary)
Character Series: One Piece
Character Age: 10
Background: Here’s a quick link to wikia ( but since this Sanji’s from a pretty specialized section of canon, I’ll write out the relevant bits. I hope you guys don’t mind if I only write character background that pertains to this version of Sanji.

There is a slight difference between Sanji’s story in the anime and manga. I decided to go with the anime version because there are more events to draw personality and character history from. I’m speculating on certain details in this app but as they back up aspects that are important to an accurate portrayal of the character, I feel it’s necessary to fill in some of these gaps with events I can draw assumptions from should the issue come up in-game.

Not much is known about Sanji before the age of ten. Whether pirates murdered his parents, they Had an Unfortunate Accident, developed an illness or whatever, I’m going with the explanation that his mother was his primary caretaker until she died. They were likely a middle class family and his father, a simple workingman, did not make much of an impact in his life. Sanji gained a sense of propriety from his mother who was educated enough to act as a teacher to her young son, all the while managing the household and instilling in him a love for cooking. She, however, did not have a strong enough personality to contain his rough disposition and so fed him moral story after moral story detailing white knights and damsels in distress. She was strict with him but it was only in an effort to groom him for a better life.

Sanji’s father was heading to do business in another town when pirates attacked his ship. He was killed in the attack and Sanji developed a bad opinion of pirates as a result. His mother’s health deteriorated soon after their primary source of income disappeared and she arranged for him to work on a ship in exchange for his food, shelter, and clothing. She died and he immediately started work.

Though he’d originated from North Blue, by the age of ten Sanji had already taken up as an apprentice on the luxury cruise ship Orbit. It was presumably sailing somewhere in the East Blue at the time. While serving as an apprentice chef, Sanji learned about the mythical sea All-Blue—said to be the point at which all fishes of all four seas could be found—and vowed to find it someday despite other people laughing at him and writing it off as a waste of time.

A short while later, sometime after dinner and in the middle of a rough storm, the Orbit was attacked by the crew of the infamous pirate Red Leg Zeff, known as only one of the few pirates to have sailed the Grand Line and come back alive. Fearing for his life, Sanji fought back but was beaten by Zeff himself. Determined to live, he bit the man’s leg and declared that he would find the legendary All-Blue. He was laughed at and ridiculed by Zeff’s pirates (“There’s no such thing as All-Blue, even in the Grand Line!”), though Zeff himself said nothing.

Embarrassed, Sanji was helplessly lying on deck when a wave crashed into the ship and swept him off. Zeff immediately took after him, barely avoiding the wave that came a split second later, destroying both the Orbit and his pirate ship. Zeff’s leg was unfortunately caught in between the debris of both ships. Seeing Sanji sinking gradually deeper into the ocean, he made the decision to cut his own leg off by tying a chain around it and allowing the tension from both ships to pull it apart. He got to Sanji in time and swam to a nearby deserted One Palm Island.

Sanji, One Piece (RESERVED) || Background Continuted...

[identity profile] 2010-06-07 09:43 am (UTC)(link)
Once there, the two had no means to get food. While there were deposits with stored water in them, the land was too far above sea level for fishing and no plant or animal life thrived on the island. All the two had for food were two sacks—one big and one small. Zeff gave Sanji the smaller of the two claiming that he was an adult and, therefore, needed more food to survive. He also told Sanji to stay on his side of the island to watch for boats and to not bother Zeff until one passed. At this point, Sanji had yet to find out about Zeff’s leg.

All by himself, Sanji planned to make his food last for up to twenty days, thinking it was sufficient time for a ship to pass by the island and rescue them. Twenty-seven days later yes I counted during that scene in the anime, he was down to his last moldy loaf of bread, sincerely regretting wasting food when he was on the Orbit. He had more time to think about this as the days, weeks, and months (52/53 days going by Sanji’s count) slowly passed. He became emaciated and, desperate, he looked over to the other side of the island to see how Zeff was doing.

What he saw shocked him. Zeff’s bag of food was still full! He decided then and there: He’d kill the old man and take it. It wasn’t fair that he was starving while Zeff still had so much. If he couldn’t convince him to share, well, he was going to be a dead man either way.

When he came over, wielding a knife with every intention to use it, Zeff didn’t stop him from tearing open the bag. It held another shock for the boy Sanji. Instead of food, the bag contained immense treasure. While yelling at the pirate to explain himself, he also saw that Zeff’s leg was gone. In the manga, Zeff had eaten it to survive. In the anime, Sanji recalled seeing something as he drowned: Zeff had lost his leg trying to save him.

It’s a significant moment for the child as he yells out to Zeff, “Why?! You didn’t have to! I don’t remember asking you to treat me so kindly!” It’s not only Zeff’s reply—“Because we have the same dream!”—that tells me a lot about Sanji’s own growing altruistic tendencies, it’s also the question itself that indicates Sanji’s young life had already, at that point, been so full of strife and Zeff’s moment of kindness had touched him beyond words.

Zeff tells Sanji that if they get off the island alive, he’ll put all his money into a sea-going restaurant. To weak to sit up, Zeff confessed his new dream: Though he could no longer pursue his life as a pirate, he would establish a restaurant that would feed any and all hungry souls caught in the sea’s deadly currents. He reasoned that he was probably the only man tough enough to do such a thing in the midst of the Golden Age of Piracy. Sanji vowed then and there to help him. Moments later, a boat appeared on the horizon and saved them.

Cut to a few months later, the world’s first sea-going restaurant, the Baratie, is established in a section of East Blue. Red Leg Zeff is the owner and head chef, a 10-year-old boy his sous chef and only other crew mate. Zeff taught Sanji how to cook and fight and they got by, eventually gaining the loyalty of misplaced (a.k.a. violent) chefs who would later help them establish their reputation as a fighting restaurant.


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Re: Accepted!

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Danny Fenton

[identity profile] 2010-06-07 11:47 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Hazy
Personal LJ: [ profile] hazy_chan
Contact Info: AIM:HazyDStar4
Other Characters Played: Timmy
Preferred Housing: 948 Beulah street, please. I have permission from all members of the household.

Character Name:Danny Fenton/Phantom
Character Series: Danny Phantom
Character Age: 15
-Taken after D-Stabilized

Re: Danny Fenton

[identity profile] 2010-06-07 11:47 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Danny Fenton grew up with loving but highly eccentric parents. They occasionally let their work overshadow their attentions to Danny and his sister. His parents don’t seem to acknowledge his goal in becoming an astronaut as they are hoping that their children carry on the family business. He can be klutzy and he’s still somewhat unsure of himself. He’s grown to have a new appreciation for his parents’ careers and their ghost hunting inventions since he started fighting ghosts.

Danny’s powers give him a confidence boost, when he’s in human form he’s gawky and insecure but when he’s a ghost he kicks ass and snarks off at ghostly beings. Though ever since the incident with the CATs and seeing his possible future he’s been afraid of how his powers and double life affects those he loves. Danny fears becoming corrupted and hurting people he cares about. He bristles every time his enemy comments that they’re not so different. He hates Vlad and his evils elf and the idea of becoming like them frightens him. It makes him think twice about using his powers to gain an unfair advantage.

Danny also tends to have a temper and a tendency to give away his emotions especially when his family and friends are threatened. He sees many ghosts as the enemy (with the exception of Clockwork but he’s a special case) and doesn’t always take their side into consideration. He stubbornly hates Vlad Masters, the half ghost who’s after his mother and wants to kill his father. Despites his misgivings about his family he is extremely loyal to them and will do a lot to protect them especially if his ghost fighting puts them in danger. He also looks out for Danielle, a younger half ghost clone because they have a common enemy in Vlad Masters.

