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Event: Better Dead | Action Post

[Officer Grady has been seen patrolling the streets the past few days, but today, you seem to be running into him even more frequently.

In fact, at some point in the day, Grady will be knocking on the door of many of the houses in town. If you choose to answer, the two of you might just have a pleasant conversation.]

[NB: Anyone may reply to this post, regardless as to whether or not they signed up. However, be warned that deliberately antagonizing Grady will have negative consequences. When you reply, please put your address in the header. Other characters in the house may reply under that thread or make new threads.]

456 Stone st

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[Hungary had finally gotten used to the idea of people calling by phone before visiting. She's quite unprepared as she opens the door, some dirt smudges from tending to the flowers still lingering on her cheeks as she opens the door.]

I'm coming, you don't have to knock so much--
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Hello, Miss, jus' on a little trip round the neighborhood. Is the man of the house around?

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504 Ricardo Street.

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Hello, may I--

[When Fate opens the door, she skips a beat; she had never seen him before, but the description of Grady she had gotten from Yuki's notes matched this man to a T.]

--may I help you?

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Actually, ye' can. Or you will if yer smart.

Have ye' seen anyone suspicious around? Specifically, an ugly suspicious Russian son-of-a-bitch?

1249 Williams Road.

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[Lazy bum family!!! Erika goes to answer the door and when she sees the man on the other side...

She grins, spins, and curtsies all very elegantly and adorably.

Oh~! Mister Officer, how can I help you♥?

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Ye' can help by spitting up what you know about that crazy commie bastard runnin' around.

339 Brady

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[Quinn's only been here a 2 days and no one's given him any warning on Grady. He's pretty surprised to see a cop at his door.]

Uh. Hey officer. Can I help you?

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Ye' think I don't know what you're doin--

Jus' tell me where that Sergei bastard is.

949 Beulah

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[Marivel can't think of who'd be knocking on the door, but answers regardless. Maybe they wanted to talk to Kresnik or something.]

Yes? May I help you with anything?

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It'd be a big help if ye' told me anythin' you know about that commie on the loose.

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502 Ricardo Street

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[The front door gets flung open impatiently, Pokey at first just glaring up at whoever was knocking?]

What? I was busy with--

[And then he recognizes the man.]

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Well ye' better get un-busy, punk.

What do ye' know about that commie on the loose?

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1451 Mitchell

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[Opens the door, seeing the person he least suspected would be at his door. He does his best to cover his contempt, but it doesn't work very well.]

What 'r you doin' here?
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M' job, ye' numbnuts.

What do ye' know about that bastard that's been running around here?

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5721 Cunningham Lane

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[Theta has gotten into the habit of answering the door while she's at Albedo's. Though she leans heavily on her cane, she doesn't have that much trouble getting around as long as she stays on the ground floor. Her eyes go wide and she takes a deep breath...and then she goes into actress mode and gives him a bright and cheery smile.]

How can I help you?

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Ye' can help, ma'am, by tellin' me if you've seen anyone suspicious runnin' round here.

766 Bunker Street

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[Dawn isn't sure whether or not her crazy vampire not!daddy will still be asleep or not when Grady knocks on their door, so she dashes down to open it up for him as quickly as she can.]

"Um... hello?"

[She hasn't actually ever met Grady before, but he definitely looks like a policeman, and she's smart enough to put two and two together. So she looks pretty nervous.]

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Tch, ye' don't think I can see it all over yer lyin' faces? Tell me where he is an' maybe I'll be nice.

723 Anderson Lane

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...Can I help you?

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Ye' can do more than help, ye' lyin' sons-of--

Jus' tell me where he is and there'll be something good in it for ye'.

311 Miller

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[He opens the door for the man and notices the uniform. Archer's only been here for a couple days, but this guy seems rather different from the locals.]

What may I do for you, officer? I'm not under arrest, am I?

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Do ye' need to be? I'd be happy to oblige.

Jus' tell me what you know about that commie runnin' loose around here.

947 Beulah Street

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[Luke decides to peak out, not opening the door all the way. And his voice is somewhat quiet when he speaks.]

Hello sir.

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Yeah, yeah, hello, whatever.

Cough up what ye' know about that Sergei and I'll be easy on ye'.

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1664 Nelson Street

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Hang on a sec!

Uh...what can I do for you, officer?

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Ye' know exactly what I need. Tell me where Sergei is.

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[Ivy opens the door. She takes in the uniform and smiles in an odd, faraway manner and leans against the frame.]

Officer Grady, I presume? However may I help you?

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Ain't ye' smart? Listen, ye' tell me where that Sergei is and I'll make it worth your while.

1647 Albright Lane

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[Shion comes to answer the door, looking at the strange man as she does.]

Hello. May I help you?

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Tell me where Sergei is, an' I'll be easy on ye'. Best deal yer gonna get.

1762 Beaver Street

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[She opens the door, and is attempted to close it immediately upon seeing who it is, but she resists, hand tensing upon it.]

Hello, Officer.

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[He puts a hand on the door, keeping it open.]

So, is you who's hidin' him?

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945 Beulah street

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[Mindy answers the door curiously. She knows about Grady, but has never really seen him up close before. She thought he'd be.... scarier.]


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Yeah, yeah. Tell me what ye' know about that commie bastard runnin' around, an' hurry up with it.

338 Brady Lane

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[Opens the door.] Hello?

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Tell me where that bastard Sergei is an' I'll throw in a good deal for ye'.

1767 Beaver Street

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[Dist has been spending more and more time at home, with Olivier gone; he can actually sleep inside now! So he's home when he hears a knock on his door, though his expression darkens when he sees just who it is on the front step. He's never had the pleasure of meeting Grady up close, but he knows who he is, and more importantly that he is the enemy, as far as Dist is concerned.]

What do you want?
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Don't act like ye' don't already know. I want that bastard Sergei.

453 Stone Street

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[His eyes widen slightly when he sees who it is, before his calm amused mask settles on his face again.]

Is there a problem, officer?

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There won't be if ya' hurry up and tell me where that commie bastard is.

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342 Brady

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Well well, to what do I owe the pleasure, Officer?

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Ye' think this is funny? I'll show ye', you buncha--

Just tell me where he is.

847 Goldberg

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OH! Hello!

[identity profile] 2010-10-20 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
So? Where is he? Ye' hiding him?

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849 Goldberg

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-Soldier opens the door, cigar in mouth. A puff of smoke is blown Grady's way.-

The hell do you want, maggot?

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I ain't the one who's gonna be crushed like a bug 'round here. Tell me where that commie bastard is, an' I'll give ye' a good deal.

916 Bilko Boulevard.

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[[Medic wasn't expecting Grady there. He hasn't seen him before, however, and assumes that it's another drone come around to try and invite him to some ridiculous barbecue or something like that. There's the faintest hint of a frown, but he remains expressionless for the most part.]]

Und vhat do you vant, hm? If it is about zhe screaming again, it vas nozhing zhat you should be vorried over.

[identity profile] 2010-10-20 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
Oh? We'll chat about that later. But no. I'm here for Sergei. Tell me where he is, and maybe ye'll get out of this alive.
bestwishes: (... Crap.)

1247 Williams Road

[personal profile] bestwishes 2010-10-20 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
[Ash goes to answer the door and... Is that a Policeman? I think it's a policeman. Does he know what I know? Does he know that I know what I know? Is he here to silence me!? WHAT DO I-- Okay, I'm calm.]

Oh uh... Hi. Can I do anything?

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