Danny also has developed a major hero complex. If a friend of his is in a dangerous situation he’ll be tearing down walls to get to them with or without his powers. When his town was taken over by the Ghost King, Danny snuck out to fight using a prototype fighting suit that was very likely to kill him. He is unable to ignore a cry for help and has saved his classmates, even the ones that bullied him, on a regular basis. At first glance he’s a seemingly sarcastic, secretive teenager but he’s also a young hero that takes on a huge amount of responsibility.


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Soma Peries - 1

[identity profile] 2010-06-08 01:58 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Sapphire
Personal LJ: [ profile] sapphire_hime
Contact Info: velaxise at gmail dot com. AIM: sapphire hime
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A for now, but I would like to contact the mods regarding that if it's possible!

Character Name: Soma Peries (Marie Parfacy)
Character Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Age: 24

Gundam wiki ( and Wikipedia (

Personality: In a world where major power blocks are competing for political and economical dominance, programs to manipulate and engineer the human body to perfection are still kept confidential. One of such programs, The Human Enhancement Facility, operates as to produce super soldiers through the enhancement of brain waves and functions, and physical modification. Marie Parfacy is the Facility’s first and last perfect super soldier. Unlike the orphans collected to be experimented on, Marie was genetically engineered to be fit for the harsher conditions of combat. Years of intense experimentation had caused a severe case of paralysis, along with the loss of her five senses at an early age. She’d been kept under observation, with electronic feed and her enhanced brainwaves as her only link to the outside world. Allelujah, a young boy and a fellow super soldier experiment whose quantum brainwaves matched hers, was the only person capable of communicating with Marie.

An effective treatment was found six years later, but it came at a great cost. In order to mold the precocious Marie into the model of a perfect soldier, it was necessary to alter her brain and memories as to make her start with a clean slate. Instead of a complete erasure of her previous personality, Marie’s consciousness became dormant to a dominant personality. Soma Peries emerged to the world and was indoctrinated to be obedient to a fault, loyal to the system, and with little personal purpose in life aside from living up to her reason for existence. Ideally, she was the perfect soldier, until she was brought out of her sheltered lab environment into the world. After “Operation Fallen Angels” came to an end, the young soldier realized there was more to life than her military duty, easing into the warmth of the family life she never had. This blissful peace came to an end four years later, as she was ordered to enlist into the elite military force, A-LAWS, organized to protect the newly unified world at any costly price.

Having had a taste of happiness, Soma found it increasingly difficult to adapt to a stricter military life once more, and one that came with indiscriminate murder. Her resolve wavered for the first time, pushing her toward self-denial and rejection at any chance of happiness. With that mind-set, Soma met her long time super soldier rival, and the childhood friend she couldn’t remember in battle. The charged confrontation and reunion made something in Soma resurface: Marie who had been growing along with Soma, and longing for the only fond memory she had from her childhood. Having regained the memories lost before her soldier life, Soma, now Marie, made the choice to leave her former life behind her and follow Allelujah. The decision came with heartache and new dilemmas, mainly Marie’s resolution to fight once should there be a need for it, and despite her convictions. However, Marie’s choice to engage in battle once more brought her her most painful experience yet, the death of her father figure. Her inability to come to terms with his death, and the realization that she had been utterly helpless to stop it hardens Marie enough for the battle-weary side of her to take control, and Soma decides to take matters into her own hands.
Edited 2010-06-08 01:59 (UTC)

Soma Peries - 2

[identity profile] 2010-06-08 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
Marie is in the unique position of having lived two lives at once. As a child living in the Human Enhancement Facility, she had been considerably precocious, despite her sheltered and closed environment. Having to relive her life with an overwritten memory, she grows up with a lack of normal, everyday life necessary to develop adequate social skills and understanding. This creates an awkwardness she carries along well into her later teens when she has to tackle the outside world head on. Despite that, she somewhat develops into a reasonable, purpose driven individual who can keep a cool head under pressure, with an ability to command others effectively when needed. When Marie eventually re-emerges, she takes on Soma’s steadier qualities with her own maturity. Marie possesses a sensitivity to those around her that’s exhibited in a quiet sort of understanding. She’s able to read people well enough


Soma is a "designer baby", her body enhanced using nanomachine technology to increase her endurance and stamina as to make her compatible with a space battle environment. Up to date, she is the most perfected super solider engineered by the Human Reform League, or the final product, so to speak. Her physical abilities surpass the norm within human capabilities. She is able to handle high levels of stress, and withstand the effects long hours in zero-gravity may have on her. Her most significant attribute, however, are her enhanced quantum brainwaves, a branch of neuro-medical technology in which brainwaves are used for telepathic communication. This gives her a form of pre-cognition, and allows her to mind-touch people depending on how receptive they are. She's also able to pick up stray thoughts or very strong emotions from those around her.

Sample Entry:

[There is the faintest sound of fingers drumming on a nearby table, signaling a tightly controlled nervous, if impatient habit that was getting the better of its body.]

While I appreciate the courtesy I've been given here and the housing allowed to me, I'm afraid I have something to remedy as soon as it's reasonably possible. The house has been immaculately polished and cleaned prior to my arrival. The appliances, while quaint and quite archaic are all in perfectly working order. I don't believe I'll have to tackle the garden in its current state, either.

However, I would very much prefer to have my gun back. I don't care of the holster doesn't go with this-- this dress I've been given!

And does anyone have anything that's a bit longer than what I'm being forced to wear?
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Iji 1/2

[identity profile] 2010-06-08 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Prof
Personal LJ: [ profile] professor_prof
Contact Info: ZebulonCrispi
Other Characters Played: Flandre, Yuugi, Rock, Rice Boy
Preferred Housing: No preference

Character Name: Iji Kataiser
Character Series: Iji
Character Age: 20
This only covers up through the first two thirds of the game, though, as after that the story can diverge depending on player choices. Here's the path I'm taking:

Iji boards the Komato vessel and destroys their Phantom Hammer. Shortly afterwards, though, they bring in a second ship to continue the assault, and Iji starts making a beeline towards General Tor... or would, but the Komato finally break into the control room, and Asha takes Dan hostage. Iji rises for the bait flawlessly, moving to rescue Dan only to fall into Asha's trap. A Komato trooper attacks Iji from behind while she's facing down the assassin, and when she turns around to dispatch it, Asha kills Dan. Utterly heartbroken, Iji more or less breaks under the stress a little, and starts talking to Dan as if he was still alive as she continues on her journey.

Meanwhile, the Tasen have been reduced to a single bunker, with only a small handful still alive inside. Iji heads there, hoping to get them to help her on her cause of stopping the war, but before she can reach the bunker, Annihilator Iosa the Invincible does, erradicating what little remains of the Tasen species. The two inevitably meet, and Iji ultimately disproves the "Invincible" title, destroying Iosa's combat exoskeleton, then hacking her nanoshield and killing her in cold blood.

With precious little sanity left, Iji continues on a blind warpath towards the General. Asha hunted her down for a final duel, but Iji's rage at his murder of Dan prevented any dramatic or intelligent discourse before it, and Iji brutally killed Asha. With all the obstacles out of the way, Iji finally met face to face with General Tor, demanding that he call off the Alpha Strike and save the human race. Tor refused, on the grounds that the public would not be satisfied with the defeat of the Tasen unless the planet was made an example of. Thus, as the Alpha Strike charged in the skies, Iji and Tor fought to determine the fate of Earth.

Ultimately, Iji won, but even after that, it took quite a bit of convincing before Tor called off the Alpha Strike, choosing to remain on Earth. He didn't think the future Iji dreamed of actually existed, so he took his own life rather than see it fail. With Tor dead and the war over, Iji began gathering the surviving humans to rebuild their broken world.

Iji 2/2

[identity profile] 2010-06-08 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
Deep inside, Iji is a fairly kind and innocent young woman. A little unsure of herself, a little awkward around other people. She would never dream of killing someone, even in self defense. She has very strong bonds to both of her siblings, always looking out for them, in the traditional way of the oldest of three. Dan looks up to her, she takes care of both of them.

Of course, that was before everything went to hell. After the short few hours of the main storyline, Iji is a broken spirit. She witnessed the end of human civilization. She was forced to kill hundreds of aliens in order to survive. She was caught in the middle of a war of genocide that she brought down on the world herself. She saw her brother die before her eyes as she could do nothing. Over the course of one day, she had all innocent happiness purged out of her being.

What remains behind is an unstable, fractured mind. Iji kills without hesitation, killing in self defense or for revenge or just because they were in her way. She hears her brother's voice inside her head, thinking he's somehow still alive and refusing to acknowledge any arguments to the contrary. In times of crisis, she fluctuates unsteadily between quiet desperation and screaming rage. She'll make any sacrifice, be it her own or those around her, to do what she believes is best for the world.

While unpredictable and dangerous, Iji has developed along with this a will of steel. She won't give up, she won't back down, she won't leave the hard bits to anyone else. Even as she drifts off the deep end, she always has a laser-like focus on her original goals - despite going half mad and slaughtering endless Komato, she still arrives before General Tor and tries to talk him out of the fight peacefully. She is, deep down, still who she used to be, idealistic and optimistic and believing that there's still hope for everyone. Including herself.

Sample Entry:


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Name: Piper
Personal LJ: ^
Contact Info: AIM: piperclasticflow
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Mukuro Rokudo
Character Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Character Age: 15
Personality: At first glance, Mukuro seems to be your general run of the mill shounen antagonist. He uses people for his own end, he's amoral and deadly. Actually, all of that is still true to his character. Though he does appear to care, he never shows it in front of his friends. He won't admit to their faces that they are in fact his friends and not just his subordinates. He is intelligent, and even more dangerously cunning. No one makes a move around him that he hasn't already thought ahead and planned for.

Mukuro doesn't let on that anything bothers him and seems to project an air that he is amused with the world at all times. He doesn't let on that anything surprises him and rarely gets angry. Even when he does get angry, he never completely loses his cool and is still planning his next move. Despite planning to take control of Tsunayoshi's body for his own ends, he is caught and thrown back into prison, yet still agrees to work with/for Tsunayoshi's Family. This is for the benefit of his friends to keep them safe, but he still insists he has nothing to do with the Vongola and isn't helping them.

Mukuro prefers to help indirectly or help without appearing to help. As the series progresses into the future arc, Mukuro is shown to help the Vongola out quite a bit without telling them to their faces. Materials are downloaded onto their server, infiltrations are made with information leaked, illusions are cast to protect the Vongola and collect intel. But he still insists that he hates the mafia and violently attacks anyone who puts him in the same category.

His motives are still unknown at this point in time whether he is not just using his companions to help him escape from prison or not. It wouldn't be past his abilities to plan this far ahead to get Tsuna to care about him so that he and the other Vongola will rescue him from the prison. MM even warns Chrome about it when she goes back to the past that Mukuro will only use her to free himself. He only smiles at her knowingly, revealing nothing.

Abilities: Mukuro has been through all six paths of reincarnation and retains his memories of each. He gained six skills as he went through each realm and uses each one to it's fullest extent. He is very skilled at creating illusions, controlling people and is even an accomplished martial artist. He's also an excellent tactician and strategist. He's skilled at collecting information and finding the weaknesses in everyone to exploit them.
Sample Entry:
Well now.

It seems that the last pair of pants I have have busted a seam. How very unfortunate. I suppose it cannot be helped. Though I can't imagine anything that would've been more amusing than having the crotch of my pants tear as soon as I rise from the table with Tsunayoshi and Kyoya. The embarrassment of Tsunayoshi and the insult implied to Kyoya spent for some very good times.

Though I can't exactly say it's dignified to run around the street fighting with Kyoya with a hole in my pants. Especially with Tsunayoshi yelling after us not to fight with a giant blush on his face. But until I find another tailor, I think I'll stop by Kyoya's place and ask him if knows anyone. I better take my trident with me for that, kufufu.


[identity profile] 2010-06-11 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
Welcome to 1247 Williams Road, Mukuro Brown! Please reply here with your character journal. Once you've done that, complete the following:

• Join [ profile] mayfield_rpg, [ profile] mayfield_logs, and optionally [ profile] junefield
• Add your info to your canon post
• Update your friends list here, and comment to that post with your journal name.

And you're ready to go! Make sure to introduce yourself in the main comm and tell people where your character will be living!

Bugs Bunny

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App here (; if anything needs clarification, I'll make them in this thread first before updating the link.


[identity profile] 2010-06-11 03:28 am (UTC)(link)
Unfortunately, there are a few problems with this app that will need fixing before we can accept it. First of all, we no longer allow people to link applications: posting them here ensures people can't change them later, so it's something we require.

On top of that, the provided personality section is too short; generally we want to see at least four good-sized paragraphs that give us a feel for the character. Another three large paragraphs should be fine.


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Amamiya Yuuhi, The Lizard Knight

[identity profile] 2010-06-09 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Personal LJ:
[ profile] wanderingspaz
Contact Info:
Aim: spazthelegion
Other Characters Played:
BLU Sniper [ profile] bloodon_myknife
The Captain [ profile] hearstar_blues
Kirby [ profile] warpstarrider
Preferred Housing:

Character Name: Yuuhi Amamiya
Character Series: The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
Character Age: 18
Background: A small summary (
Amamiya Yuuhi always wanted to be a great detective as a kid, just like his dad. One day someone his father trusted betrayed him and they found his body in the mountains. After the funeral his mother walked off, never to be seen again. The child was left in the care of his grandfather.
His grandfather was distraught after the apparent murder of his son, and took out his own depression and paranoia on his grandson. "Don't make enemies, they'll stab you in the heart. Don't make friends, they'll stab you in the back. Including you, including me, all men are trash. Have nothing to do with others, live in isolation." This was recited to him 3 times a day. When he disobeyed he was chained up and locked away in a basement.
When he was old enough, Amamiya would go to college. He was living in a small and cramped apartment just to have a place to himself. One day he wakes up to find a lizard staring back at him. The lizard breaks the silence to declare he is Noi Crezant and that Amamiya was to be the Lizard Knight. After a bit of rebellion on Amamiya's part, he eventually learned that he was granted a power, a wish and was expected to help the princess and save the world. Of course he refused, deciding he rather sit back and let everyone else do it.
Yuuhi also learned of the battle against the Golems, which attack him without provocation. They are faster and stronger than any human. Their intent is to murder any Beast Knights. Yuuhi decided he rather avoid fighting them all together.
Then the Princess came along and forced Yuuhi to act. The Princess enthralled him with her trust in Yuuhi and with her promise that she would save the world only so she could destroy it herself to make it hers. Yuuhi swore loyalty to her from that day on.
Yuuhi would meet the Dog Knight next and decide to get stronger so that he can be sure to beat the man, who was a master in martial arts. Yuuhi knew that one day the Dog Knight would be their enemy.
Yuuhi did eventually grow to respect the Dog Knight and in a fight with the next Golem the Dog Knight was killed saving Yuuhi. The Dog Knight's final wish was to grant his skill to Yuuhi, giving Yuuhi the ability to fight.
Along the way the Magus showed himself and other Beast Knights joined the ranks. Yuuhi and the rest grew stronger and worked together to beat each Golem. All the while forming bonds. Others died but the fights were getting closer to the climax. The 11 eyed Golem, the second to last one, was too strong for them to beat. It made a declaration that it would kill their families if they could not kill it after 10 days of preparing.
Yuuhi and prepared their best and the battle began...
And that is where I am going to have Yuuhi come from in the Canon.

Amamiya Yuuhi, The Lizard Knight: Part 2

[identity profile] 2010-06-09 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Yuuhi started as the dark and brooding type. He had a troubled childhood he didn't care to talk about and a miserable out look on life. He joined the Princess only after finding out she wanted to destroy the world he despised so. Otherwise, he had no friends and didn't care about anyone else. His fear of his grandfather and the chains haunted him constantly anytime he tried to make friends. This lead to most distrusting him as well. His intentions were bad and people could tell that he did not mean well.
Later he started making friends, and even overcame his fear of his grandfather. Still, he was loyal to the Princess's cause and would be sure to see it through. He still hated the world and wanted it destroyed. Now, though, he was making real connections. When the Dog Knight fell, it reminded him how real this fight was. Yuuhi even took up some of the Dog Knight's goals as his own. The Dog Knight made him kinder, and made him better with people and children in general.
Later than that, Yuuhi would begin to take on the role of hero and adult. Even if his true intentions were seemingly evil, they needed to beat Animus together first. He did not want to see any more of them die to Animus even if he intended to see the entire world destroyed. He became better with people. He became more reliable and sociable in a way. Still Yuuhi was not quite as out going as the rest. He was still a bit of the brooding type.
Some started to look up to him with his cool style and his ability to think of a solution. He was skilled, smart and even if he wasn't the most powerful he could still find a trick to turn the tides. The biggest change over this time though came when Yuuhi admitted to loving the world and the people in it, though his loyalty never changed.
By making friends and fighting hard he has now been able to almost fully shed the chains that traumatized him. Yuuhi has grown up quite a bit and has learned to love the world as his Princess does. She will destroy it and he will help her reach that goal. His life is hers.

--Ability to see spirits, or at least the spirit animals.
--Noi Crezant and the bond between them.
--The Knight's ring and the domain control it gives him. (Very little Telekinesis).
--The Dog Knight's Wish: Passing along a master's martial arts to Yuuhi, giving him the skill to fight.
--Altering his domain control to make himself faster and his opponent slower.

Sample Entry:


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Example #2

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Sheriff Woody Pride | Toy Story | Reserved

[identity profile] 2010-06-10 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Ashlee or Ash
Personal LJ: [ profile] bushyeyebrows
Contact Info: AIM is ashtraydentist, YIM is
Other Characters Played: Ryo Saeba, Tokiko Mima, and Maes Hughes
Preferred Housing: I'm hoping for 1670 Nelson Street! I have permission from both the mun of Sealand and of England, and I'm aiming for permission from the other two when I manage to catch them. If it's okay, can he be in a 'toy slot'? He's to be Sealand's new doll (magically on his bed, I'd imagine).
Character Name: Sheriff Woody Pride
Character Series: Toy Story
Character Age: He's old in human years, considering he's been passed down and is a valuable collector's item from a show that was sometime in the 1950's. His exact age, otherwise, is unknown.

Re: Sheriff Woody Pride | Toy Story | Reserved [ohgosh, html fail, sorry] DONE

[identity profile] 2010-06-10 06:23 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Woody's a leader to toys, and in Andy's Room he's the one who takes charge in any given situation, from birthday's to move-outs to just a few local meetings on what's going on. He's capable of being strong-voiced among his fellow Mattel's and Playschool's, though when it comes to humans he follows the hush-hush code like every other toy does. That said, he's also a very flawed character. He's often questioning his adequacy as Andy's toy, especially when he's nearly replaced by the more technologically advanced Buzz Lightyear. In Toy Story 2 he also questions whether being Andy's toy is worth it, considering he may grow up and get rid of the cowboy doll.

Because of his occasional lack of self-esteem, he also succumbs to bouts of jealousy if another toy is shown more praise (i.e. once again the arrival of Buzz Lightyear), and in return can be easily angered and easily frustrated into being a bit of an ass. Even so, when in the right mood he's easy-going and calm, whether it's playing checkers with the local pooch or having a playful game of quick-draw with the Etch-a-Sketch. When things in the room are normal and orderly, he's not a bad fella to hang out with.

Woody can tend to be quite cowardly in situations too big for him to handle--he's generally the first person in a room to hide behind something when the danger swings around. After all, a toy can only do so much, and not only that, but toys tend to be easier to kill off than a typical human being. Even so, he's not entirely chicken: when the safety of his friends and family is in jeopardy he'll peel away the scaredy cat act and show off a little bit of that Sheriff Woody charm present in his 1950's television show.

That said, friendship is stressed often in his series, and that's because it's one of his most valued possessions. Woody believes that sticking together is one of the most important things a toy or human can do, and when you're his friend--bygosh, he'll jump through a metaphorical ring of fire to make sure you're content. He's like any normal pal: sometimes he may disappoint his friend, or say something dumb, but in the end you can't trade away those that are important to you. Without your buds, life ain't worth living. And as brought up by the second movie, he goes by another important ideal: life ain't worth living unless you're loved by a kid. His job is one of if not his biggest priority. That's what he was made for, and that's what he's aiming for at all times: to make a child happy! That's what he's here for, man.

Oh, did we mention Woody panics a lot? Because he does.

Abilities: Well, he's all artificial, so he can't really feel pain. A-and he can hide in small spaces! XD

Sample Entry: Wha--I don't remember anything about a room make-over... Oh. Oh no. Don't tell me I've been toynapped again...! I don't remember getting here; did Andy drop me on the sidewalk? Nonono, he would never drop me without noticing. Would he?

This isn't good. This isn't good at all.

[Whiiiine. Pacing back and forth on a bed that's far too big for him.]

I-I'll just have to wait until someone comes back! Try to get the door open. Right, the door needs to be opened up, and then I'll just run on home back to Andy and the others!

...I just hope the house isn't too far...


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Re: Accepted!

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Janus Cascade | 1/2 | Reserve just ran out oh well.

[identity profile] 2010-06-10 06:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Ultra or XC
Personal LJ: [profile] ultradude
Contact Info: AIM - XCAltoona
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: No drone wife if possible.

Character Name: Janus Cascade
Character Series: Wild ARMs 3
Character Age: 23 (At least that's apparently what an untranslated fanbook says)

Personality: Once, Janus Cascade was an optimistic kid growing up in the lawless town of Little Twister, on the dying world of Filgaia. Early on, he mentions that the optimistic Virginia Maxwell reminds him of himself when he started drifting; a dreamer, naive and looking for lofty things like justic in the wasteland. Unfortunately, optimism rarely lasts in a dried-up land of bloodshed and crime. Between becoming a drifter and the time the game takes place, likely a time of a few years given his age, he became jaded by a difficult life.

Make no mistake; despite his past, Janus is not an especially sympathetic antagonist. He's perfectly willing to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate to get the job done and rake in the earnings. He treats his 'partners' Dario and Romero poorly most of the time, smacking them (mainly Romero) for stupid or cowardly remarks. He openly mocks Virginia for her optimism and naivete, and tricks the party into doing most of the work towards getting a treasure he wants. When he acquires the powers of the Dark Spear, his real ambitions come through - he's decided that he wants to gain 'immortality' by having enough power that no one will ever forget the atrocities he committed with it, a far cry from the mad goals of his employers. Later, when he realizes his literal immortality granted by the Dark Spear, he decides that the logical end to being alive forever is to rule over everything.

Janus isn't completely heartless, however. When the going gets rough he knows how to fight with his teammates as a group - in one particular fight, they utilize the powerful 'Trinity' combo attack, and he tosses heal berries to them when they're injured. Regardless of whether or not he likes them, Janus knows that he can't do everything himself and is perfectly capable of teamwork - and even after he leaves his teammates to a possibly deadly fall to acquire the power he wants, he still tries to pit the party and the Prophets against each other rather than fighting everyone himself. As both his and the Prophets' plans reach their later stages, his behavior becomes strange. Alternately helping the party and threatening them, it's difficult to tell what he wants them for - he rarely speaks to anyone in the party aside from Virginia, however. While it's apparent that he wants her to see him carry out his ambitions, the reason why is never made clear - respect for her ability to stay true to herself when he couldn't, a strange sort of affection, a desire to face her at their strongest, a desire to be beaten by 'the good guys' - it's most likely some kind of combination of those factors.

The root of Janus' motivations may be a simple fear of death. Mention is made of Lucio, a fourth member of his team who died on a job shortly before the game. He mentions Lucio when he first reveals his desire for power above all else, and at his death claims that he wanted to rule because there was no otherworld. A few comments about what a hero should do (no matter how snidely delivered) and a claim that it feels good to be the good guy for once when he's fighting Siegfried bring up the possibility that he may have really wanted to clean the world up, especially after seeing Virginia's determination and success, though it's impossible to confirm because of his death shortly afterward.


[identity profile] 2010-06-10 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Abilities: Janus, as a human, has no particular abilities that would be taken away. He is very tough, strong, and good at shooting things though, and not bad a making people do his work for him.

Once he acquires the Dark Spear, he gains a demonic form that makes him stronger, faster, tougher, and capable of a variety of magic-like abilities, most of which are different ways to blow things up. He'd probably get the demon form back at the same time as the Dark Spear because it's the only reason he has said form in the game, but it's far from necessary.

Sample Entry:


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Edward Elric// Fullmetal Alchemist - Canon Update

[personal profile] braided_icarus 2010-06-11 07:20 am (UTC)(link)


[identity profile] 2010-06-19 06:03 am (UTC)(link)
Your canon update has been approved! Please make an OOC post informing people about the change. In-character, Ed will have been droned for 24 hours.

Re: Approved!

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[identity profile] 2010-06-11 08:45 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Hedge
Personal LJ: [ profile] fightingbishie
Contact Info: AIM: taoofcrime
Other Characters Played: Any other characters you play at Mayfield, if applicable.
Preferred Housing: N/A
Character Name: The Kid
Character Series: Dhalgren
Character Age: Unknown due to character's inability to recall dates. Character believes it to be 27, but this is not necessarily true. He has a youthful appearance that often gets him mistaken for a teenager.
Personality: Kid[d] is a strange, mercurial character from a strange, mercurial book. At times he seems to embody a number of odd contradictions. He has an easy facility with the violent underworld of the extreme lower class. He can talk street, knows what to do with and on any number of drugs, how to hitchike, what to do in a fistfight and how to scrounge up food when you're broke.

Seemingly at odds to this, he is also a poet of considerable refinement. He can just as easily navigate a garden party put on by a rich magnate, though the snobbery implied in their discourse makes him uncomfortable. He's well read and appreciates the arts, has traveled the world and can negotiate cultural differences with expert precision he doesn't know the origin of. He's very intelligent although lacking in formal education.

This splintering/splitting is a common pattern for him. He is a very fractured person. He has forgotten his real name, although he remembers a good deal of the rest of his life. He "loses" large chunks of time, hours, sometimes days. He forgets important details: names, faces of people he's known for a long time. This distresses him immensely, causing him to fear that he will forget the people he's close to. There are hints that he has had psychotic episodes in the past, which the loss of time may be related to. He's also dysmetric. What specific event, if any, caused these mental disorders is unknown. Growing up poor and biracial with parents who fought often might have something to do with it. Or it might not be traceable to a single event at all, simply a sudden jolt that effected his brain. Regardless, Kid is aware he's fucked up and has generally found conventional psychotherapy unhelpful.

He's a rather passionate, intense character, given to sudden outpourings of affection, paranoia, lust and rage at the drop of a hat.

His genius and considerable charisma make him magnetically attractive to followers and lovers of both genders. Women especially are also attracted to the 'wounded' aspect of him, feeling a need to take care of him.


[identity profile] 2010-06-11 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
Abilities: N/A
Sample Entry:
I sit here and feel perfectly manicured grass intrude between the toes of my bare foot and wait for something, anything to happen. Nothing greets me but a wasteland of picket fences and the dark black road that shimmers with the residue of exhaust in the almost-summer heat.

I never got people who had to go someplace calm and quiet to write. I got to feel the world crash against and through my defenses before I can put pen down to paper. Hounds gotta snap at my heels. I gotta be sick from fear or reeling from lust, whooping at a catch, firing a pistol.

Otherwise you give time for analysis to put its gross tentacles in you, and it's a fucking bitch to shake them. What you put down after that...Shit.

But then I could be totally wrong. Mayfield, where do you go to make? What situations loosen those internal floodtides until they spill onto your canvas?


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(deleted comment)
(deleted comment)


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[identity profile] 2010-06-11 07:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Rylie
Character Name: Alphonse Elric
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist
Housing Change: Same house, please.
Reason for Canon Update: Al's... emo and has run into a brick wall haha. He's upset because he thinks he's going to die back home and what with all the events that keep on happening making him feel worse, he needs this so he'll feel more at ease and confident that everything is taken care of back home so he can devote fully now to trying to solve the mysteries of Mayfield.
Updated Background: The last thing Al remembers is being pulled into the gate again by black hands in chapter 99. He doesn't show up again until chapter 102, appearing before his body in the Gate. He has the chance to finally get it back, and the pull of the soul and body together seems almost unstoppable because Al's 'eyes' go dim for a moment before he snaps out of it. He refuses to get his body back then because of its emaciated appearance. His body could barely stand and they were in the middle of a battle, so Al chooses to keep his armor body for a little longer in order to help fight, running back through the door with a promise to come back for his body after he's done fighting.

He wakes up in Father's lair where the other 5 sacrifices now are, including the now blind Roy and Mei. Mei demands to take Father on by herself, telling Al and Ed to take care of Pride. They do as she asks and launch an attack against Pride. Mei is hurt in her attack against Father and Al rushes to protect her, Ed telling him that he can handle Pride on his own. He uses his armor body as a shield for her, then tries another attack with Izumi helping this time.

Father grabs them all and holds them tied up so they can't fight back. He forces the gates open inside of them, activating the country wide transmutation circle. Father pulls the power of 'god' into him, becoming seemingly all powerful, but Hohenheim had previously been going around the country, using souls from his own stone to put a counter plan into effect in case this happened. Hohenheim is successfully and the souls of the people of Amestris return to them, although Father still contains the power of 'god' inside of him.

Father makes them unable to use alchemy but Mei and Hohenheim work together to protect those there, Mei protecting them from the ground and Hohenheim protecting from above by making a shield of sorts around them. Ed and Al help their father out by holding him up when Father's attack begins to be too much, and Hohenheim is strengthened by their support.

Scar meanwhile uses a large transmutation circle that he has helped create with his fellow Ishbalans, overriding the alchemy circle and destroying the cushion that Father had created in order to control alchemy. Now able to use alchemy freely, alchemic attacks are more powered. Everyone launches attacks at Father, attempting to get him to use up his stone and run out of power.

[identity profile] 2010-06-11 07:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Father attempts to escape, going above ground to gather souls to fuel his stone from the people standing around there. Al stays with Mei to follow after while Ed remains behind to defeat Pride. Father launches another powerful blast. Al jumps in the way to protect Mei and shield her once again from an attack, but his armor is battered very badly because of it. A crack runs dangerously close to his bloodseal, almost destroying it. His legs are damaged and he is unable to walk.

After an attack on Father, Ed's automail gets obliterated and his other arm is pinned by debris. Father approaches Ed, intending to use him as a soul to add to his stone. Unable to fight any longer and with the crack running closer to his bloodseal, Al decides that if he's going to die, then he's going to die saving his brother. He gets Mei to help him use long range alchemy in order to give up his soul to return Ed's arm.

He returns to the Gate, finally reuniting with his body... and then does the only thing he can do: wait. His brother will get him.

And he does. Al doesn't have to wait long until Ed gives up his door of truth, his ability to use alchemy, to get Al back. Their souls are linked so Ed is able to be at Al's door too. Al's door opens, and after five years, Ed finally keeps his promise and gets him out.

He is brought back to Mayfield not too long after he wakes up and everyone who is still alive has been taken care of. The last thing he and Ed talk about are getting some food and wondering where Hohenheim went off to.

Updated Personality: Al is pretty much the same, but as for Mayfield, he will feel more confident and sure of himself that he can get through whatever the town throws at him if they succeeded in their journey back home. Now that he knows that they were successful, the want to go home is less and he will be more focused on trying to help everyone in Mayfield to get home, not wanting to leave until they've done so. His personality will be more cheerful and kind, like how he was when he first arrived, instead of the gloom he's been in lately.

Updated Abilities: Al still has his hand clap alchemy and martial arts skills. No change here.
Edited 2010-06-13 08:53 (UTC)


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Marie Curie

[identity profile] 2010-06-12 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Haru
LJ: [ profile] bluegrave
Contact Info:
IM: Angstgreeneyes
Other Characters Played: Eliza Faust
Preferred Housing: In the same house as Freud from the same series. (If Freud apps)

Character Name: Marie Curie
Character Series: Afterschool Charisma
Character Age: I would guess 16 or 17
Marie is a cloned copy of the original Marie Curie who lived from 1867 – 1934. She, as well as almost all the other student in St. Kleio Acadamy are the experament of Doctor Kamiya and Kuroe-san. At St. Kleio she is expected to learn and follow in the foodteaps of her original.

Marie, however, does not wish to do this. She questions why she has to and wishes to play music instead. Having pestered Motzart over and over again to teach her how to play, the boy threw his sheet music at her and instructed her to teach herself. Which she did with great success. This success only fuled her desire to do something outside of what her original wanted to do.

Marie's desires kept her questioning why things were forced to be the way they were, why she most follow in the footsteps of the original Marie Curie. Why she was born a clone and why must clones follow their originals. The only answer she was given from her superiors was that this was what had to happen. Her classmate, and the only student that was not a clone, Shiro, wanted to help her. He asked his father if there was any way that Marie would be able to learn music.

Shortly after he questioned his father Marie was told that she was to transfer out of St. Kleio and attend a concervatory for music in Paris. Her original had family there that Marie would be staying with. This excited her to no end. She would be able to break from the mold of her original and do something different. She would be able to follow her dream. That night she packed her things and said goodbye to her roommate and friend Florence Nightengale. The next morning her friends were told that she was already gone.

As far as we know from cannon Marie has no special abilities. She is simply a kind hearted and sweet girl. She's also a brilliant piano player.

Sample Entry:
[There's a soft click, as Marie tries to get a dial tone. Nothing comes. A slightly frustrated puff comes from her voice and when she finally speaks her voice is shaking.]

Hello? Hello, I'm looking for a woman. She's a relative of Marie Curie. I'm ... I'm the ... I'm Marie Curie's clone. Dr. Kamiya spoke with you?

[Quietly under her breath she mumbles 'I hope'.]

Is anyone there? [Her voice is shaking more since no one is answering. It's very worrying after all, being in a place you don't know or yet understand. Her finger is wrapping into the phone chord and causing it to crackle a bit.]


[identity profile] 2010-06-19 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
Unfortunately, there are a few problems with this app that will need to be revised before we can accept it. The personality section is entirely missing, and while it seems to be spliced into the background a bit, we will need to see an entirely separate section of at least four paragraphs for it. Additionally, the background section provided has some grammatical errors; please watch these while revising the personality.

Lastly, the provided sample entry is too short, and doesn't really give us a good feel for the character. Bear in mind that while including narration is fine, the bulk of the sample must be in first-person.


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Ness from Earthbound/MOTHER Pending - Reposting Sample

[identity profile] 2010-06-12 11:34 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry for the delay, work was hectic this week. I do hope this is more along the lines of what you are looking for in a sample post. I went over to testrun and they said this should be a good sample.

- - - - -

[Ness nods his head in understanding.]

It's scary a lot of the time, yeah. That's okay. It's some thing really important that has to be done! I can't be that kind of kid who just wets his pants every time a scary monster jumps out. WAAAHH! What was that?!


Just a beetle.. PHEW! For a moment there I thought my heart was gonna' blow up like a bottle rocket!

[Ness continues to give his youthful insight to you.]

All you need in life is family. That counts friends, too! I do my best every day to keep my friends and family save here. I know that my friends and family on the outside need me too. That's why I'm going to find a way out of here. Besides, the food is a lot better out there. Did I ever tell you about Magnetron Burgers? Oh man! They can make your burger with any type of gravy you want on it! Those alone are enough reason for me to try and get out of town! Believe me, if you'd have had one before, you'd TOTALLY agree with me!

... Huh? Well, I haven't really bought one before. I've found them in trashcans. No no! Really! They're still good! They were still in their wrappers! Hey! Where are you going?! Really! It isn't as gross as you think!


[identity profile] 2010-06-25 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
Welcome to 1449 Mitchell Road, Ness Gumshoe! Please reply here with your character journal. Once you've done that, complete the following:

• Join [ profile] mayfield_rpg, [ profile] mayfield_logs, and optionally [ profile] junefield
• Add your info to your canon post
• Update your friends list here, and comment to that post with your journal name.

And you're ready to go! Make sure to introduce yourself in the main comm and tell people where your character will be living!

Monkey D. Luffy from ONE PIECE Pending - Reposting Sample

[identity profile] 2010-06-12 11:36 am (UTC)(link)
Here is my other re-post.

- - - - - -

[Luffy turns towards the sun, his eyes wincing as he gazes upwards towards the setting star.]

When I first came here, I didn't know what to do. My friends.. My family.. Everything that I had was taken from me..

[Luffy chuckles softly, turning his back to the west to face you once again.]

I was so hopeless then.. I can't even remember what it was that got me back on my feet in the first place. All I know is this: You can never stop. Don't ever stop moving forward. No matter how dark things seem, or how hopeless a fight looks, you have to keep on fighting. I've been angry, I've cried more times than I can count, and I lost my cool a lot of the time. But I'm here now. I'm standing. I'm where I am today because I KNOW that they're still out there. My friends are out there waiting for me.

You can't give up on me like this. What happens to your family if you decide to stay here? What happens if you decide to give up and let these weirdos win?! Are you okay with that?! 'Cause I'm not! I'm not going to let you give up! YOU HEAR ME?! I won't let you waste away like that!

You're my nakama now! That means we always stick together! We're family! I'll never let anything stand in between us! Nothing can ever break the bonds that we share!

Now come on.. We've got a lot of work to do. I'm still just a kid here, and these fists of mine only know two things. Since we're not going to be eating a feast, the only other thing to do is kick some ass.

[He extends a hand out to his companion, waiting for you to take hold of it.]

Are you with me?


[identity profile] 2010-06-25 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
Welcome to 1127 Taylor Road, Luffy Monkey! Please reply here with your character journal. Once you've done that, complete the following:

• Join [ profile] mayfield_rpg, [ profile] mayfield_logs, and optionally [ profile] junefield
• Add your info to your canon post
• Update your friends list here, and comment to that post with your journal name.

And you're ready to go! Make sure to introduce yourself in the main comm and tell people where your character will be living!

Megumi Kitaniji || The World Ends With You || 1/idk

[identity profile] 2010-06-13 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Steph
Personal LJ: [ profile] pyffamus_prime
Contact Info: aim; tabootycall || email;
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Megumi Kitaniji (canon nicknames are Shades and Megs)
Character Series: The World Ends With You
Character Age: Deceased @ 26
Background: TWEWY Wikia page ( (Being taken post-erasure)

Megumi Kitaniji || The World Ends With You || 2/3

[identity profile] 2010-06-13 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
Megumi Kitaniji is (or actually was considering his point in canon) Conductor of the Reaper's Game of Shibuya. As such, he is second in command. He is head of the Reapers, however also the direct subordinate to the Composer. Much like the relationship between a composer and conductor in music, the Composer of the Underground creates the rules, plans, and orders, and the Conductor must give those orders to the Reapers and make sure they are followed. Such a role requires a strong presence, and that is something Kitaniji certainly possesses.

He is snakelike, sinister and cold. He is intelligent, manipulative, ruthless, and downright cruel at times. He will use anyone or anything and work it into his plans. Nothing is sacred and every life expendable. For example, he uses Shiki as an entry fee for Neku during the second week of the Game even though she'd won the Game. In reality reincarnating her was impossible in the Composer's absence, and so he uses her without even a second thought. Another example is his strategy with the Red Skull pins. He spreads the pins first to the RG, then to his own Reapers in order to defeat the Composer in their Game. Not only were numerous Reaper lives lost, but also the individuality of Shibuya's denizens temporarily.

All the while, he is able to keep his composure, almost always smiling calmly. He is level-headed, even when his Officers have gone maverick and break the rules of the Game. He is very patient with a "wait and see attitude" that makes him seem like a bit of a pushover or a pacifist, but he usually works the results into his own plans. He is a man who prefers to lead from the shadows, but will be confrontational if necessary, as he combats Neku on the last day of the game.

Though polite and formal towards Players and Reapers alike, he is quite an aloof and callous figure (if the latter wasn't obvious). He generally dislikes and distrusts people. According to the manga, as a child he was teased for having a girly name, something that apparently bothers him, but now he typically lets most insults and disrespect simply roll off his back. It is incredibly difficult to irritate him. While not overly malicious, he does still take some enjoyment out of messing with Players by taking their entry fees and watching them struggle.

There is one individual who meets the exception in his regards towards people and that is his superior. As he puts it himself, he is the loyal servant to the Composer and loyal he is indeed. To Kitaniji, the Composer is more like a god than a man. He goes so far as to use capitalized pronouns whenever he refers to the Composer. Basically, if he were to be compared to a born again Christian, then the Composer would be Jesus.

Despite these traits and his role as the big bad, Kitaniji isn't necessarily evil. He's more of a well-intentioned extremist. Again, to him, the ends justify the means, and in the canon, that end is the salvation of Shibuya. He loves Shibuya--it's streets, it's buildings, possibilities, and potential--and it is that love that drove him to the Game against Joshua and all of his actions within the game itself.


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[1/2] Oichi - Sengoku Basara (reserved)

[identity profile] 2010-06-13 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Nyx
Personal LJ: [ profile] minilovely
Contact Info: Sixth Twilight [AIM]; cheyanime -at- comcast -dot- net
Other Characters Played: [Bad username or site: lunateelf title=Daiyousei @]; [Bad username or site: maidofmakai title=Yumeko @]
Preferred Housing: n/a

[2/2] Oichi - Sengoku Basara (reserved)

[identity profile] 2010-06-13 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Oichi
Character Series: Sengoku Basara
Character Age: Her age is not stated in canon, but if we assume the dates are historically accurate, she'd be 35.
Background: Sengoku Basara wiki ( + the historical Oichi (
Oichi is a melancholy, quiet woman who apologizes often, frequently for things that aren't her fault or no apology is needed for. She cries often as well, though this is not only from sadness and the like; she isn't used to open displays of kindness directed towards her, so small gestures can sometimes bring her to tears. She's also wishy-washy and rarely makes an active decision, and, all in all, is kind of pathetic. Still, she's not the sort of pathetic that's cringe-inducing to be around. Her situation--caught between loyalty to her brother and love for her husband--make her behavior understandable, at least in part, and she's always polite and never takes out her problems on other people.

Saying Oichi hates herself would not be much of a stretch at all. She often speaks of how her brother's sins are also her own, which may be part of the reason blames herself for most everything. She's also quite convinced she constantly brings unhappiness to those around her, and even tells her husband it's okay if he hates her at one point. In general, she is filled with guilt, and not just because of the way her brother's actions burden her consciousness. As far as she's concerned, by agreeing to Nobunaga's command to marry Nagamasa with the intention of spreading strife among his army, she's just as bad, even if she could never bring herself to go through with her mission.

A weak-willed and submissive woman, some might even go as far as to call her cowardly. Indeed, in both the anime and the games, she is unable to confront her brother even after he kills her husband; in the former, she tries only to back down, and in the latter she is only capable of doing so after she has gone completely insane from grief. In general, though, she's not an active or assertive character, usually keeping her head down and going along with what the group wants. The closest she comes to asserting herself is refusing to flee the battlefield when Nagamasa orders her to, or begging him to reconcile with her brother.

Still, there is a more dangerous side to her. When she is pushed to her limits emotionally, there is a chance of her snapping and allowing her powers to possess her. It's not as though she becomes a bloodthirsty monster in this state, though--sure enough, she's prone to lashing out suddenly and violently, but she takes no pleasure in harming others. That's simply all she seems to know how to do, being a "demon" and all. On the other hand, while she is dangerously erratic and unpredictable in this frame of mine, she can also be fairly easy to control due to the loss of her sense of self. Without any other purpose, she will often take orders from anyone who can command her effectively.
Oichi is said to contain a strange, dark power within her. Primarily, this power manifests in the form of dark hands ( that sprout up from the ground. She is able to command several of these at once, with different pairs often acting independently from one another; generally, they thrash, grab, and squeeze enemies.

Other abilities granted by this power include using these hands to drag both enemies and herself underground (stated to be "to hell"), the ability to absorb life force, and the formation of wings that allow for short bursts of gliding/flight (see 1:52 here ( There is also some implication that she is able to see spirits and/or communicate with the dead.

Additionally, she is able to wield a double-headed naginata in battle.
Sample Entry: here (


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Reserved Tex 1/3

[identity profile] 2010-06-14 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Katie
Personal LJ: [ profile] themadmaiden
Contact Info: Aim- themadmaiden7

Other Characters Played: Oh god I have no life... Ai Enma, Tiffany Aching, Harley Quinn, Lemony Snicket, Harry Mason, Ukraine, Wanda Dollard, Cuba

Preferred Housing: "N/A".
Character Name: Allison (Tex) Beth
Character Series: Red vs. Blue
Character Age: Late Twenty’s

She will be taken from season five during episode 89.

Reserved Tex 2/3

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Tex is well known for having a temper. An extremely aggressive temper. An extremely aggressive and violent temper. The Blue team apparently refers to her as either “Bitch-pants McCraby” or in Caboose’s case, “Mrs. McCraby” between themselves. The Red’s know her as “that mean chick in the black armour”. She is quick to lose her temper and when she does she’s likely to hurt the person that’s annoying her. She’s also quick to utter death threats. Once stating that she “doesn’t need a gun to kill you”, while she was captured by the Red’s. Tex is considered the most lethal soldier in the entire Canyon aside from possibly the tank.

Tex may be lethal but she doesn’t see herself as a mean person. Only someone who is paid to do mean things, and who also happens to enjoy their work. She does however note her temper as she says that the AI that was given to her was to make her “just plain meaner”. However this was in an internal monologue. So it’s something she doesn’t really think about much and will deny if it comes up. Also despite being violent and threatening, Tex has a high level of self preservation and avoids situations she deems too dangerous.

While Tex does have a short temper, and a rather mean side about her, she actually does warm up to things. In this case the Blue team. She refers to Tucker as her friend in one episode and when she finds out she’s been replaced by a new girl, warns the girl that they may be idiots but their her idiots and that she doesn’t want the girl to try to work her way above her in popularity of the base. When she cares about something she won’t state it outright but if you try to hurt them, or make her jealous (as she is with the new girl), she will get quite angry.

She values money a lot and will do almost anything for it, or something equivalent to it, like the promise of a favour. She was willing to rip off someone’s arm for ten dollars and agrees to help the Reds find their robot in exchange for a favour. She wasn’t going to go with Tucker and Caboose to help the alien on its quest however she quickly follows after them when she realizes that there’s a chance of a huge reward at the end of it.

Tex is a highly independent person and hates having to rely on anyone but herself. She’s more likely to try to work a problem out on her own then go seek help. And when she does have to get help, like when she has to get some help to move the bomb, she’s quite annoyed and defensive about her own lack of ability.
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Nowaki Kusama || Reserved || 1/3

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Name: Mickey
Personal LJ: [ profile] kisames_darling
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Character Name: Nowaki Kusama
Character Series: Junjou Romantica
Character Age: 24
Background: Nowaki started out as an abandoned infant with no name or record of his past. The head of the orphanage that took him in named him 'Nowaki' (typhoon in Japanese) because he was found in a heavy rain storm. From that point on Nowaki lived at the orphanage, going to school and eventually dropping out after completing junior high to work several jobs to support himself. When he meets his lover, Hiroki, he's 18 and asks Hiroki to tutor him so that he might get a high school equivalency and apply to universities to study and become a social worker. Over time, he manages to win over Hiroki and the two begin a relationship. However, when Nowaki decides to become a pediatrician instead, he goes abroad to study medicine for six years. His story picks back up again when he returns to Japan at age 24. From that point on he works at a flower shop to earn money while working shifts at a hospital as part of his training to become a doctor. All the while, he continues to try to win Hiroki over completely and keep their relationship together.

Re: Nowaki Kusama || Reserved || 2/3

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Personality: More than anything else Nowaki is a giver. Trying his best to accomadate the needs of his friends and lovers, as well as the demands of his career and superiors at work, Nowaki often finds himself being forced to choose between work commitments and dealing with his own personal affairs. However, he rarely, if ever, makes an objection or complains, choosing instead to deal with each task or trial as best he can before moving on to the next matter at hand. Beyond that, Nowaki genuinely enjoys helping others and keeping those he cares about happy and safe. When a drunken coworker collapses at his house, Nowaki turns on the floor heater and gets him a blanket so he won't catch a cold. He then watches over the coworker until he falls asleep himself. When his lover, Hiroki, is stressed, Nowaki will run errands, cook breakfast, or do the hardest thing (for Nowaki at least) and just give him space.

However, Nowaki's reasons for going as far as he does to help people are not entirely selfless. Nowaki goes so far as to say his motivations for doing certain things are very 'selfish' on multiple occasions during the plot. He devotes himself to Hiroki because he wants to be good enough for his boyfriend, but beyond that, he does it because he never wants Hiroki to leave him. He wants their love to last and grow, and thus, he'll go as far as he has to, to make things right when he and Hiroki have a misunderstanding. This need to devote himself to the people and things he cares about, and the accompanying concern that they might leave probably stems from Nowaki's childhood as an orphan with no knowledge of his parents or real sense of family or home. It only makes sense that he'd fear being abandoned or hurt again.

Despite his devotion and attachment to others, Nowaki is anything but clingy. With both a job and his studies to tend to, as well as a history of growing up by himself, Nowaki is comfortable on his own and doesn't lack confidence in himself. With a naturally cheery disposition and an unbelievably strong work ethic, Nowaki will work himself to the bone, drag himself home to study, and fall asleep with a book on his lap and a smile on his face. Chores and responsibilities never frazzle him and the antics of his coworkers and lovers never get more than moment's hesitation from him.

For all of the hardships he's faced in his youth, Nowaki's still quite the idealist. He originally wanted to become a social worker (most likely to help children in situations like his), and later changes his goal to become a pediatrician. When he's seen at the hospital, the children all seem to adore him and he's patient and kind to them. He chooses to believe the best things about this boyfriend, his teachers, his bosses, and everyone else he meets. He goes so far as to be something of a romantic, daydreaming about various dates and holidays he'd like to spend with his boyfriend, even though those activities are not something Hiroki would ever admit he'd enjoy.

As tolerant and friendly as he can be, the one mistake people make when they deal with Nowaki is assuming that he's a pushover. Nowaki is far too hardworking and driven to allow others to walk all over him. He'll raise his voice and get right up in someone's face if he feels they are misjudging or misunderstanding his intentions or feelings. On more than one ocassion he's simply crushed Hiroki into a bearhug and refused to let go until they talked out the problems between them. It's this strength and authenticity to his emotions that show in his actions, and often allows him to relate to people or help them understand each other better.


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